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Meeting Information


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Monday, January 26, 2009

2-4 pm, City Hall, Room – 278

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, SF CA 94102


Attendees: Gloria Thornton, Nan Madden, Krista Ward, Neil Gendel, Luz Agana, Sue Watson, Marie Hoemke, Karen Cohn, Anjali Nath, Lisa Fricke, Sue Watson, Ray Manion, Cynthia Knowles





·        Karen- Lead calendars are ready and available

·        Cynthia – SFE toxics use reduction and EJ groups through various funding sources are undertaking home assessments in Bayview about cleaning products and pest control methods used by tenants.  Found that tenants were going into the Mission to get cleaning products.

·        As part of the same grant they are offering two trainings. Feb 5th is first event 12-2 at Southeast Community Facility.  Will be giving away buckets, tool boxes to participants.


ATF Budget

·        Cut $77K from CEHP program were able to allocate some funds into ATF budget

·        Lost opportunities for reproduction costs on Healthy Housing Guide, media purchases; However, got permission to utilize Environmental Health’s budget for ATF printing needs

·        Luz is a new intern through Children’s Environmental Health to assist with Child Care Project

·        Karen’s work is becoming more focused on Healthy Housing; New fees and codes to work with to do proactive code enforcement; Healthy Housing and Neighborhoods website was developed.

·        Catherine Dodd called Gloria re: ATF letter to Mayor.  Explained nothing could be done and hoped ATF could continue its work.


Related to Initiatives

Special Report on Green Housing – Guest Speaker: Alicia Culver, Executive Director, Green Purchasing Institute

·        Alicia introduced herself, wrote Green Cleaning for Health with colleagues

·        Will be talking about definitions of green cleaner; work with SFUSD; new project related to Child Care facilities; policy initiatives.

·        Simple Green, claims to be non-toxic (not possible) and biodegradable; is a concentrate; not preferred.

·        Completed a 20 month process over how to define green cleaning; process should be participatory.  Green Seal establishes this process.

·        New standard was agreed upon for Green Seal  - considered asthmagens (can cause new cases of asthma) and respiratory irritations; AOEC list was updated; Considered pH limits, toxicity criteria added, VOCs now down to 1% max in products.  GS-37 is for institutional cleaners.  GS-8 is for household cleaners and was up for revisions prior to GS-37.  Will serve as a precedent for other consumer products. 2-butoxyethanol was eliminated.   Propylene glycol is used in food and is being proposed over ethylene glycol which is found in antifreeze.

·        Alicia suggested ATF write a note to Green Seal to thank them for adding asthmagen language and encourage them to add similar standards to GS-8 and other standards.

·        Karen suggested we also thanks Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics; write to Clorox to encourage them to follow standards.

·        CHPS and LEEDS reference Green Seal standards

Work with SFUSD

  • Alicia serves as a technical consultant to SFUSD; working with Custodial Dept. who is piloting and transitioning to greener cleaning products.
  • Floor strippers, disinfectants, glass cleaners (b/c of ammonia) were the first targets.
  • SFUSD was using chlorinated disinfectants on AOEC asthma list.  Quaternary disinfectants as an asthma issue.  Now switching to products based on Hydrogen Peroxide. Alpha HP can serve as a cleaner and disinfectant.  Also switching to Microfiber cloths.  Leaves less chemical on the surface. 
  • Karen asked about hand soaps.
  • Alicia suggested we document the cost-savings. Anjali will follow up with Alicia for support to propose a method to evaluate. SFUSD was diluting products by hand and using more than needed.  Alpha HP has an automatic dilution system. 
  • Neil brought up the issue that SFUSD Child Development sites are not able to benefit from this because their cleaning practices are separate and in the hands of house parents who are using what they think they should be. 


New American Media Event


Tools for Schools




Committee Updates

Environmental Committee

·        Krista and Cynthia went to stores in Mission and found that most cleaning products were made in Mexico or China and didn’t list ingredients.  Attempting to ascertain what might be an incentive for promoting cleaning products.

·        Californians for Pesticide Reform (CPR) developed a questionnaire that ATF is helping disseminate with the assistance of Breathe California, through SFE training on Feb 5th, and hopefully through SFAA. 

·        CPR is focusing on IPM best practices for model buildings and buildings that want to try it out

·        Tobacco Free Project is also making headway in relation to SFHA on smoke-free housing policies in some of the new buildings through set asides.  Currently 80% smoking and 20% non-smoking units.

·        Krista will send electronic surveys to ATF members

·        Cynthia added that we want to promote recipes

·        Karen proposed doing a calendar next year; or address book; edition of Healthy Families Living in Healthy Homes

·        Cynthia did the inventory of products and is working on finalizing research; Next step was the survey of cleaning products and pesticide use in homes; Tenant survey was

·        Cynthia can send list of products inventoried

·        Next Meeting: February 4th, 1:30-3:30pm, Fox Plaza Suite 410



Schools and Child Care Committee


·        Major focus is on accountability in school system: Environmental & Clinical issues

·        Tools for Schools – District TfS coordinator is doing a fantastic job

·        Asthma Management – clinical databases are not complete; District Asthma team meeting is February 12.

·        Attempting to get meetings with SF Board of Education Members, attempting to reconnect with BOE member Jane Kim, and to meet new BOE members to orient them.

Child Care

·        Working to implement SF Foundation grant.  Doing research with child care stakeholders who work with Gateways to quality which is a quality assurance program.  Health and Safety is one of the many indicators.  Have discovered that there is an overuse of bleach and under

·        Pilot testing 7 sites plus one SFUSD Child Development Site.

·        Have had an initial planning meeting to plan out steps of pilot project that is focused on researching practical alternatives that meet licensing requirement and will ultimately be able to offer recommendations to Gateway sites.  Fact sheets available on cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.

·        Luz is an MPH student in UC Berkeley with a focus on toxicology.  Has met with Diane Valleno from City College to get started.  Will work out of Karen’s office.


Clinical Committee

·        April 3, is the next SF Asthma Network Meeting

·        Kaiser grant is moving along.  Native American Health Center and St. Anthony’s are participating; Have been invited by Kaiser to apply for another grant.  Goal is to integrate chronic care model into primary care by utilizing Chronic Care Teams.

·        BVHP Foundation is moving into phase two with Lifeline Transport grant, Goal is to get 90 qualifying patients up to 6 visits per year.  Saint Mary’s is next phase of the project.


RAMP/CAFA/Policy Updates – tabled


ACTION ITEM VOTE – Quorem not met – tabled


Membership – tabled


Public Comment

  • Alice from Supervisor Maxwell’s office is available to support ATF work