About Scorecards

The San Francisco Performance Scorecards provide the public with data-driven assessments of government services and overall city performance. Scorecards increase government transparency and promote accountability by revealing areas where San Francisco is doing well and where it needs improvement. They are used by the public, elected leadership and department leadership to drive results, inform decision-making, and deliver greater value to citizens. Scorecards are a collaboration of the Mayor’s Office and Controller’s Office.

What are Scorecards?

They cover eight different service areas including public safety, public health, livability, safety net, transportation, environment, economy, and finance. Each scorecard contains a number of measures that capture important trends affecting San Franciscans.

What are Scorecard Measures?

Scorecard measures are quantitative indicators that provide the public and policy makers with information on specific services provided by the City and County of San Francisco. They also provide information on general issues such as employment, crime, and air quality. Measures encompass government work-loads and outputs, and the outcomes, efficiency, and effectiveness of city activities. They are calculated from data provided by city departments and national data sources.

How Do I Use Scorecards?

Scorecards provide users with a high-level snapshot of city performance by measure name, measure description, measure status, and the time period to which the status applies. Use the Scorecard navigation sidebar on the left to examine different policy areas and corresponding measures. Explore each measure in detail, on its own page, to understand the factors that drive major issues. Analyze interactive charts for historical data and trends that can be compared to other cities and counties. Share scorecards through social media and download available data through measure detail page links to SF OpenData. Use measure detail pages to access links to additional information about city services and sources for further research.

Where Does Scorecard Data Come From?

Scorecard data is largely provided by City and County of San Francisco Departments. Departments use various business processes and databases to deliver assigned services, collect applicable data, track results, and improve performance. A limited number of scorecard measures are derived from national sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Who Maintains Scorecards?

The Controller’s Office works with departments to collect data and updates the City Performance Scorecards website with up-to-date results.

Who Do I Contact with Questions About Scorecards?

Reach us by email at performance.con@sfgov.org.

Tweet to scorecards at @SFCityScorecard and mention us in posts using the hashtag #sfscorecards.