National/International Reentry News

11/14/17: The Crime Report: Fewer Prisoners, Less Crime? The Elusive Promise of Algorithms

11/8/17: Senators Push to Defund Jeff Sessions' Civil Asset Forfeiture Expansion

11/8/17: Time: Private Prisons Lock Up Thousands Of Americans With Almost No Oversight

11/8/17: Huffpost: In Virginia, Ex-Felons Voted For The First Time After Regaining Their Rights

11/6/17: Prison Legal News: CoreCivic's Announcement to Reduce Recidivism Criticized as PR Ploy

11/6/17: Boston Globe: From heroin addict to helping people get clean

11/6/17: Splinter: How Prisoners on the Verge of Freedom Are Getting Screwed by the Feds

11/2/17: The Crime Report: Redemption at the Gym: A Muscular Approach to Prisoner Reentry

11/1/17: The Crime Report: U.S. Gets 'Abysmal' Grade on Pretrial Justice

11/1/17: Scarlet-Letter Passports Are Unjust and Irrational

November/December 2017: Mother Jones: Giving Felons a Second Chance Isn't Just the Right Thing to Do: It also saves money

10/31/17: Witness LA: Study Shows "Significant" Racial Disparities In Plea Deals

10/31/17: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Analysis: History suggests that the deadly opioid epidemic shares chilling similarities with the past

10/30/17: The Crime Report: A Call For A New 'Public Agenda' on Criminal Justice

10/26/17: The Root: We Told Y'all: New Study Reveals How Every Phase of Criminal-Justice System Favors Whites

10/26/17: The Marshall Project: After 20 Years, Still Haunted by a Drug Conviction

10/25/17: The Chronicle of Higher Education: Higher Ed's Message to Ex-Felons: No Second Chances

10/25/17: The Marshall Project: Debating Risk-Assessment Tools

10/24/17: Boston Review: The Untold Story of Mass Incarceration

10/23/17: The Week: How American women are left to rot in jail

10:23:17: The Marshall Project: When Race Tips the Scales in Plea Bargaining

10/22/17: The Marshall Project: In Defense of Risk-Assessment Tools

10/19/17: The Nation: America Is Waking Up to the Injustice of Cash Bail

10/19/17: Prison Policy Initiative: Women's Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2017

10/17/17: The Marshall Project: Federal Prisons Don't Even Try to Rehabilitate the Undocumented

10/17/17: Harvard Law Review Blog: Costs of money bail to justice

10/15/17: 60 Minutes: Meet a Convicted Felon Who Became a Georgetown Law Professor

10/13/17: The Crime Report: Why Community Corrections Systems Fail

10/13/17: Teen Vogue: What It's Like to Have an Incarcerated Parent

10/13/17: The Nation: After Harvey, Texas Inmates Were Left in Flooeded Prisons Without Adequate Water or Food

10/11/17: Bloomberg: The Bicycle Maker That's Creating Good Jobs for Ex-Cons

10/11/17: The Marshall Project: Building Toward a Future: The unique prison re-entry plan conceived by -- and for -- women

10/11/17: Teen Vogue: These Formerly Incarcerated Women Are Trying to Change the Prison System

10/10/17: United States Representative Ted Lieu: Reps Lieu and Curbelo Lead Bipartisan Effort to Curb Costly and Unfair Bail Systems

10/10/17: The Crime Report: Returning Inmates Need "A Place to Call Home:" Study

10/10/17: The Marshall Project/Teen Vogue: What Is Prison Like for Women and Girls?

10/9/17: The Crime Report: Six Decades of Felonies in America

10/6/17: The Crime Report: Medicaid Expansion Tied to Reduction in Crime

10/5/17: Grits for Breakfast: Turns out drug war did contribute significantly to mass incarceration

10/4/17: Reveal: All Work. No Pay. They thought they were going to rehab. They ended up in chicken plants

10/4/17: The Crime Report: Byrne Grants Did Not Improve Police Effectiveness: Study

10/3/17: Pretrial Justice Institute: On the Long History of Bail

10/3/17: Wired: Inmates Need Social Media. Take It From a Former Prisoner

10/3/17: The Crime Report: In Natural Disasters, Are Inmates Expendable?

10/1/17: USA Today: Exploring recidivism in America

9/30/17: Washington Post: What protesting NFL players like me want to do next

9/27/17: Brennan Center for Justice: New House Bill Creates Incentives to Reduce Crime, Incarceration at Same Time

9/26/17: Essence: How Black Women Are Leading The Way On Bail Reform

9/22/17: Street Roots News: Children of imprisoned parents get Oregon bill of rights

9/21/17: The Marshall Project: Making Sense of Senseless Violence

9/20/17: The Nation: The Economic Costs of Domestic Violence

9/19/17: The Harvard Crimon: We Are Educators, Not Prosecutors

9/19/17: The Hill: Senators to reintroduce bipartisan criminal justice bill

9/17/17: The Marshall Project: Shawna: A Life on the Sex Offender Registry

9/15/17: Newsweek: In a First for the Nation, Portland Police End Gang List to Improve Relations with Blacks and Latinos

9/15/17: Witness LA: House Slams U.S. Attorney General on Civil Asset Forfeiture

9/15/17: The Crime Report: Can Alternatives to Money Bail Work?

9/15/17: Politico: Judge blocks Justice Department move against sanctuary cities

9/13/17: The Washington Post: Kushner to gather bipartisan group to come up with ideas for federal prisons

9/13/17: CNN: The one group we anandoned during the hurricanes

9/13/17: CNN: Sen. Booker on the necessity of the Dignity Act

9/12/17: The New York Times: When Junk Science About Sex Offenders Infects the Supreme Court

9/11/17: The Crime Report: Setting the Stage For Criminal Justice Reform

9/8/17: Oregon Live: Portland police to halt, purge all gang designations

9/6/17: Colorlines: Inside the Movement to Free People Who Are Only in Jail Because They Can't Afford Bail

9/5/17: The Crime Report: Cops and the Mentally Ill: Finding a New Approach

9/17: The Atlantic: Innocence is Irrelevant: This is the age of the plea bargain--and millions of Americans are suffering the consequences

8/31/17: The Crime Report: Risk Assessment: The Devil's in the Details

8/31/17: The Federalist: Drug War: Sorry, Jeff Sessions, But We're Just Not Experiencing A Violent Crime Wave

8/29/17: Witness LA: Report: How To Slash U.S. Probation Rolls by 50% Within 10 Years

8/28/17: The Marshall Project: When Less is More: How putting fewer people on probation and parole can reduce prison populations, save money and keep us safer

8/25/17: USA Today: America must do more to help familiy members of incarcerated

8/23/17: Bloomberg BNA: Tech Industry Could Aid Successful Prisoner Reentry

8/22/17: NBC News: Post Bail

8/22/17: Pew Charitable Trusts: 'Ban the Box' Laws May Be Harming Young Black Men Seeking Jobs

8/16/17: Reuters: Special probation for prisoners with mental illness cuts recidivism

8/15/17: Stanford Social Innovation Review: Cash for Leaving Prison: A New Solution to Recidivism?

8/17: Jacobin: How to End Mass Incarceration

8/17: Institute for Justice: Civil Forfeiture Reforms on the State-Level

8/15/17: Marketplace: Is it ever OK to ask children to translate for their parents in emergency situations?

8/15/16: The Crime Report: Report Urges Police Transparency on Forfeiture Funds

8/14/17: The Crime Report: Governors Face Up to Criminal Justice Reform

8/11/17: The New York Times: Trump Wants to Get Tough on Crime. Victims Don't Agree.

8/10/17: The Hill: Criminal justice reform starts with the prosecutor

8/10/17: The Atlantic: When Prisoners Are a 'Revenue Opportunity'

8/9/17: Brennan Center for Justice: What Ever Happened to Mass Incarceration Reform?

8/9/17: Pretrial Justice Institute: (Evidence-based, Actuarial Pretrial) Risk Assessment

8/7/17: Baltimore Magazine: Justice for All

8/3/17: Longreads: The War on Drugs Is a War on Women of Color

8/2/17: The Detroit News: Half of Detroit's 8 mayoral candidates are felons

8/2/17: AP: Teen criminals savor freedom as parole ends life sentences

7/25/17: The Crime Report: Life After Prison: The Invisible Barrier Can't Be Wished Away

7/20/17: San Francisco Chronicle: To be more just, communities must rethink parole and probation

7/20/17: The Crime Report: Want to Shrink Our Prisons? Fix Probation and Parole

7/20/17: The New York Times: Kamala Harris and Rand Paul: To Shrink Jails, Let's Reform Bail

7/19/17: motto: Jails Weren't Built for Women. Inmate Advocates Say That's a Big Problem

7/19/17: Vogue: In Washington, New Hope for Fixing America's Female Incarceration Problem

7/18/17: Mother Jones: Kamala Harris Went to Prison So Others Won't Have To

7/18/17: The Crime Report: Building Trust in Police: What Really Works?

7/17/17: Brennan Center for Justice: The Hidden Bearers of Mass Incarceration: Women

7/17/17: The Crime Report: The Nearly Perfect Recidivism Machine

7/16/17: The New York Times: She's His Rock. His Parole Officer Won't Let Him See Her.

7/15/17: EJI: New Bill Would Provide for Basic Human Needs of Incarcerated Women

7/13/17: Open Society Foundations: It's Time to Overhaul America's Broken Probation and Parole Systems

7/10/17: The Marshall Project: To Be Good Employees, the Formerly Incarcerated Must First Become Bosses

7/9/17: Huffpost: The Essential Role of Medicaid and Criminal Justice

7/7/17: ProPublica: ICE Officers Told to Take Action Against All Undocumented Immigrants Encountered While on Duty

7/4/17: Trib Live: Pennsylvania legislators mull contractor fee to help children of inmates

6/28/17: Brennan Center for Justice: Less Crime, Fewer Prisoners -- New Senate Bill Creates Incentives to Reduce Mass Incarceration

6/27/17: The Atlantic: The Lifelong Learning of Lifelong Inmates

6/26/17: Witness LA: What Is Causing The Mental Health Crisis Among Women In The Nation's Jails And Prisons?

6/23/17: Eater: Restaurants Can Be a Lifeline for the Formerly Incarcerated--and Vice Versa

6/22/17: The Marshall Project: The Mental Health Crisis Facing Women in Prison

6/21/17: The Marshall Project: A Federal Court Asks Jurors to Confront Their Hidden Biases

6/20/17: The Crime Report: Higher Imprisonment Rates Don't Curb Drug Abuse: Study

6/19/17: USA Today: When twisted justice stops prisoners from starting over

6/16/17: Time: Jay Z: For Father's Day, I'm Taking on the Exploitative Bail Industry

6/16/17: The New York Times: Addicts Need Help. Jails Could Have the Answer.

6/15/17: The Crime Report: Dear Dad: 'Why Weren't You There?'

6/15/17: Argus Leader: From prison to parenthood: One man's launch back into life

6/13/17: The New York Times: When a Computer Program Keeps You in Jail

5/31/17: Reveal: Private diversion programs are failing those who need help the most

5/30/17: Social Justice Solutions: Innovative Ways to Reduce Recidivism in Our Prisons

5/23/17: Wired: Zuckerberg-Backed Data Trove Exposes the Injustices of Criminal Justice

5/5/17: The New York Times: Locked Up for Being Poor

5/3/17: Justice Center: Congressional Leaders Agree on Bill Funding Key Justice Programs

5/1/17: The New York Times: Sent to Prison by a Software Program's Secret Algorithms

4/28/17: Refinery 29: My Father Spent 30 Years In Prison. Now He's Out.

4/26/17: The Pew Charitable Trusts: Doing Less Time: Some States Cut Back on Probation

4/24/17: The Washington Post: We're jailing way more people who've been convicted of exactly nothing

4/21/17: The New York Times: Spend a Dollar on Drug Treatment, and Save More on Crime Reduction

4/21/17: USA Today: The price of justice doesn't cover the bills: Column

4/20/17: The Guardian: Behind bars, beyond means: the crusing expense of loving someone in prison

4/18/17: The New York Times: States Can't Keep Criminal Fines of Exonerated, Supreme Court Rules

4/17/17: The Weekly Standard: Ex-Offenders Need Jobs, Not Handouts. But There Are Too Many Regulatory Barriers.

4/13/17: Prison Pollicy Initiative Updates: How much to incarcerated people earn in each state?

4/11/17: The New York Times: 'Locking Up Our Own,' What Led to Mass Incarceration of Black Men

4/7/17: Stateline: Getting the Mentally Ill Out of Jails

4/6/17: Drug Policy Alliance News: U.S. Representative Beto O'Rourke Leads Bipartisan Bill that Repeals Federal Transportation Law Requiring States to Suspend Driver's Licenses for Drug Offenses

4/3/17: WitnessLA: Does Race Affect Plea Bargaining? A New Study Says YES

3/31/17: The Washington Post: How white America has created a colony of incarceration for people of color

3/28/17: LA Weekly: In Tijuana, the Recently Deported Are Trapped in Purgatory

3/27/17: NPR: College Classes In Maximum Security: "It Gives You Meaning'

3/17: ExconVersations with Taymullah Abdur-Rahman: A podcast about redemption

3/27/17: CBS News: Jeff Sessions calls on sanctuary cities to "enforce our immigration laws"

3/24/17: The Washington Post: Blame game: Trump casts immigrants as dangerous criminals, but the evidence shows otherwise

3/24/17: .mic: Formerly incarcerated artists can now apply to win a $20K arts fellowship

3/23/17: Los Angeles Times: 34 cities and counties urge a federal judge to block Trump's 'sanctuary cities' executive order

3/21/17: First ICE Report on Police Who Won't Detain Immigrants Shows How Small the Problem Is

3/20/17: Pacific Standard: What's Propelling Second-Chance Legislation Across America?

3/17/17: Carceral Complex: Beyond the Bars: Arts and Humanities Education in Prison

3/17/17: Boston Review: How Immigrants Became Criminals

3/17/17: The Crime Report: Women Shortchanged by Justice Reforms: Report

3/16/17: Vice News: Abortion behind bars: Terminating a pregnancy in prison can be next to impossible

3/9/17: Boston Review: Who Do Sanctuary Cities Protect?

3/8/17: witnessLA: Report Shows Disproportionate Number of Black Defendants Are Wrongfully Convicted

3/8/17: The Washington Post: Senators seek to reform justice system nationwide by launching national Criminal Justice Commission

3/6/17: Vox: A very conservative Supreme Court justice seems ready to stop police from taking your stuff

3/6/17: Pacific Standard: Public Crime Registries Rarely Work, So Why Do They Continue to Grow?

3/6/17: The New York Times: Did the Supreme Court Base a Ruling on a Myth?

3/3/17: Prison Policy Initiative: Food for thought: Prison food is a public health problem

3/1/17: Stateline: Locked Up: Is Cash Bail on the Way Out?

2/27/17: The New York Times: Mental Illness, Untreated Behind Bars

2/24/17: The New York Times: Under Mr. Trump, Private Prisons Thrive Again

2/23/17: The New York Review of Books: Scholars Behind Bars

2/22/17: The Nation: This Building Was Once a Notorious Women's Prison. Now It's Becoming a Center for Feminist Organizing.

2/21/17: USA Today: Suspending driver's licenses creates a vicious cycle: Column

2/21/17: Mother Jones: The Private Prison Industry Is Licking Its Chops Over Trump's Deportation Plans

2/6/17: The Crime Report: How 'Collateral Consequences' Complicate Life After Prison

2/5/17: Mother Jones: Go to Jail. Die from Drug Withdrawal. Welcome to the Criminal Justice System.

1/27/17: The Outline: Why We Exclude Prisoners from the Unemployment Rate

1/25/17: The Week: The plunder of the American prison system

1/23/17: The Washington Post: Successful basketball coach with 15-year-old drug conviction challenges NCAA's 'No felons' rule

1/18/17: The Huffington Post: Notorious New York Prison Is Reclaimed By The Women It Once Caged

1/10/17: The Huffington Post: Bail System Overdue for an Overhaul in America

1/9/17: Fast Company: What's Next for American Prisons And Criminal Justice Reform?

1/4/17: USA Today: Keep private industry out of risoner reform: Column

12/30/16: Pro Publica: Bias in Criminal Risk Scores Is Mathematically Inevitable, Researchers Say

12/30/16: Prison Policy Initiative: Another century of mass incarceration?

12/21/16: Talk Poverty: The Obama Legacy: Chipping Away at Mass Incarceration

12/20/16: The Marshall Project: Child Support Relief Coming for Incarcerated Parents

12/15/16: Times Record News: Study: Latinos are under-counted in criminal justice system

12/12/16: The New York Times: The Prosecutor's Deal, the Defendant's Dilemma

12/12/16: The New York Times: After a Crime, the Price of a Second Chance

12/16: NY Magazine: When Ex-cons Change Their Vocabulary, They Stay Out of Jail

12/9/16: The New York Times: Four Violent Crimes: You Decide the Sentence

12/6/16: The Crime Report: The 'Startling' Link Between Low Interest Rates and Low Crime

12/5/16: New York Daily News: Young casualties of our war on crime: How Trump & Sessions' approach to incarceration will hurt the children of inmates

12/5/16: Two Federal Courts Call BS on Banning Sex Offenders from 'Child Safety Zones'

11/30/16: The Washington Post: The Justice Department just unveiled new prison reforms. But the Trump administration might scrap them.

11/29/16: BloombergBusinessweek: An Incubator for (Former) Drug Dealers

11/25/16: The New York Times: Mothers in Prison

11/25/16: The New York Times: For Women, a Cheaper, Better Alternative to Prison

11/20/16: From Princeton to prison, in this jailhouse classroom everyone learns

11/17/16: U.S. Department of Education: Citing Prison Inmate Literacy Study, King Calls for More High-Quality Education Programs in Correctional Facilities

11/14/16: The Atlantic: When a Sibling Goes to Prison

11/13/16: The Washington Post: As a sheriff, I know that jail is not always the answer

11/16: Politico Magazine: What It's Like to Vote After Prison

11/4/16: Ars Technica: Court blocks FCC attempt to cap prison phone rates

10/10/16: Slate: Extended Sentence

10/9/16: Tech.Mic: (Exclusive) Crime-prediction tool PredPol amplifies racially biased policing, study shows

10/6/16: Slate: New Slaves

10/6/16: The New York Times: Why 10% of Florida Adults Can't Vote: How Felony Convictions Affect Access to the Ballot

10/5/16: The Hill: The rich bail out and the poor get prison

10/5/16: The Marshall Project: Making the Case Against Banishing Sex Offenders

10/4/16: Counterpunch: None Dare Call It Justice: Eighteen Examples of Racism in Criminal Legal System

10/2/16: The Marshall Project: How Can a Criminal Record Haunt You for the Rest of Your Life?

9/29/16: The New York Times: A Virtual Visit to a Relative in Jail

9/28/16: The Washington Post: A former criminal turned his life around and now takes incredible photos

9/27/16: The New York Times: The Exoneree Band Is Free to Rock, and Rightly So

9/26/16: Slate: The Trailer for Ava DuVernay's Netflix Documentary Promises a Damning Look at Mass Incarceration

9/26/16: The Nation: These Women Are Demanding a Voice in the Criminal Justice Conversation

9/23/16: The Hill: Some congressional failures are successes in disguise

9/22/16: Pacific Standard: The Worst Place to Die

9/21/16: The Crime Report: Finding Common Cause: Victims and the Movement to Reduce Incarceration

9/16: Takepart: Violence and Redemption: The only way to tackle mass incarceration is to address the issue of those convicted of violent offenses

9/16/16: The New York Times: Why the Senate Couldn't Pass a Crime Bill Both Parties Backed

9/16: Takepart: Rehabilitating Violent Offenders Is Possible. Why Aren't We Doing It?

9/2/16: The New York Times: This small Inidiana county sends more people to prison than San Francisco and Durham, N.D., combined. Why?

8/31/16: McClatchy: This may be one reason so many federal prisoners end up back in jail

8/30/16: The Huffington Post: Crime Survivors Are Organizing. They Want Criminal Justice Reform, Too.

8/29/16: The New Yorker: Learning From the Slaughter in Attica

8/23/16: The Marshall Project: Bail Reformers Aren't Waiting for Bail Reform

8/23/16: The Nation: Private Prison Companies Are Embracing Alternatives to Incarceration

8/23/16: Moyers & Company: What You Need to Know About the Private Prison Phase-Out

8/22/16: The Nation: Why Are There So Many Women in Jail?

8/19/16: The Huffington Post: Obama Justice Department Joins the Fight Against America's Bail Industry

8/18/16: The Marshall Project: Crime in Context

8/18/16: Bloomberg: Private Prison Stocks Sink After U.S. Signals the End

8/17/16: the guardian: Never mind a second chance. Our incarcerated women need a first one

8/17/16: The New York Times: Number of Women in Jail Has Grown Far Faster Than That of Men, Study Says

8/16/16: The Washington Post: Black incarceration hasn't been this low in a generation

8/16/16: The Verge: Criminal Charges: Prison Phones are a predatory monopoly. One family fought back--and won.

8/1/16: The New Yorker: The Link Between Money and Aggressive Policing

8/11/16: The New York Times: Eric Holder: We Can Have Shorter Sentences and Less Crime

8/11/16: The Atlantic: The Elusiveness of an Official ID After Prison

8/10/16: The New York Times: Here's How Racial Bias Plays Out in Policing

8/9/16: The Crime Report: 'The Worst Way to Address Mental Illness'

8/5/16: Vox: The tyranny of a traffic ticket

8/4/16: National Geographic: Aging Inmates: Photographer Shines Light on Loneliness and Isolation

8/2/16: The New York Times: Barriers to Reforming Police Practices

7/31/16: Boston Globe: Robert Spangenberg, 83; founded Boston Legal Assistance Project

7/30/16: The New York Times: Punishment That Doesn't Fit the Crime

7/25/16: The Hill: Marking kids for life on sex offender registries

7/22/16: the guardian: Want police reform? Charge rich people more for speeding tickets

7/21/16: Pacific Standard: How Prisons Overtook Schools as the Foremost American Institutions

7/20/16: The Atlantic: Can Training Programs Help Improve Police-Community Relations?

7/19/16: Pretrial Justice Institute: Pretrial Supervision, Like Detention, Should Be Carefully Limited

7/18/16: Bloomberg Law: A Defender Office for Suppreme Court Advocacy?

7/18/16; The Atlantic: Mass Incarceration Is Making Infectious Diseases Worse

7/15/16: The New York Times: The Wrong Way to Count Prisoners

7/13/16: The New York Times: Senate Approves Bill to Combat Opioid Addiction Crisis

7/12/16: The Huffington Post: How We Fund Our Criminal Justice System

7/11/16: Talk Poverty: The Next Step for Organized Labor? People in Prison

7/8/16: The Washington Post: One year out

7/8/16: The Atlantic: Is America Repeating the Mistakes of 1968?

7/7/16: Vera Institute of Justice: The importance of education for incarcerated women

7/6/16: KQED News: How Mass Incarceration Shapes the Lives of Black Women

7/1/16: Identities.Mic: 15 Things Your City Can Do Right Now to End Police Brutality

6/30/16: The Atlantic: The White House Has a New Data-Driven Criminal-Justice Project

6/27/16: Justice Center: SCA Grantee Discovers New Way of Policing by Asking Women Involved with the Justice System 'What If?'

6/25/16: The New York Times: In Search of the Felon-Friendly Workplace

6/16: Politico Magazine: Why Prisoners Deserve the Right to Vote

6/22/16: PJI Pretrial Justice Institute: Let Unconvicted Men Be Fathers

6/21/16: The New York Times: A Home After Prison

6/21/16: Unfounded Fears of Pedophile Rings, Stranger Danger, and Satanists

6/16/16: Prison Policy Initiative: States of Incarceration: The Global Context 2016

6/2/16: The Atlantic: How Prison Debt Ensares Offenders

6/1/16: The New York Times: Rich Defendants' Request to Judges: Lock Me Up in a Gilded Cage

5/31/16: Justice Center: Risk and Needs Assessment and Race in the Criminal Justice System

5/27/16: The New York Times: 'From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime,' by Elizabeth Hinton

5/26/16: The New York Review of Books: Our Awful Prisons: How They Can Be Changed

5/24/16: The Establishment: Inside The Fight To Protect Face-To-Face Visitation For Prisoners

5/24/16: Pew Charitable Trusts: Having a Parent Behind Bars Costs Children, States

5/24/16: The Marshall Project: For Some Prisoners, Finishing Their Sentences Doesn't Mean They Get Out

5/23/16: Prison Policy Initiative: Have we gone too far myth busting criminal justice reform? Drug policy is still important

5/23/16: ProPublica: Machine Bias: There's software used across the country to predict future criminals. And it's biased against blacks.

5/18/16: The Washington Post: The myth that fewer people are going to prison

5/16/16: Bloomberg: Get Out of Jail, Now Pay Up: Your Fines Are Waiting

5/16/16: The Week: The grotesque criminalization of poverty in America

5/16/16: The Daily Signal: Is It Time for Criminal Justice Reform? 2 Law Enforcement Groups Are at Odds

5/13/16: Huffpost Politics: Why We Can't Afford to Wait for Federal Sentencing Reform

5/12/16: The Influence: The New York Times' Coverage of Prince's Death Feeds Our Opioid Myth

5/12/16: Roll Call: Sentencing Reform' is Seriously Stuck

5/16: The Verge: Criminal Charges: Prison phones are a predatory monopoly. One family fought back--and won.

5/11/16: Urban Institute: Banning the box might increase racial dicrimination

5/10/16: The National Book Review: Review: Was 1960's Liberalism the Cause of Today's Overincarceration Crisis?

5/10/16: Fortune Society: Ban the Box: Does it work?

5/9/16: The New Yorker: The Rehabilitation Paradox

5/9/16: The New York Times: How to Keep the Mentally Ill From Getting Behind Bars

5/9/16: The New York Times: U.S. Urges Colleges to Rethink Questions About Criminal Records

5/8/16: Simple Justice: Person Who Was Convicted Of A Felony (Formerly Known As Felon)

5/8/16: The Daily Beast: Why Drug Rehab Is Outdated, Expensive, and Deadly

5/8/16: The Washington Post: How videos of police shooting unarmed black men changes those who watch them

5/7/16: The New York Times: Labels Like 'Felon' Are an Unfair Life Sentence

5/6/16: The Pew Charitable Trusts: Despite Concerns, Sex Offenders Face New Restrictions

5/5/16: Los Angeles Times: 'You Want a Description of Hell?' Oxycontin's 12-Hour Problem

5/5/16: Rolling Stone: Why America Can't Quit the Drug War

5/5/16: The New York Times Magazine: Should Prostitution Be a Crime?

5/4/16: The Washington Post: Guest Post: Justice Dept. agency to alter its terminology for released convicts, to ease reentry

5/16: Jacobin: What It Means to Believe Prisoners

5/2/16: The Marshall Project: Do Public Defenders Spend Less Time on Black Clients?

4/16: Slate: America's Cash Bail System Is a Disgrace

4/28/16: The Atlantic: What Can the U.S. Do About Mass Incarceration?

4/28/16: Buzz Feed News: White House Moves To "Ban The Box" For Many Federal Job Seekers

4/27/16: The Marshall Project: The Other F-word: What we call the imprisoned matters

4/27/16: Justice Center: Conservatives, White House Agree: U.S. Criminal Justice System Does Not Pay Off

4/27/16: Justice Center: U.S. Attorney General Lynch Emphasizes Access to IDs for People Leaving Prisons in #Reentry Week Announcement

4/26/16: The Crime Report: Finding The Way Home: The Challenge of Reentry

4/26/16: Pretrial Justice Institute: To Better Address Reentry, Restrict Entry

4/25/16: Cato Institute: Economic Perspectives on the Criminal Justice System

4/25/16: The Christian Science Monitor: Parents in prison: How to help US children?

4/25/16: Philadelphia Inquirer: US to states: Make it easier for ex-prisoners to obtain IDs

4/25/16: The Washington Post: Obama's advisers just revealed an unconventional solution to mass incarceration

4/23/16: CBS News: Obama previews new criminal justice reforms on prisoner re-entry

4/22/16: NPR: Do Felons Make Good Employees?

4/21/16: The Crime Report: Adovcates and Police Say Children Witnessing a Parent's Arrest Need 'Empathy'

4/21/16: The New York Times: Why Mass Incarceration Doesn't Pay

4/20/16: The Guardian: Prison visits helped prepare me for life after release. Why are they under threat?

4/19/16: New Republic: Bedtime Stories About Jail

4/19/16: The Crime Report: A Summit On The Mentally Ill in U.S. Jails

4/19/16: The Crime Report: Law Enforcement, Drugs and the 'Public Health' Approach

4/18/16: New Republic: Another Clinton-Era Law that Needs to Be Repealed

4/13/16: The New York Times: Ban the Box Keeps Families and Community Together

4/13/16: Vice: Why Sex Criminals Get Locked Up Forever

4/12/16: NBC News: Starbucks, Google, Others Sign on to Obama Job Effort for Ex-Inmates

4/12/16: Cato Institute: Merle Haggard Could So Easily Have Died in San Quentin

4/12/16: The Atlantic: The Dangerous Domino Effect of Not Making Bail

4/12/16: The New York Times: Debate Over Prison Population Turns to the States

4/11/16: Vox: The real reason mass incarceration happened

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