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Notice to Donors

Donations over $100 will be acknowledged and listed on a City of San Francisco website.

We urge that all donations of $1,000 or more be made by check as this will avoid merchant fees charged for credit card donations. Checks may be mailed to Office of the City Administrator, One Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 362, San Francisco CA 94102.

Please send an email to Give2SF@sfgov.org if:

  • The donation is being made by a corporation or an association. We will ask you to send us information confirming the actual name of the donor. That name will be posted on a CCSF website.
  • The donor has a financial interest of any kind, such as a contract with the department or program to which the donation is being made. We will ask the nature of your financial interest.
  • You would like to donate $10,000 or more. Those donations must be accepted by the City through a vote of the Board of Supervisors. The program to which you donate will make arrangements. As stated above, it is advised that large donations be made by check.

In all cases above, you may make your donation now.

Program Descriptions

COVID 19 Response and Recovery Fund

COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund

  • Give to the City to respond to COVID-19. The City can accept tax-deductible monitory contributions for the City’s COVID-19 outbreak response efforts.
  • These efforts include providing shelter, food and other assistance to individuals, families, small businesses and nonprofits.
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emergency fund icon

SF Disaster and Emergency Response and Recovery Fund

  • To provide shelter, food and other assistance to individuals and families in San Francisco who are impacted by a disaster or emergency event that affected San Francisco.
  • For care, food and other assistance to animals and pets in San Francisco that are displaced or otherwise impacted by a disaster or emergency event that affected San Francisco.
  • To replace, repair and rebuild public buildings, infrastructure and other assets owned by the City of San Francisco that were damaged or rendered unusable as a result of a disaster or emergency.
  • Donations given not specified for a category above will be used wherever the funds are most needed.
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Music and Entertainment Venue Recovery Fund

Music and Entertainment Venue Recovery Fund

  • Provides financial support to San Francisco-based live music and entertainment venues in order to prevent their permanent closure due to the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Supports the relocation and reopening of entertainment venues that have been forced to move from their previous location due to the COVID-19 pandemic and/or significant rent increases tied to gentrification.
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Laguna Honda Gift Fund

Laguna Honda Gift Fund

  • The Laguna Honda Gift Fund enhances quality of life and independence of Laguna Honda residents.
  • The Fund allows for the special touches in support of the individual needs of residents at Laguna Honda Hospital.
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kindergarten to college fund

Kindergarten to College Fund

  • Helps San Francisco students and families save for post-secondary education
  • Builds a college going identity for our children.
  • Promotes financial capability for students and families.
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voluntary arts contribution fund icon

Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund

  • Makes grants to San Francisco nonprofit arts organizations with budgets of under $3,000,000 for facilities maintenance, capital improvements and equipment acquisition.
  • Top priorities are capital expenditures to correct cited code violations, and capital expenditures for emergency situations that render artistic activities inoperable.
  • Also supported are capital expenditures to improve the capacity of venues, or will have a significant positive effect on audience comfort.
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the neighborhood beautification program icon

Neighborhood Beautification Program

  • Promotes physical improvements and greening of public spaces
  • Engages residents and businesses in creating welcoming places for residents to play, gather and build community
  • Uses greening projects to support and promote community participation, neighborhood involvement.
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mayor's fund for the homeless icon

Mayor's Fund for the Homeless

  • The Mayor's Fund for the Homeless (MFH) uses private donations to provide food, shelter and support services to homeless families and individuals.
  • Managed by Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (hsh.sfgov.org) (HSH), these funds help improve outcomes for individuals in all forms of city sponsored housing including shelters, supportive, public and affordable housing. These funds are also used to help support clients who are exiting the Navigation Center.
  • The MFH enables HSH to more actively fundraise and to engage with community members who are interested in supporting our efforts.
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recreation and park gift fund icon

Recreation and Parks Gift Fund

  • Keep San Francisco’s recreation programs accessible for everyone in our diverse community.
  • Promote active living and well-being for San Francisco’s diverse and growing community.
  • Help keep today’s parks safe, clean, and fun and promote our parks’ historic and cultural heritage.
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animal care & control fund icon

Animal Care & Control Fund

  • San Francisco’s only open-admission animal shelter.
  • Provides animal law enforcement and humane investigations.
  • Adopts out all species of animals: every animal every day. 
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