COVID-19 Feedback & COVID Command Center (CCC) Demobilization

COVID-19 DSW Feedback and Demobilization

COVID DSW Personnel Demobilization Form

A checklist for personnel who are ending their current DSW assignments. Completing this form allows the City to adequately plan for DSW deployment and deactivations.

Demobilization/Exit Feedback

Feedback form for personnel who are ending their current DSW assignments and want to provide feedback on their DSW experience before they deactivate. Completing this form helps the City understand the DSW experience at a high level and identify trends across the response.

Ongoing Feedback

Designed for the City's Covid response personnel to provide continuing feedback on their DSW assignment experience. The form is short and feedback can be provided at any time during deployment and multiple times per deployment. Completing this form helps the City improve the DSW experience and identify ongoing issues.