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Meeting Information


2009 2008 2007 2006 

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Asthma Task Force



 Monday, July 27, 2009

2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

San FranciscoCity Hall, Rm 278

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, SF CA 94102



Welcome and Housekeeping Items

Determine if a quorum is present/ Appoint timekeeper – QUORUM WAS MET

·         Voting Members in attendance (11): Gloria Thornton, Karen Cohn, Anjali Nath, Marie Hoemke, Sabrina Adler, Nan Madden, Anne Togia, Peg Strub, Amy Dietz, Margi English, Pavlos Politopoulos

·         Non-voting members/guests: Krista Ward, Sue Watson, Betty McGee, 6 student nurses from Samuel Merritt College.

·         Pavlos Politopoulos introduced himself.  He is representing the voting seat as a person with asthma, was born with asthma and grew up in SF and is interested in offering his perspective as such.  He also has a background and interest in politics which prompted his interest in the SFATF.

·         Margi English is also representing the voting seat as a person with asthma.  She was diagnosed


 Approval of minutes

·         April 27th ATF Quarterly Meeting  Minutes were approved with the following modification: Marie Hoemke was present.  Amy Dietz moved to approve, Karen Cohn seconded motion, unanimous approval.

·         June 22nd ATF Monthly Meeting Minutes were approved with the following modification: Amy Dietz was present.  Amy Dietz moved to approve, Marie Hoemke seconded motion, unanimous approval.


Modifications to today’s agenda?

·         Items were addressed out of order

Proposed HERC Survey Project

·         Betty and Anne presented data on charts highlighting informal statistics collected by HERC from 2007-08 representing the number of clients with asthma they encounter at two schools (Drew and Carver) and through home assessments and other outreach activities.  Part of the survey of the schools was asking students “Do you have or have you ever had asthma?” and counting the number of hands raised.

·         The last evidence-based study was done in 1999 (Karen will post link to UCSF site) and they are concerned about digging, dust, PG&E, buildings being knocked down, increased trucking because of work, etc.  They are interested in conducting new research and a new survey that replicates the previous survey done by Kevin Grumbach.  Also, hospitalization data is available by zip code but ER visits are not.  No prevalence data available.

·         HERC is looking for technical assistance with grant writing and making connections with UCSF.  They are also looking for support to offer asthma toolkits to clients including mattress covers, mold/mildew cleaners, etc.

·         ATF members made suggestions to contact state health department, California Breathing, UCSF Evaluation Team, and Nancy Adler.  Marie indicated that David Nunez is working with CA Nurses Association and is recommending SFATF as a resource for them.

·         ATF members suggested that the new survey may want to ask the following questions: How have people’s quality of life been affected?  Do people have access to health insurance? What is missing for the child that would ensure well managed asthma?  How many people’s asthma is not in control?

·         Sabrina indicated that HERC should be referring clients to Bay Area Legal Aid and Housing Rights Committee for housing issues.


Opportunityfor KPOO Interview Series on Asthma

·         Rene Gonzalvez has facilitated this opportunity (details to be clarified) for a series that we can coordinate during their Thursday show, Connecting the Dots, from 1-2pm on Thursdays.

·         Anjali will coordinate and work with Rene and Pavlos on details and to contact speakers

·         Margi offered to help produce a segment if that’s helpful.  She also suggested that some segments could be done remotely via phone or could be taped in advance.



Committee Updates


·         Committee worked together to submit an application for a RAMP Legacy Grant to support the establishment of a neutral site where tenants can get housing advocacy support.  This is an opportunity to train Housing Rights Committee staff and use data for habitability to so some policy advocacy.


·         Marie provided some background to the work of the committee and reminded members about the SFUSD requirement for every child with asthma to have an asthma action plan and the work of the half-time Tools for Schools District Coordinator hired.

·         August 11th will be the culmination of all the work being done when the district asthma team will present the Superintendant’s Report to the Board on Asthma.  ATF will be commenting as part of the report as well. 


·         The next SF Asthma Network meeting is Friday, October 2nd.  Topics included working with Latino communities, inhaled corticosteroids, COPD, etc.

·         New Kaiser grant – “Making Patients Part of the Team” – to address cultural and linguistic issues in asthma care.

·         Shuttle posters are completed in Spanish, Chinese and English and are being posted.  Karen needs support to get them posted at hospitals.

·         CPMC grant is in the implementation phase; Focus groups and questionnaires completed.  Had first intervention  meeting.  Overview of report is available.

·         Anne requested that the shuttle stop at their HERC office at 828 Innes.  Karen said is this needs to be a regular stop it could possibly be added, else, for occasional needs HERC could make a special request to the shuttle provider on a given day.

·         St. Luke’s mammogram van service is now running.


Begin ATF Sustainability and Fundraising discussion

·         Anjali explained that the SFATF is slated to sunset as a legislative task force in June 2011.  Funding from CAFA will allow SFATF to retain staffing support through June 2010 due to no-cost extension granted.

·         Margi explained that CAFA has facilitated discussions with asthma coalitions to help them move forward with fundraising activities to support continuation of work and advancement of goals.  SFATF has done grantwriting but not much else in terms of fundraising.  Margi has experience and expertise to lend and is also willing to offer a personal contact to approach for support for SFATF priorities.  She is also updating the list of grant opportunities previously created.

·         Margi asked what SFATF priorities might be.  The grid provided by Anjali outlined some of the main projects and also included the work being done with SFUSD schools and child development centers to help them transition their custodial cleaning products and practices fully to green cleaning.  SFATF supported the purchase of washers and mops to accompany the Alpha HP cleaner to be used as a less toxic alternative to their current custodial products.  We also received a grant from SF Foundation to conduct a pilot project to offer alternative products and practices to reduce the overuse of bleach in all child care settings.  This project is being spearheaded by two interns in Karen’s office. 

·         Margi’s questions to the members were:

o        Who wants to be a part of the fundraising team?

o        What are the SFATF funding priorities?

o        What dollar amounts are associated with those priorities?

o        Who would the money be funneled through?

·         Members identified the following projects and related dollar approximations as funding priorities:

o        $60-70k for coalition staff through June 2011 at least to ensure smooth transition to community coalition.

o        $50k to facilitate SFUSD full transition to green custodial cleaning products/practices

o        At least $40k for child care cleaning product implementation project.  Could be a 5 year project.

o        Continue the SF Asthma Network

o        Pay for researchers to help continue some of the work supported by grants

o        Staffing support for private practice providers to conduct asthma education and medical referrals that get paid for.  Currently looking at Americorp volunteers to do this.  Karen requested that Margi assist with contacting Americorp to write grant to be a sponsor.

o        Nan proposed the establishment of a Northern CA Asthma Center in San Francisco where people come to be seen for education, treatment, research, transportation provided (like N.CA Sickle Cell Center run by Dr. Menser)

o        $40k for printing and mailing of the Healthy Housing Guidance document for property owners

o        $2,500 to migrate ATF city website

·         Discussion will be continued at Planning Committee in August


RAMP/CAFA Policy Updates - TABLED

AB 821 - Green cleaning in schools (RAMP)

AB 574 - Smoke-free hospitals (Breathe)



ACTION ITEM VOTE (if quorum present) and Discussion:

Approval of final Asthma Task Force Policy on Grant Application Coordination

·         Policy was reviewed and voted upon; Amy Dietz moved to approve as is, Karen Cohn seconded motion, policy approved unanimously.


Announcements and Public Comment

·         Gloria announced there is a freeze on the Healthy Families program – no new children will be accepted but will be put on the wait list.  Karen suggested to bring this to RAMP’s attention.  SFATF could write a letter that RAMP could help get signed.

·         Karen announced that Children’s Environmental Health and Code Enforcement will do a joint training on Sept 21st.

·         Nan announced that UCSF opened their Pediatric Asthma Clinic being run by Ngoc Ly and staffed by a pediatric pulmonologist, NP, and RT.



·                           Anjali will set Planning Committee meeting for August

·                           Anjali will check with Board Clerk as to why new members did not receive letters confirming appointments.

·                           Karen will post the link for the old Bayview Asthma Survey and will contact the head evaluator on that project for HERC

·                           Anjali will put HERC in touch with California Breathing for technical assistance