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The Veterans Affairs Commission was authorized by City administrative code 449-82, on September 16 , 1982.


Hold hearings and submit recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor regarding the problems, interest and needs of veterans.

Make recommendations to the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors concerning the coordination of economic development healthcare and social services programs as they relate to veterans who are residents of the City and county of San Francisco.


City Charter dictates that there be 17 Veterans Affairs Commissioners; twelve of whom are appointed by the Board of Supervisors (BoS), and five appointed by the Mayor.

A minimum of three appointees must be female veterans; two BoS appointees, and one Mayoral appointee.

A minimum of two appointees must be veterans who have a Veterans Administration recognized disability, arising from their military service; one BoS appointee; one Mayoral.

The Commission is currently in compliance with such special designation appointments.


Executive Board: Appointment Data

Dwane Kennedy, Commission President

David Chasteen, Commission Vice-President

Tristan Wyatt, Commission Secretary

MAYORAL (expires: 1/31/19)

BOS Seat #4 (expires: 1/31/19)

MAYORAL (expires: 1/31/19)

Sitting Commissioners:

Victor Olivieri

Kelsey L. Campbell

William Barnickel

Deborah Dacumos

Kimberly Flaherty

Kevin Miller

Stephen S. Noetzel

Scott Joiner

Jeff Marshall

Ann Weeby

Raymond Wong

BOS Seat #1 (of 12) , (expires: 1/31/19)

BOS Seat #2 (of 12), (expires: 1/31/21)

BOS Seat #3 (of 12), (expires: 1/31/20)

BOS Seat #5 (of 12) , (expires: 1/31/18)

BOS Seat #6 (of 12) , (expires: 1/31/20)

BOS Seat #7 (of 12), (expires: 1/31/19)

BOS Seat #8 (of 12), (expires: 1/31/19)

BOS Seat #11 (of 12), (expires: 1/31/19)

MAYORAL (expires: 1/31/15)

MAYORAL (expires: 1/31/19)

MAYORAL (expires: 1/31/15)


BOS Seat #10 (expires: 1/31/22) 

BOS Seat #12  (expires: 1/31/21)

Below is a standard Commissioner Application form. Applicants must be veterans of US military Service, and residents of San Francisco. Further information on Term Expiration Dates for current Commissioners is available from the CENTRALIZED COMMISSION, TASK FORCE, COMMITTEE DATABASE which is maintained within the ‘311’ system. To access this information, click on the ‘311’ icon (at left) and follow prompts.-->

Veterans Affairs Commissioner Application Form