California Reentry News

11/9/17: Witness LA: California Earns "D" Grade on Pretrial Report Card

11/6/17: East Bay Times: San Quentin prison journalist honored for giving voice to the voiceless

11/4/17: The San Diego Union-Tribune: Local prison documentary on the road to Ojai Film Festival

11/3/17: USA Today: Prisoners who risk their lives during Calif. wildfires shouldn't be shut out of profession

10/30/17: The Sacramento Bee: 'Change is hard,' says Sacramento police chief, but slowly, it's happening

10/26/17: Witness LA: In New Report, Group Of Judges Say Risk Assessment And Other Tools Should Replace California's "Unsafe and Unfair" Cash Bail System

10/23/17: The Marshall Project: The California Inmates Fighting The Wine Country Fires

10/22/17: 69 Minutes: Reforming Solitary Confinement at Infamous California Prison

10/21/17: Quartz: The quirky San Quentin crossword puzzle features prison slange and Solange

10/16/17: The Sacramento Bee: Job training in prison has gone way beond stamping license plates

10/15/17: Newsweek: My Book Tour Stop at San Quentin

10/13/17: Berkeley News: Students' journey from incarceration to classrooms featured in premiered film

10/12/17: Witness LA: Governor Brown Signs Pile Of Criminal Justice Bills As Deadline Nears

10/17: The Sun: Jailhouse Blues: Henry Robintett On Teaching Inmates To Play The Guitar

10/10/17: NBC New York: 200 Female Inmates Are Fighting Fires in California

10/10/17: Los Angeles Times: A prison newsroom mourns its former editor in chief, recently released and then killed in a crash

10/6/17: The Hill: ICE director signals 'at-large arrests' over new California sanctuary law

10/6/17; Fresno Bee: He admitted to one huge mistake. But he didn't want to be branded a sex offender for life

10/5/17: Sacramento Bee: California to become a 'sanctuary state' in 2018

10/5/17: Witness LA: Ninth Circuit Says Judges Have to Consider Detained Immigrants' Financial Resources When Setting Bail

9/26/17: Los Angeles Times: How Patina teamed with formerly incarcerated cooks to prepare food for the Emmys

9/25/17: Witness LA: Violent Crime Up & Property Crime Down In CA & The U.S., Say New FBI Stats: But What Do The Numbers Mean?

9/16/17: Los Angeles Times: Legislature declares California will be a 'sanctuary state'

9/15/17: The New York Times: A Prison Sentence Ends. But the Stigma Doesn't.

9/14/17: Senator Roberg Hertzberg: Hertzberg, Bonta Look At Insurers Who Underwrite Bail Bonds

9/14/17: Alternet: Human Rights: California Has a System That Punishes the Poor Through Traffic Violations -- Civil Rights Groups Are Starting to Change That

9/12/17: Los Angeles Daily News: Caifornia should eliminate cash bail: Gavin Newsom

9/1/17: LA Weekly: How Art Is Helping Southern California Prisoners Reconnect With Their Humanity

8/31/17: The New York Times Magazine: The Incarcerated Women Who Fight California's Wildfires

8/29/17: KQED: Bail Reform Gets Backing of Governor, Chief Justice -- But Is Delayed to 2018

8/28/17: The Reporter: Solano County Parole Reentry Court takes a different approach in helping parolees

8/26/17: Press-Telegram: Get help or go to jail? Some criminals in the Long Beach area will soon have a choice

8/25/17: LA Weekly: Go Directly to Jail: New Video Game Highlights Injustice of Bail System

8/25/17: The Chronicle of Social Change: Needing Foster Homes, California Seeks to Relax Rules on Criminal Convictions

8/25/17: Los Angeles Times: Naked, filthy and strapped to a chair for 46 hours: a mentally ill inmate's last days

8/22/17: Witness LA: California DOJ Releases First Annual Use-of-Force Report

8/15/17: San Bernardino Sun: San Bernardino nonprofit founder Kim Crater wins pardon recommendation

8/14/17: Politico: California files suit over Trump sanctuary city policy

8/11/17: KQED News: Legendary Judge Thelton Henderson Retires From the Federal Bench in S.F.

8/11/17: San Bernardino Sun: Remove barriers for those with convictions who have served their time: Guest commentary

8/10/17: Los Angeles Times: Capitol Journal: Gov. Brown is right about the 'sanctuary state' bill: Protect law-abiders and help boot the bad guys

8/9/17: PolitiFact California: Does it cost $75K per year to lock up an inmate in California?

8/6/17: Sacramento Bee: California sanctuary state bill needs changes, Jerry Brown says

8/2/17: KQED: Jailing Immigrants Means Money and Jobs for Poor Areas. Is this Humane?

7/31/17: Witness LA: The Crucial Art of Reentry: 2 County Supes Determined to Jump Start Long-Needed LA Reentry Programs

7/14/17: Witness LA: Governor Brown Signs Two Noteworthy Criminal Justice Reform Bills

7/14/17: Los Angeles Times: California corrections officials want to know what you think about the state's new parole guidelines

6/28/17: Fusion: Ban on Immigration Detention Centers Sneaks Into California State Budget and Gets Approved

6/24/17: San Francisco Chronicle: California must embrace sentencing reform

6/17/17: NBC Los Angeles: Professor Cultivates College Potential in Prison Parolees

6/15/17: Los Angeles Times: Nearly $50 million in the California state budget will go to expanded legal services for immigrants

5/23/17: Los Angeles Times: Debate over sex offenders moves to court as California undertakes prison parole overhaul

5/23/17: Los Angeles Times: Plead guilty, go home. Plead not guilty, stay in jail

5/20/17: The Fresno Bee: Project Rebound -- how ex-cons, even lifers, can get out and stay out of prison

5/18/17: KQED News: How One Simple Program Helps Get People to Court

5/18/17: The Sacramento Bee: False claims stoke fears about reforming California's bail system

5/9/17: Witness LA: Hefty Traffic Tickets Lead To Suspended Licenses, Lost Jobs, And Even Lock-Up for Poor And Minority Californians

5/5/17: KQED Public Media: How A Traffic Fine Can Lead To Jail Time In California

5/4/17: The New York Times: A Modern-Day Harriet Tubman

4/25/17: The Guardian: Wealthy murder suspect freed on bail as man accused of welfare fraud stuck in jail

4/24/17: Los Angeles Times: 'I took someone's life--now I am giving back': In California's prisons, inmates teach each other how to start over

4/16/17: San Francisco Chronicle: Billionaire's transformation from real estate to criminal justice reform

4/13/17: Los Angeles Times: Police departments say they don't enforce immigration laws. But their manuals say something different

4/3/17: Los Angeles Times: Police arrests are plummeting across California, fueling alarm and questions

4/2/17: The New York Times: No License Plates Here: Using Art to Transcend Prison Walls

3/29/17: WitnessLA: State Proposes Rules For Prop. 57 Regarding Good Time Credits and Parole

3/24/17: Santa Cruz Sentinel: Santa Cruz County Probation Department studies recidivism

3/24/17: Los Angeles Times: California lawmakers want to block police from helping federal drug agents take action against marijuana license holders

3/10/17: Alternet: How the Bail System Really Scews You If You Are Poor

3/9/17: Teen Vogue: Fatima Avelica Watched Her Dad Get Arrested by Immigration Officials While Taking Her to School

3/8/17: Los Angeles Times: Assemblyman wants to tax firms that contract with state prisons and use the funds for incarceration-prevention programs

3/8/17: KQED: Trump Wants to Detain More Immigrants. He Could -- With California's Help

3/8/17: All Access: SiriusXM Presents Audio Documentary on Life During And After Prison

3/7/17: KVPR: Is It Time to Scrap California's Cash Bail System?

3/7/17: The Modesto Bee: Gov. Jerry Brown helps dedicate Stanislaus County's jail expansion

3/1/17: Witness LA: Opening Up Paths To Careers For Ex-Inmates And Others With Barriers To Employment

1/25/17: KQED News: Bill Advances Gov. Brown's Plan to Stop Suspending Licenses for Traffic Debt

1/19/17: The San Diego Union-Tribune: California bail system a key focus of criminal justice reform

1/15/17: San Francisco Chronicle: Judge Thelton Henderson ending long career rallying for oppressed

1/12/17: The Sacramento Bee: Invest in prevention and treatment instead of prison expansion

1/4/17: Witness LA: First Ever Sobering Center In Skid Row To Divert Intoxicated Homeless From Jail And The Hospital

12/28/16: The Intercept: California Blames Incarcerated Workers for Unsafe Conditions and Amputations

12/14/16: The Desert Sun: Two years after Prop 47, addicts walk free with nowhere to go

12/4/16: Los Angeles Times: California lawmakers want to reform a bail system they say 'punishes the poor for being poor'

11/22/16: San Francisco Chronicle: Counties need to help parolees access health care

11/10/16: NBC San Diego: Court: California Sentencing Measure Applies to Plea Deals

11/3/16: Los Angeles Times: Why Gov. Jerry Brown is staking so much on overhauling prison parole

10/21/16: ACSOL: CA Sex Offender Management Board Releases New Statistics, Discusses Tiered Registry Bill

10/12/16: The Sacramento Bee: Gov. Jerry Brown contemplates second chances in backing prison-reform measure

10/4/16: The Atlantic: California Extends the Ballot to Jails

9/30/16: Los Angeles Times: Felons in county jails to be allowed to vote in California elections

9/29/16: The California Sunday Magazine: Podcasting From Prison

9/28/16: Good: Wash, Rinse, Redeem. A Look Inside A Beauty School--In A Men's Prison

9/27/16: KALW: Being a father, from inside prison

9/26/16: Fox 2: Special program clears veteran's criminal record

9/13/16: Witness LA: Prop 57 Debate Rising to a Fever Pitch as November Draws Closer

9/12/16: Serving California: 5 Great Job Opportunities For Former Inmates

9/8/16: Capital & Main: Reentry Stage: An Actors' Gang Workshop Helps Prisoners Return to Society

9/1/16: Vice: How California Is Giving People with Criminal Records a Second Chance

8/16/16: The Sacramento Bee: Bill to allow more felons to vote heads to Jerry Brown

8/11/16: Forbes: Los Angeles County Suspended Thousands of Driver's Licenses For People Too Poor To Pay Court Fines

8/10/16: Serving California: 3 Ways TUMI Turns Criminals into Model Citizens

8/8/16: Los Angeles Times: California lawmakers move toward limiting police seizures of property without a criminal conviction

8/4/16: Yes! magazine: Meet the Ex-Inmate Whose Successful Prison Rehab Program Goes Beyond Drug Treatment

8/3/16: Los Angeles Times: Editorial: Vote in jail? Bill increases the heat more than the light

8/2/16: The San Diego Union-Tribune: College receives grant for inmate program

8/1/16: The New York Times: How Zero-Tolerance Policing Pits Poor Against Poor

6/26/16: The New York Times: A Strategy to Build Police-Citizen Trust

6/24/16: Justice Center: Santa Cruz Employers Discuss 'Building Futures' that Involve Hiring People with Criminal Records

6/23/16 The Atlantic: Making It Easier for Former Inmates to Work in L.A.

6/21/16: KQED: Demand Grows for L.A. Group Guiding Women Just Out of Prison

6/20/16: Witness LA: LA County Approves Prop. 47 Outreach

6/21/16: Fusion: How people of color are being targeted for traffic violations--and huge fines--in California

6/16/16: SF State News: SF State to lead effort to expand college access for the incarcerated

6/10/16: Los Angeles Times: Will California stop police from taking people's property without a criminal conviction?

6/10/16: Los Angeles Times: Gov. Brown's parole measure can go on November ballot, state Supreme Court rules

6/9/16: Social Justice Solutions: Light out of Darkness

6/6/16: Los Angeles Times: Updates from Sacramento: Brown's parole measure moves forward as Californians get ready to vote

6/2/16: The Sacramento Bee: Drug crime sentence reduction passes California Senate on second try

5/23/16: The Sacramento Bee: Reject more jail expansion and invest in prevention, re-entry

5/18/16: The Washington Post: Mass release of California prisoners didn't cause rise in crime, two studies find

4/22/16: The Atlantic: A Snapshot of the U.S. Prison's System's Racial Realities

4/20/16: CBS SF Bay Area: Inmates Pitch Business Plans To Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists

4/15/16: East Bay Times: Helping San Quentin inmates navigate life after prison

4/12/16: Los Angeles Times: The downfall of Paul Tanaka and the collapse of the blue wall of silence

4/8/16: The Sacramento Bee: California's crime survivors must speak out for smart justice

4/6/16: KQED: Prop. 47 Supporters Fear Treatment Fund Has Been Shortchanged

4/4/13: Los Angeles Times: Gov. Brown evokes threat of inmate prison release to push for ballot measure on parole

3/24/16: California Reform Sex Offender Laws: Committee to Hear Residency Restrictions Bill on April 19

3/23/16: Reveal: You may be in California's gang database and not even know it

3/17/16: The Washington Post: Releasing low-level offenders did not unleash a crime wave in California

3/16/16: Record Searchlight: Shasta County woman to use grant to help incarcerated American Indians

3/16/16: KPCC: 2 words on a vet's discharge papers can be the difference between hope and homelessness

3/15/16: Los Angeles Times: 58,000 California drivers have traffic fines and court fees cut under amnesty

3/15/16: California Courts Newsroom: Traffic Amnesty Provides Relief to Thousands of Californians

3/15/16: The Women's Foundation of California: Helping Women Defy The Odds

3/10/16: The Sacramento Bee: Is California's bail system 'fair to all?" state chief justice asks

3/10/16: Update: Another Roadblock Cleared for CA Gov. Jerry Brown's Criminal Justice Initiative

3/10/16: Voice of OC: Deadline Looms for Prisoners Freed Under Prop. 47

3/9/16: CA Fwd: Report: New thinking needed to break cycle of incarceration of mentally ill populations

3/9/16: KPCC: Cities Ask Sacramento: Where are the savings from Prop 47?

3/2/16: KALW: Life as a transgender corrections officer at San Quentin

2/29/16: Los Angeles Times: Four prisons in California to get community college programs

2/25/16: NBC Bay Area: Enhancements Leave Thousands of California Inmates with Extraordinarily Long Sentences

2/25/16: Capital Public Radio: Brown's Judicial Appointments Reflect Shift Away Fom Harsh Sentencing Policies

2/24/16: Los Angeles Times: Judge blocks Gov. Brown's parole ballot measure

2/22/16: Daily Journal: California's nonpartisan legislative analyst says state lawmakers should reject Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to give counties another $250 million for jail construction

2/22/16: KQED News: Another California Prison Fails Health Review

2/19/16: KQED: New State Bill Would Open Police Misconduct, Serious Use-of_Force-Files

2/18/16: KPCC: California prison reform didn't cause crime increase, study finds

2/14/16: California Reform Sex Offender Laws: Senator Runner Introduces New Residency Restrictions Bill

2/12/26: The Sacramento Bee: Prosecutors challenge proposed California sentencing changes

2/11/16: The Orange County Register: 4 years, 8,000 inmates later: Prison realignment fears not borne out in O.C.

2/8/16; Washington Post: An unprecedented experiment in mass forgiveness

2/2/16: Voice of OC: Years After Thomas Beating, Fullerton Police Have New Approach to Homeless

1/29/16: Witness LA: Riverside Probation Tackles Recidivism, a Second-Chance Firefighting Program, Mental Health in Schools, and Father Greg's Humanitarian Award

1/27/16: The Los Angeles Times: Gov. Brown to seek November ballot initiative to relax mandatory prison sentences

1/27/16: The Marshall Project: San Quentin Puts on a Happy Face

1/20/16: Pacific Standard: Should Los Angeles County Predict Which Children Will Become Criminals?

1/15/16: Legal Services for Prisoners with Children: Why We're Talking to Uber: Our Need to Work, Feed Our Families, and Speak In Our Own Voices

1/14/16: Angelus: Life after foster care: How young adults are winding up on the streets

1/13/16: National Employment Law Project: On Uber's New Background Check Policy

1/13/16: Fortune: Uber Loosens Background Check Policy For California Drivers

1/12/16: Redding Record Searchlight: STOPP program a step in the right direction

1/3/16: Los Angeles Times: Editorial: Data on officer-involved shootings will finally get compiled under state and federal laws

12/16/15: California Reform Sex Offender Laws: CA State Legislature to Consider Presence Restrictions Bill on Jan. 12

1/2/16: Sacramento Bee: Prop. 47 savings should be part of broader investment in communities

12/30/15: The Los Angeles Times: Crime in Los Angeles rose in all categories in 2015, LAPD says

12/26/15: Los Angeles Times: UC system divests $30 million in prison holdings amid student pressure

12/21/15: Identities.Mic: This Defense in Court Has Saved People 1,862 Years in Prison

12/15/15: Los Angeles Times: LAPD found no bias in all 1,356 complaints filed against officers

12/15: Public Policy Institute of California: Just the Facts: Probation in California

12/14/15: The Sacramento Bee: AP Exclusive: Most sex offender parolees exempt from ban

12/12/15: The Tribune: How SLO County helps low-evel offenders transition back into their lives

12/10/15: Center for American Progress: Removing Barriers to Opportunity for Parents with Criminal Records and Their Children: A Two-Generation Approach

12/2/15: Daily Breeze: Carson backs off 'war' against sex offenders

11/30/15: Vice: What It’s Like to Be a Female Firefighter in California Prison

11/20/15: SF Gate: California’s dilemma: No one will take freed sex offenders

11/16/15: The Sacramento Bee: Sacramento DA releases information on offenders released early

11/11/15: The Marshall Project: What’s In a Date? For registered sex offenders in California, quite a lot

11/4/15: Los Angeles Times: California crime laws are due for an overhaul, Gov. Jerry Brown says

11/2/15: Berkeley News: Touched by Shakespeare in solitary confinement

10/19/15: The Reporter: Inmates cultivate plants, their futures inside new garden

10/17/15: US News & World Report: Federal defendants get chance to avoid prison, turn their lives around in new court programs

10/13/15: Los Angeles Daily News: Prop. 47 isn't the real reason California jails are full: Guest commentary

10/10/15: Inland News Today: Sex offender challenges Murrieta's residency law

10/7/15: Huffpost Politics: New California Law Cracks Down on Cheating Prosecutors

10/4/15: Los Angeles Times: California's racial profiling law is 'terrible' legislation, police officials say

10/15: San Quentin News: GED Preparation Class Transforms Prisoners' Lives

9/25/15: KQED: A Family Strives to Keep Close to a Dad Behind Bars

9/24/15: Huffpost Impact: Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job

9/23/15: East Bay Express: The Push to Imprison California's Low-Level Offenders

9/13/15: San Diego Union Tribune: County, DMV to help inmates to get ID cards 

9/11/15: Napa Valley Register: Supreme Court justice targets court language barriers

9/9/15: San Jose Mercury News: US judge orders California to admit men into rehab program

9/4/15: Los Angeles Times: California agrees to move thousands of inmates out of solitary confinement

9/2/15: AP: California data shows racial disparity in arrests, deaths

9/1/15: Witness LA: Report Recommends Continuing Effective Women's Diversion Court in LA

9/1/15: San Francisco Chronicle: Brutal policy of solitary confinement finally curtailed

8/15/15: California Reform Sex Offender Laws: New CDCR Report Reduceds Rate of Re-Offense to Less than 1 Percent

8/15: Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice: Realignment and Crime in 2014: California's Violent Crime in Decline

New American Media: California Prop 47: True Freedom Is Not Without Conditions

Washington Times: Inspection: Inadequate medical care at California prison

The Atlantic: Future Jails May Look and Function More Like Colleges

ABC News: "Hangover" Producer Turned Prison Mentor Offers California Inmates New Hope

CNN: She helps San Quentin inmates be 'better people'

The Sacramento Bee: If Prop. 47 stalls, women of color will be hurt most

Public Policy Institute of California: Pretrial Detention and Jail Capacity in California

KALW Radio: When parents are in prison, kids pay the price

Capital Public Radio: No Fire Fighter Shortage Despite State's Shrinking Prison Population

Los Angeles Daily News: California's bail problem destroying lives: Guest commentary

San Francisco Chronicle: Voting rights intact for lower-level California felons

89.3 KPCC: First Person: Brenda Evans helps ex-cons find jobs

Stanford Criminal Justice Center: Stuck in the '70s: The Demographics of California Prosecutors

California Health Report: Community Colleges Coming Live to California Prisons

KQED:California Begins to Regain Control of Prison Healthcare

Los Angeles Times: State Prisons are Relying Less On Solitary Confinement as Punishment  

SFGATE: Violent Crime Drops Again in Californi

KTVA Alaska: First federal Reentry Program Underway in Alaska

Orange County Register: Advocacy groups criticize $500 million in local jail funding

Council of State Governments: How Justice Reinvestment States are Improving the Quality of Risk Assessment

Imperial Valley News: CDCR Announces Recipients of $2.5 Million in Grants for Innovative Programs

Public Policy Institute of California: Realignment, Incarceration, and Crime Trends in California

The Crime Report: You Can't Live Here

takepart: How Three States Are Beating the Prison Population Boom

Public Policy Institute of California: Alternatives to Incarceration in California

Urban Institute: The Justice Reinvestment Initiative-Thinking Local for State Justice Reinvestment 

Wellesley Centers for Women: Moving Beyond Incarceration for Women in Massachusetts: The Necessity of Bail/Pretrial Reform Embracing Life Outside Prison