Average Length of Stay at Laguna Honda Hospital

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FY 2018-19
Target: Less than 60 days

FY 2017-18
Average: 86.4 days

This is a measure of the average length of stay (in days) for patients receiving skilled nursing facility (SNF) rehabilitative services at Laguna Honda Hospital (LHH). LHH is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility, which provides a range of services to San Franciscans who are disabled and chronically ill, including specialized care for those with wounds, head trauma, stroke, spinal cord and orthopedic injury, HIV/AIDS, and dementia. This measure represents only those patients categorized as skilled nursing rehab patients, meaning the patient is receiving rehabilitative services for the effects of illnesses and injuries such as stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, and other major traumas. LHH is part of the San Francisco Health Network (SFHN).

The SFHN is a comprehensive system of care, overseen by the Department of Public Health (DPH), which includes primary and specialty care, dentistry, emergency and trauma treatment, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, and behavioral health. SFHN is made up of the Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center, LHH and Rehabilitation Center, as well as numerous DPH-run primary care clinics throughout the city.


How Laguna Honda Hospital is Performing

The fiscal year (FY) 2016-17 year-to-date average length of stay for skilled nursing facility (SNF) rehab patients at Laguna Honda Hospital is 68.6 days as of April 2017, decreasing in recent month after above-average results in late 2016. Laguna Honda’s ability to meet their target fluctuates month-to-month, as patients with more severe diagnosis or debilitating injuries will have a length of stay significantly longer than the target. The previous decrease in length of stay in 2016 was related to performance improvement work around appropriately tracking and discharging identified short-stay residents.

How Performance is Measured

This is monthly measure of total number of patient days divided by the total number of patients who were admitted to the Skilled Nursing Facility rehabilitation service. SNF length of stay is a metric used for tracking purposes. There are no operational decisions made based on length of stay alone. Examples of additional information that would need to be reviewed before making an operational decision is lower level of care data and notes. This metric excludes acute rehabilitation services.

The number displayed on the scorecard page represents a fiscal year average. This is calculated as a simple average of monthly values reported in the chart above. The fiscal year average for the previous year, however, is calculated as the total (sum) number of days of SNF patient days during the fiscal year, divided by the total (sum) number of patients admitted to the SNF service during the fiscal year.

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