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Learn more about the 2019 Health Care Services Master Plan Update here.


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The Health Care Services Master Plan (HCSMP) is a long-range policy document intended to improve community health and access to healthcare, particularly for San Francisco's vulnerable populations. The purpose of the plan is to identify current and projected needs, and locations, for health care services in San Francisco. The Plan is used by the Health Commission, Planning Commission, and the Board of Supervisors to guide healthcare and land use policy decisions.

San Francisco Ordinance No. 300-10 requires that the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) and the San Francisco Planning Department collaborate to create the Plan and update it every three years. The first Plan ("2013 HCSMP") was adopted and came into effect on December 26, 2013.

The Plan includes four major assessments which rely on extensive community health and land use data, including:

  • Community Health Assessment: highlights major health trends in morbidity/mortality and identifies social determinants of health
  • Health Systems Trends Assessment: review current changes in the local, state, and national healthcare environment impacting service delivery
  • Capacity and Gap Assessment: describes utilization and resource availability of the health care system (including hospitals, emergency medical services, medical surge capacity, and primary and specialty care) and evaluates geographic, cultural, and linguistic access to care
  • Land Use Assessment: analyzes the current supply of medical uses, demand and need for new medical space, and potential land use burdens and displacement impacts of medical facilities

For more details on the development of the 2013 HCSMP, copies of community meeting materials and minutes, and other background documents please visit SFDPH's 2013 Health Care Services Master Plan's Task Force website.

HCSMP Consistency Determination process

The HCSMP also includes Recommendations and Guidelines that are intended to advise policymakers and healthcare providers on strategies to improve community health and access to care in San Francisco. These Recommendations and Guidelines were largely driven by input from a 41-member HCSMP Taskforce and stakeholders at a series of public meetings convened in 2011-2012. The Recommendations & Guidelines are available for download here.

The HCSMP requires that certain new medical use development projects in San Francisco apply for a Consistency Determination from the Health Commission and Planning Commission, verifying that the proposed medical use supports the HCSMP Recommendations & Guidelines. For more information on this process and how to apply, click here.

2018 HCSMP Update

SFDPH and the Planning Department are in currently developing an updated HCSMP, anticipated for adoption in late 2018. The main goals of the 2018 HCSMP Update include:

  • Provide the most current and available local and state data describing health care services, capacity, utilization, and distribution of healthcare services
  • Highlight health inequity and critical healthcare and development issues that have emerged since 2013
  • Assess Consistency Determination guidelines for potential revision
  • Suggest additional policy recommendations to improve access to high quality healthcare

For more information on the 2018 HCSMP update and process, click here.

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For additional information on the Planning Department's work on HCSMP, please contact:

Lisa Chen
Project Manager
SF Planning Department
(415) 575-9124

Sneha Patil
Project Manager
SF Department of Public Health
(415) 554-2795