Accessory Dwelling Units Application Process

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Are you looking for general information on ADUs and Legalization? Please visit this page.

ADU staff is now available to conduct all reviews for ADU and Legalization permit submittals. Comments will be provided at the 5th floor counter or within five business days. They will also field all general inquiries on ADU and Legalization permits, including preservation-related questions. You may also email your ADU/ Legalization inquiries to

How to Visit Us

ADU Planning Desk, Counter 38
1660 Mission, 5th Floor
Mon / Tue / Thur / Fri from 8AM to 4PM
Wednesdays from 10AM to 4PM

Questions related to Preservation are reviewed
Mon / Tue / Thur / Fri
from 8AM to 10AM
or by emailing

Or Make an Appointment Online
In addition, we offer appointment-based preliminary plan review opportunities. This is similar to a Planning Department project review meeting. This optional appointment-based plan review is offered only prior to permit filing. We will not review projects at the Intake review stage for filing/submittal at these appointments. Preliminary plans are required for comprehensive review and feedback for your project.

Pre-Application Meeting with Building and Fire
Starting August 27, 2018, Planning began joining Building and Fire at DBI's Preapplication meetings for ADUs. If you schedule a Preapplication meeting for an ADU, at this time it is mandatory for Planning to join these meetings. Be sure to include key Planning inquiries in your notes, including Code, policy and preservation. Please view DBI's Preapplication materials here.


For more information

If you have questions about the program, please contact staff at:

ADU Planning Desk, Counter 38 (see Drop-in Hours above)
1660 Mission Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA

Marcelle Boudreaux
Permits & Program Implementation

Natalia Kwiatkowska
ADU Coordinator