Get Involved

Click here to see the Reentry Council meeting calendar. The Reentry Council encourages all those who are interested in supporting individuals who are returning from incarceration to get involved. Reentry means something different for everyone, and there are many ways you can be a part of and support this journey. The Reentry Council is committed to providing a platform for community building. We welcome all to attend Reentry Council meetings and participate in its subcommittees. All meetings are open to the public. 

Public Comment

Click here to see the Reentry Council meeting calendar. At each Reentry Council meeting, time is built into the meeting’s agenda for public comment. This is a space for you to tell the Council how San Francisco can better support reentry. If you are not able to attend a meeting in person but would like to give written public comment, please contact Victoria Westbrook ( Your voice matters- use it! 


Reentry Council Seat Appointments

The Reentry Council is made up of a diverse range of stakeholders; including 7 appointed council seats for formerly incarcerated individuals.  Their experience and commitment informs the Council in policy making.  If you are formally incarcerated, there are opportunities for you to become a member of the Reentry Council. To learn more about becoming an appointed member of the Reentry Council, please contact Victoria Westbrook (



Click here to learn about subcommittees and to see a calendar of subcommittee meetings. The Reentry Council‘s subcommittee meetings offer the opportunity to learn more about the reentry process, dig into issue areas, and develop initiatives. Ideas and recommendations generated in the subcommittees are brought before the full Reentry Council for consideration. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in subcommittee meetings, with annual membership review. Contact Victoria Westbrook ( for more information. 


Events Calendar

Click here to see the Reentry Council's Events Calendar. As part of our commitment to fostering community, The Reentry Council’s Events Calendar contains information on reentry related events around the Bay Area. We encourage you to check it out, get involved, and share with your networks. If you would like to post an event on the Reentry Council’s website please contact Victoria Westbrook (