Resolution for the Children's Mural Project and KEEP!

            Whereas, The award-winning Children’s Mural Program (CMP) and KEEP! (Kid’s Environmental Education Program!) are two art and environmental science programs taught for many years in five Bayview Hunters Point Elementary schools to more than 4,000 community children; and


            Whereas, The Children's Mural Program was initiated to create a learning process through visual arts and has been presented for the past 15 years in fine community elementary schools in Bayview – Hunters Point; and


            Whereas, The program was expanded to include KEEP!, a fieldtrip program that provides hands-on activities related to the environment; and


            Whereas, These programs are developed and managed by Think Round, Inc. which plans to host its annual CMP/KEEP! Final Celebration, including the exhibition of hundreds of paintings about healthy environments and healthy living, in conjunction with the Commission's annual Health Fair; and


            Whereas, The participation of this longstanding community based organization in the Commission's Health Fair furthers the goals of the Commission to support the public health, public safety and economic development of the residents in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco; and


            Whereas, Integrated, proven art-and-science curricula teaching the benefits of healthy life choice that are taught annually as an In-School enrichment and fieldtrip programs in all five community elementary schools over a six month period benefit children in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco; now, therefore, be it


            Resolved, That this Commission hereby expresses its deep appreciation for the long-term efforts of ThinkRound, Inc., to further educational opportunities for the children of Bayview-Hunters Point; and be it


            Further Resolved, That this Commission commends ThinkRound, Inc., for its work in the community and looks forward to developing opportunities to coordinate its community outreach activities with ThinkRound, Inc., program activities.