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Meeting Information


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San Francisco Board of Supervisors Asthma Task Force



 Monday, October 26, 2009

2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

San Francisco City Hall, Rm 278

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, SF CA 94102


Attendees: Sabrina Adler,  Karen Cohn, Gloria Thornton, Marie Hoemke, Rene Gonzalvez, Lisa Reyes, Sara Seibold, Krista Ward, Vincent Webster, Monica Lopez; Bryan Gibel;  


Welcome and Housekeeping Items 

Determine if a quorum is present/ Appoint timekeeper

 Approval of minutes 

Follow-up items

No quorum.  Approval of minutes tabled




KPOO Update and Planning for Future Shows

-Community Outreach

·         Overview of past shows

·         Positive feedback from community

·         Time-slot is not consistent

·         A future show should address eviction fears


RAMP Legacy Grant Received - overview

·         Training for HRCSF and Legal Aid staff/volunteers Nov 13th.

·         Informational meetings begin in December at 4911 3rd Street





Need more transparency about speaker needs





Bayview Hunters Point Foundation, Free Shuttle to Health Services

·         Shuttle is funded by Metropolitan Transit. Purpose – to develop a route to assist people access medical areas. People can get off an on without describing their medical need.  ID cards have been given to youth to increase safety across gang turfs. Service is provided 10.5hrs/day M-Th.  Times and routes are adjusted to accommodate popular spots (i.e. Alice Griffith -> SFGH).  The shuttle fulfills a gap as no busses go directly from BVHP to SFGH or St Lukes.

·         Discussed purpose of South East Center.  Primary care to decrease the need of emergencies.  It does not include a trauma center

·         Shuttle policy – stop and call 911 if emergency develops.

·         Spanish and Cantonese shuttle posters available to address the changing demographics of BVHP.



Health First Program, California Pacific Medical Center, St Like’s Campus

·         Clinic to help pts self-manage chronic disease. Alternative model of primary care –team based approach consisting of primary care provider, certified asthma educators, and CHWs.  CHWs required to complete City College 1yr program.  Currently no capacity for home visitors.  Possibly triage for future.  



ATF Sustainability and Fundraising discussion  

Post Shuttle Posters in community. Vincent will appear on KPOO show tomorrow














Sarah Siebold will follow up with Karen C. if interested in code enforcement training and/or spirometry training






Tabled for next meeting



RAMP/CAFA Policy Updates 





Tabled for next meeting

Other Announcements and Public Comment

·        Discussed question posed by Bryan Gibel, How does the economic downturn affect families with asthma in the mission?  Too early to see trends in data.  Based on prior knowledge of poverty and asthma, problems are probably arising as they relate to overcrowding, unaffordable copays, etc.

·        Marie, Meyla and Anjali spoke at District Asthma Team meeting. Positive response from Superintendent in regard to SFATF resolutions.  Next DAT meetings Feb 12, 2009 and May 14, 2010

·        Student Support Services Department has a new website where you can download procedure manuals, forms, etc.

·        New pilot to increase teacher involvement in TfS. $9,900 funding.  

·        Next Env. Subcommittee meeting Monday Nov 2nd Fox Plaza

·        Bay Area Health Coalition is working on increasing Air District accountability

·        Discussed and approved proposal to send SFATF letter to air district to 1) increase communication transparency 2) Consider tiered approach 3) Require clean construction in impacted communities

·        Research currently being done about H1N1 and asthma










Anjali – send progress notes re: implementation of Teacher pilot

Karen will send letter to air district