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The purpose of the Economy scorecard is to provide the public, elected officials, and City staff with a current snapshot of San Francisco’s economy. This scorecard presents timely information on economy-wide employment indicators, real estate and tourism.

Our GIS-based sales tax website allows the user to view sales tax receipts from calendar years 2013 to 2017 in user-defined areas of the City. Geographic areas can be defined by supervisorial district or at the census track level. Click on the picture below or here to access the web tool.

Note: In 2018, the State of California adopted a new sales tax system, resulting in many delayed payments during the transition. These delayed payments are not included in the totals above and on the Economy Scorecard page. The data will be updated as new information is obtained.

Sales Tax Collections

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California sales and use taxes are imposed on the total retail price of tangible personal property. Sales tax is imposed on every retailer for the privilege of selling tangible personal property, and use tax is imposed on the purchaser, usually for goods purchased out-of-state for use in California. Sales tax is imposed on the seller and use tax is imposed on the purchaser at the same rate.

The sales tax amounts in the interactive map above represent only the collections attributable to local Bradley-Burns portion of sales tax from 2011 to 2016. For a full historical description of sales tax rates and beneficiaries in San Francisco and throughout California, vist the Board of Equalization.

Data is available annually in order to protect the confidentiality of the sales tax data. Data for the new calendar year is updated on the website in April of each year.

Sales tax remittances from chain stores have been excluded from the totals since any businesses with multiple locations in the City are reported in aggregate by the Board of Equalization; data on the performance of individual chain stores is not available. The number on the Economy scorecards page reflects the total Sales Tax collections for the stated fiscal year, including businesses with multiple locations in the City. 


Data on sales tax collections comes from the California State Board of Equalization. For general information on sales tax, please visit the Board of Equalization.


Q.1: Why are some areas not selectable?

A.1: Due to sales tax data confidentiality, some census blocks cannot be disclosed and are excluded.


Q.2: Is it possible to export underlying data to analyze independently?

A.2: Aggregate data can be exported into Excel by first clicking "Show Tabular Data" then clicking "Export Result."


Q.3: Is data that includes chain stores available?

A.3: To obtain a report that includes chain stores, please send a special request to Sales Tax Report Request.


Q.4: Is quarterly data available?

A.4: Due to sales tax data confidentiality, only annual data is available.


Q.5: Is it possible to group data into broad categories like Auto and Transportation or Building and Construction?

A.5: Due to sales tax data confidentiality, more detailed data is not available.


Other Questions or Requests

Please contact Sales Tax Report Request for any additional information.