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Meeting Information


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San Francisco Board of Supervisors Asthma Task Force



 Monday, April 27, 2009

2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

San Francisco City Hall, Rm 278

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, SF CA 94102


In attendance: Marie Hoemke, Gloria Thornton, Karen Cohn, Krista Ward, Anjali Nath, Sue Watson, Cynthia Knowles,  Amy Dietz, Anne Togia, Margi English, Lisa Fricke, Nan Madden, Ray Manion,  Nik Kaestner (Guest)



Determine if a quorum is present/ Appoint timekeeper



Housekeeping Items

Approval of minutes – reviewed but not approved as quorum was not reached

·         Nik Kaestner’s presentation was given first on the agenda


·         Bayview Lifeline Shuttle service posters were developed with help of SFHP.  Will be translated into Spanish and Chinese. SFATF will send appreciation letter and card.

·         Gloria mentioned that she will send out report of focus groups from clinical grants when they are ready.


ACTION ITEM VOTE (if quorum present) and Discussion:

Approval of final Asthma Task Force Policy on Grant Application Coordination

·         Tabled due to lack of quorum


ATF Budget

·         We were able to salvage a good portion of the budget and maintain contract with Breathe CA. 

·         Discussed possibly requesting addback for discrete priority projects (continue discussion in monthly meeting)

·         Discussed finding a way for TfS stipend funds to also support Green Teams.  Find overlapping areas.


Nik Kaestner, Director of Sustainability, Mayor's green schools liaison to SFUSD - presentation and discussion 

·        Nik’s position as Sustainability Director for SFUSD  is funded by SF Dept of Environment and PUC.

·        Nik’s job is to foster green schools (energy, water, waste, composting, plus water faucet aerators, green school yards, energy shut down before summer, alternate commute options, biodiesel for buses).  He will be working on a site level to form Green Teams (administrators, parents, teachers, students).  He works with administration on top-down issues.  Informed that schools can become certified as green.  Has 8-10 schools interested in becoming green.  Rosa Parks elementary won green school contest this year.  Is working to make all schools green in the long run.  More than 20 schools applied for and received PG&E solar panels. Described savings district can and cannot see from energy efficiency. 

·        Nik is working with architects on design or modification of buildings (using Global Green design standards, how to beat title 24 standards)

·        Follow through is needed to see if there is compliance with standards, CHPS; there is a chance to audit current buildlings – opportunities for weather stripping, etc.; water filters for classrooms; questions about maintenance of filters; making switch could be another item on menu.

·        Nik discussed the idea of the Tools for Schools checklist being included in certification requirement for green schools

·        Anjali will send Nik the Tools for Schools resolution

·        ATF will send list of allergy-friendly trees

·        Karen will provide report on water fountains to Nik

·        URLs: (sign up in top right corner for newsletter);  (trying to plant 2012 trees by 2012 – raised 25 trees in a week at Rosa Parks)

·        Focus on environmental education – Green jobs and environmental curriculum – how to bring green jobs to students (internships in environmental industry)

·        Green Drinks – 1st Weds of every month at Varnish Wine Gallery, 6-9pm

·        Discussed a potential environmental curriculum – Anjali will send info regarding Tools for Schools and Junior Health Inspector

·        Working towards a sustainability policy – Green building and transport – committing to sustainable operations

·        Many school districts have an energy manager but not sustainability manager – SFUSD model was shared internationally.

·        Nik will be presenting to Parent Liaisons through Parent Relations division

·        Nik and SFATF will share and utilize website links


RAMP/CAFA/Policy Updates

AB 821 - Green cleaning in schools (RAMP)

·         A small press event was held, bill passed through assembly and moved on to appropriations

AB 574 - Smoke-free hospitals (Breathe)

·         Karen pointed out gap in providing adequate staffing to support patient counseling and discharge for those who smoke

·         Gloria mentioned that Shape Up SF has worksite wellness coordination effort

·         Suggested we could write a litter to say we need more resources in certain places

·         Karen will look into working with Shape Up worksite wellness coordinators


Update on RAMP Sustainability and Fundraising meetings

·         Anjali provided update to inform group that RAMP and CAFA have been facilitating discussions between coalitions and consultant in preparation for sustainability after the end of CAFA funding in February 2010.  SFATF is also slated to sunset at that time.


Update on SFUSD Meetings

·         Marie reported that she and Anjali met with SFUSD School Board Commissioner Jane Kim who requested an update from District Asthma Team (DAT) to be presented at their June Board Meeting.

·         DAT meeting to be held on May 21st

·         Schools Committee meeting coming up – a number of items to be discussed

World Asthma Day Activities

·         Anjali will get contact info for awardees, work with Breathe CA staff to get e-invite out, order food

·         Karen will be meeting with Eileen Shields regarding noise mapping issues

·         Awardees likely to include Tom Rivard, PODER and Housing Rights Committee


·         Anjali will update ATF membership list


Public Comment – none