Bay Area Reentry News

10/6/17: KTVU: Alameda County public defenders take a knee for racial justice

10/3/17: Mercury News: Bail reform: Awaiting trial, but can't afford bond? Silicon Valley moving to free more suspects

10/2/17: San Francisco Examiner: Public Defender Jeff Adachi faces off with SF judge over contempt charge for attorney defending client

9/27/17: KQED: Bail or Jail? Tool Used by San Francisco Courts Shows Promising Results

9/22/17: CBS SF Bay Area: San Francisco Senior Accused of Petty Crime Fighting $350,000 Bail

9/20/17: San Francisco Examiner: SF to use Prop. 47 funds for 32 residential treatment beds for drug addicts

9/12/17: Pacific Research Institute: Court Ruling Shuts Down Effective Private-Sector Restorative Justice Program

8/17/17: KQED: Forced Out: When Leaving the Country Means Leaving Your Kids

8/15/17: East Bay Times: Selection panel makes final picks for powerful Oakland Police Commission

8/10/17: Slate: The Exploitation of "Beautiful Kate"

8/3/17: The California Sunday Magazine: After the Shooting: A year in the life of Gwen Woods

8/2/17: Witness LA: San Francisco, Santa Clara County To Get Help Improving Their Pretrial Justice Systems

7/28/17: East Bay Times: A call for pot entrepreneurs, Oakland test drives new marijuana permit program

7/26/17: East Bay Times: Opinion: Document Prop. 47 savings, then put money to good use

7/25/17: KQED: What Does It Say When Jail Is a Safety Net for Pregnant Women?

7/24/17: Opportunity Institute: Innovative San Jose State Project Helps Inform Future Criminal Justice Leaders

7/14/17: NBC Bay Area: Unlikely Partnership Between SF Prosecutors and Prison Inmates is Forming Behind the Walls of San Quentin

7/14/17: San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. schools support kids whose parents are jailed

7/3/17: Los Angeles Times: California Supreme Court makes it harder for three-strike prisoners to get sentence reductions

6/30/17: The Crime Report: The Color of Justice

6/28/17: KQED News: Report: Bail Hits People of Color Hard, Strips $15 Million a Year from S.F. Residents

6/28/17: East Bay Times: Alameda county had hoped to hire 1,400 people with criminal records -- they've hired 6

6/25/17: Marin Independent Journal: Marin grand jury urges schooling for jail inmates

6/22/17: San Francisco Examiner: Mayor Lee proposes $72M package of diversion programs to help reduce jail population

6/13/17: KQED News: Mobile App Gives Felons a Fresh Start

6/7/17: NPR: Golden State Warriors Take On San Quentin Prisoners In Basketball

5/31/17: The New York Times: A Haven From Trauma's Cruel Grip

5/17: KQED: The Trials of Marvin Mutch

5/26/17: Huffpost: San Francisco Begins Providing Attorneys for Immigrants Who Can't Afford Them

5/16/17: San Francisco Chronicle: Income inequity gets SF rethinking fines, fees

5/12/17: KQED NEws: Ahead of Mother's Day, Bail Reform Groups Get Moms Out of Jail

4/17/17: The New York Times: A California Court for Young Adults Calls on Science

4/14/17: KQED Radio: SF Public Defender Jeff Adachi Talks Immigration, Police Shootings and His New Documentary

4/2/17: San Francisco Chronicle: SF courts anything but safe for some immigrants in sanctuary city

3/31/17: San Francisco Examiner: SF implements new policies for treatment of transgender inmates

3/26/17: East Bay Times: Mass incarceration: Where are the jobs in new Alameda County re-entry program?

3/21/17: San Francisco Examiner: Federal oversight of SFPD to be extended

3/21/17: Guardian: Death by gentrification: the killing that shamed San Francisco

3/4/17: San Francisco Chronicle: For SF's black defendants, it's hard to find jury of peers

2/10/17: San Francisco Chronicle: 100-year-old woman evicted from SF home

1/18/17: San Francisco Examiner: Opponents of new jail to have three years to reduce jail population

1/5/17: The Washington Post: Introducing Anne Kirkpatrick, just hired to fix Oakland's 'frat house' police department

12/28/16: SF Weekly: Richmond Adopts Housing Rights for Ex-Criminals

12/21/16: SF Weekly: Prison Company Known for Scandals Opens New S.F. Facility

12/12/16: The New Yorker: The Ex-Con Scholars of Berkeley

12/7/16: Mother Jones: Inside a Drug Treatment Center That Actually Works

12/1/16: The California Sunday Magazine: Table Service: One of San Francisco's best restaurants hires as many ex-felons as it can.

11/30/16: San Francisco Chronicle: S.F.'s largest mental health facility--the jail

11/30/16: San Francisco Chronicle: SF judge explains why 66,000 arrest warrants were discarded

11/28/16: San Francisco Chronicle: San Francisco has become a predatory government

11/14/16: Oakland North: Alameda County to designate 1,400 county jobs for the formerly incarcerated

11/14/16: San Francisco Chronicle: SF courts ignoring thousands of quality-of-life citations

10/27/16: Next City: The Pop-Up Approach to Fighting Mass Incarceration

10/12/16: SF Gate: U.S. Justice Department urges changes in SFPD after fatal shootings

10/12/16: Fox 2: SF coalition announces plan to reduce city's reliance on county jail

9/23/16: Courthouse News Service: New San Francisco Bureau to Handle Police Shootings

9/16/16: The New York Times: A Formula to Make Bail More Fair

9/16/16: San Francisco Chronicle: Captive Lives

9/8/16: SF Gate: Floating homeless shelter could be game changer for S.F.

9/2/16: KQED News: One Year Out of Prison, Actor Takes on 'Othello'

9/1/16: SF Gate: SF sues landlord over state of housing for once-homeless vets

8/4/16: The Mercury News: Urban farm Planting Justice adds East Oakland site, hires ex-offenders

8/3/16: San Francisco Examiner: First-of-its-kind data release shows racial disparities in SFPD's arrest, use of force

8/1/16: East Bay Times: Santa Clara County prosecutors try new approach to ease racial tensions with cops

7/13/16: San Francisco Examiner: DA-launched review of SFPD recommends reforms, some already in works

7/11/16: San Francisco Examiner: Criminal justice reform brings SF's jail health services into focus

7/10/16: KQED News: Inside 'The Box': New Play Explores Life in Solitary

7/7/16: San Francisco Chronicle: Criminal justice reform will fail if we don't fix mental care too

6/30/16: SF Gate: Federal judge finds evidence of racial bias by S.F. police

6/28/16: The Daily Californian: Alameda County approves program to increase job opportunities for formerly incracerated people

6/27/16: Mother Jones: Why the San Francisco Police Department is Under Heavy Fire

6/22/16: SF Weekly: S.F. Jail's Trans Inmate Problem

6/7/16: The Washington Post: Public defenders can be biased, too, and it hurts their non-white clients

6/1/16: Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice: A Special Goodbye

5/25/16: The Marshall Project: Four San Francisco Cops Talk About the Problems Plaguing Their Department

5/20/16: CNN: Paying kids not to kill

5/19/16: SF Gate: SFPD Chief Greg Suhr resigns afer police killing of woman

5/15/16: The New York Times: A Plan to Flood San Francisco With News on Homelessness

5/11/16: SF Gate: Jeff Kositsky named 1st director of SF's new homeless department

4/24/16: New America Media: SF Dist. Attorney: Police Union Messaging on Prop. 47 'Disingenuous'

4/24/16: The New York Times: San Francisco Torn as Some See 'Street Behavior' Worsen

4/13/16: The New York Times: San Francisco Gives All a Fair Chance at Jobs, Housing

4/7/16: University of California: Novel doula training for incarcerated women and those at risk grows

4/7/16: The San Diego Union-Tribune: San Francisco police grapple with reducing fatal shootings

4/1/16: San Jose Mercury News: San Francisco police chief denies not telling DA's office of bigoted texts

4/1/16: The Atlantic: The San Franicsco Police Department's Bigotry Problem

3/27/16: Amid push for San Francisco police reform, union escalates counterattack

3/16/16: The Washington Post: Cities begin to challenge a bedrock of justice: They're paying criminals not to kill

3/25/16: SF Weekly: SF's New Jail Dream Officially Dies; Now What?

3/9/16: The San Francisco Examiner: SF schools to reassess curriculum for kids with incarcerated parents

3/2/16: Ventura County Star: As San Francisco deliberates, it's a waiting game for jail project

2/18/16: Courthouse News Service: SF Police Told to Shoot Twice & Stop

2/16/16: San Francisco Chronicle: Overtime rising at S.F. Sheriff's Department

1/31/16: San Francisco Chronicle: Justice Department to review SFPD in wake of Mario Woods killing

1/27/16: Witness LA: Freedom For Sale: An Important San Francisco Bail Lawsuit Hits a Bump in the Road

1/25/16: San Jose Mercury News: San Francisco mayor asks feds for probe of police shooting

1/24/16: San Francisco Examiner: Jail health care services desperately need county oversight

1/16: Stop the Cycle of Court-Ordered Debt

1/20/16: San Francisco Examiner: Local man arrested by immigration officials after SFPD detention, possibly in violation of city law

1/13/16: ABC 7 News: Uber Eases Screening Reqiurements for Drivers with Criminal Past

1/12/16: San Francisco Examiner: Students with jailed parents may gain support

1/7/16: KQED News: Mayor Pushes SFPD to Fast-Track Use-of-Force Reforms:Chief Calls in Feds

1/5/16: San Francisco Examiner: Gascon, supes introduce mental health alternative to new jail

12/27/15: AP: The Big Story: Lawsuits seek to abolish country's bail bond system

12/10/15: San Francisco Chronicle: Mario Woods' Unnecessary Death

12/9/15: SF Weekly: After the Police Killing of Mario Woods, SF is "That Kind of Town"

12/7/15: San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. should drop new jail idea, tap alternatives to incarceration

12/7/15: San Francisco Chronicle: New jail needed in S.F., because current facility is unsafe for all

12/1/15: San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. supervisors need to press for answers on jail plan

12/1/15: San Francisco Chronicle: Mayor to OK Peskin taking office in time for crucial jail vote

12/1/15: The Crime Report: San Francisco Called a Model for Ending Mass Incarceration

11/30/15: San Francisco Magazine: Radical Chic: Radical Chic: S.F.’s Hottest New Restaurant Is Staffed Mostly by Ex-Cons

11/12/15: SF Gate: State offers S.F. $80 million for new jail but support is squishy

11/11/15: East Bay Express: Alameda County Traffic Court Eliminates Harsh License Suspension Policy that Punished the Poor

11/9/15: San Francisco Chronicle: The high cost of doing right by the city’s mentally ill

10/29/15: KQED: When the Mentally Ill Get Entangled in the Criminal Justice System

10/29/15: San Francisco Examiner: Federal lawsuit filed to overturn city's 'unequal' bail system

10/29/15: SF Public Defender: Federal Lawsuit Seeks to End Money Bail in SF

10/28/15: Oakland North: One year after Proposition 47's passage, is it working in the Bay area?

10/16/15: KQED: S.F. Sheriff Debate

10/13/15: Contra Costa Times: Richmond: New re-entry center unveiled for former inmates

10/2/15: San Francisco Chronicle: When it comes to diaper costs, S.F. has poor families covered

9/28/15: San Jose Mercury News: Specialty court helps struggling East Bay veterans clean up records, clean up lives

9/21/15: Hoodling: New Restaurant Cala Opens Tonight, With Unique Staffing Philosophy

9/11/15: KQED: Former Black Panther Launches Oakland Urban Farm to Give Ex-Prisoners a Fresh Start

9/11/15: San Francisco Chronicle: Expanding Navigation Center just the start in helping homeless

9/11/15: Time: San Francisco to House Inmates According to Gender Identity

9/6/15: San Francisco Chronicle: West Oakland Farms sows seeds of renewal for ex-inmates

Pacific Standard: Slow Poison: Even if the police don't kill me, a lifetime of preparing for them just might

KQED News: Contra Costa Plan for Jail Expansion Moves Forward Despite Opposition

The New York Times: Blending Tech Workers and Locals in San Francisco's Troubled Mid-Market

Stanford Report: A Second Chance at Success: Stanford Students Help Formerly Incarcerated People Become Entrepreneurs

Aljazeera: Set Free, Senior Convicts Struggle to Reenter Society 

San Jose Mercury News: Kids of Incarcerated Parents Serve Parallel Prison Sentence

Community Works: The Sentence Unseen Portraits of Resilience

KQED: Report: African-American Adults 7 Times as Likely as Whites to be Arrested in San Francisco

SFGate: S.F. Study Finds Big Disparity In Arrest Rates Between Races

San Francisco Examiner: Housing should come before police

KQED: Ex-Con Starts Over with Antioch Roastery

Social Justice Solution: Documentary Captures How a H.S. in S.F. Jail Heals and Reduces Recidivism (Video)

SF Weekly: Public Defender No. 1: Jeff Adachi's Revolution

San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. sheriff sets lowest age in California for kids to visit loved ones in jail

Governing: Getting Out of Jail and Back to Work in 'Second Chance City' 

KQED News: San Francisco Criminal Justice Leaders Push for Change at Race Summit

LA Times: Formerly Incarcerated Activist Fights to Give People a Chance to Change

KALW Public Radio: The Reentry Pod: A Place Where Inmates Prepare for Release