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Target: 90% "Good" or "Excellent" by surveyed customers

Result: 85% "Good" or "Excellent" by surveyed customers

Customer satisfaction represents the overall service experience that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) delivers to its customers. The customer satisfaction ratings presented here are collected through an “opt-in” survey administered at the end of a phone call when a customer calls in a service request and agrees to stay on the line and take the survey. The survey captures customers’ opinions about the service received from the assisting service representative and about the agency as a whole. Measuring customer satisfaction is a standard practice for a service company, and tracking customer satisfaction helps SFPUC put new processes in place to improve the quality of customer experience.


How the Public Utilities Commission is Performing

In fiscal year (FY) 2017-18, 85 percent of respondents rated service as “good” or “excellent,” down one point from FY 2016-17. SFPUC’s Customer Service operating budget includes funding for employee development, particularly for customized customer services skills training. Additionally, customer calls are recorded, monitored and evaluated for quality assurance and training purposes.

How Performance is Measured

This measure represents the number of surveyed retail customers who rate SFPUC services as "good" or "excellent” divided by the total number of surveyed retail customers. The report is generated from an automated survey that customers stay on the line to voluntarily respond to after speaking with a Customer Services Representative. Survey respondents are asked five questions that measure their opinions on the knowledge and professionalism of the assisting representative, ease of doing business with the utility and overall opinion of the utility on a one to four point scale where one is poor and four is excellent.

Prior to FY 2010-11 the survey was conducted by a different vendor using a different methodology. These years’ results are not comparable to current results. Customers were surveyed multiple days after their interaction with the agency and in FY 2010-11 SFPUC began using the NICE call monitoring system, which provides a voluntary survey immediately following the phone call.

The performance target for this metric will be revisited after an in-depth analysis of performance results, as measured in the new monitoring system.

The number displayed on the scorecard page represents the FY 2017-18 value in the chart above.

Additional Information

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