Healthy Streets Operations Center (HSOC)

The City and County of San Francisco launched the Healthy Streets Operations Center (HSOC) on January 16, 2018 to coordinate the City’s response both to homeless encampments and to behaviors that impact quality of life in San Francisco’s public spaces. HSOC strives to ensure that San Francisco’s streets are healthy for everyone, regardless of their housing status. 

What is HSOC?

HSOC is a collaborative effort of multiple City departments. HSOC also coordinates proactive responses to encampments and other hot spot areas, with the understanding that planned and collaborative outreach and engagement is more likely to successfully resolve issues.   


HSOC uses data to drive decision-making, and uses dashboards to better understand the activities being carried out by department staff and the results of those activities. Prior to COVID-19, the Controller's Office supported HSOC to track, visualize and use data in its operations and reflected that data on this page. Since the City began responding to COVID-19, the Controller's Office has redeployed staff and only maintains data associated with the regular tent and vehicle count carried out by HSOC. All other dashboards reflect archival data associated with HSOC activities prior to March 2020.  Use the following links to access dashboards and reports related to HSOC operations and outcomes.


This dashboard provides statistics resulting from tents and inhabited vehicle counts, which are conducted at least quarterly. The dashboard answers questions including:

  • How many tents or structures are there? How many inhabited vehicles are there?
  • How many “large encampments” are there? How many “large vehicle encampments” are there?
  • How has the number of tents and occupied vehicles changed over time? 


This dashboard focuses on how HSOC received and responded to service requests. Last updated January 2020.


This dashboard focuses on how HSOC engaged with individuals on the street. Engagements may be related to call response or to proactive outreach. Last updated January 2020.


This dashboard shows how HSOC connected individuals living on the street to services such as shelter, housing, healthcare and other resources. Last updated January 2020. 



Review of the Healthy Streets Operation Center: The Controller’s Office published this report in March 2019 as an overview of how HSOC changed City response processes in its first year of operation (2018) and highlighting data resulting from that first year.