Residential Real Estate

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The Residential Real Estate summary provides a view of two residential real estate indicators: 

  • home values
  • residential asking rent

The first chart shows the Zillow median home price index and annual percent change for this indicator. The change should be interpreted as the change in the total value of housing in San Francisco, not the change in the median house's value.

The second chart shows the Zillow median rental price index. Data for both charts use the most inclusive market segments available: the home price index includes single family residences and condominiums regardless of bedroom count, and the rental price index also includes multi-family residences.



Data Note: The methodology for calculating home values changed in 2019. Previous results have been adjusted with the new methodology. All home value data displayed now uses an index that incorporates new housing and upgrades to existing units. Higher-value units are now more heavily weighted in the index. These changes are meant to make the index more reflective of the market. For more information on this methodology please click here.

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