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Meetings & Disability Access
SECF Commission meetings are held monthly:  On the  fourth (4th) Wednesday (unless otherwise posted at least 72 hours prior to meeting).  Meetings are held in the evenings (6 pm) at 1800 Oakdale Avenue, Alex L. Pitcher, Jr. Community Room (this room is often used by government agencies and officials when scheduling town meetings).  All meetings are open to the public and welcome comments from community members.

The closest BART Station is located at Glen Park.  Accessible MUNI Lines serving this location are the #23 Monterey, #24 Divisadero, and #44 O’Shaunessey.  There is accessible parking available in the Southeast Community Facility parking lot and ample off-street parking on Oakdale and Phelps Street.

The Southeast Community Facility is a “SMOKE-FREE” environment; whereas, smoking is prohibited inside the building.  Accessible integrated seating is available for persons with disabilities (including those using wheelchairs).  Individuals with other disabilities can also be accommodated, provided, advance notice is given by contacting the Office of the SECF Commission at (415) 821-1534.

  1. Sign language interpreters with at least 48 hours notice prior to meeting.
  2. Sound enhancement system with at least one-week notice prior to meeting.
  3. Minutes of meeting in large print, tape form, and/or readers upon request.

Severe allergies, environmental illness, multiple chemical sensitivity or related disabilities should contact the Accessibility Hotline at (415) 554-8925 to discuss meeting accessibility.  In order to assist the City’s efforts to accommodate such people, attendees at public meetings are reminded that other attendees may be sensitive to various chemical-based products.