Civic Design Review Committee - February 13, 2017 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
February 13, 2017 - 3:00pm
401 Van Ness, Suite 125
san francisco, CA 94102


Monday, February 13, 2017
3:00 p.m.
401 Van Ness Avenue, Room 125




Committee Chair Kimberlee Stryker called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

  1. Roll Call
    Commissioners Present
    Kimberlee Stryker, Chair
    Dorka Keehn
    Abby Sadin Schnair
    Lydia So

    Commissioners Absent
    Paul Woolford

    Staff Present
    Jill Manton, Director, Public Art Trust and Special Initiatives
    Aleta Lee, Program Associate, Public Art Trust and Special Initiatives
  2. Public Comment
    There was no public comment.
  3. Consent Calendar

    A. Motion to approve the Jerry Garcia Plaque #2 for installation at 5099 Mission Street.

    B. Motion to approve Phase #3 of the SFO Ground Transportation Unit Relocation Project.

    C. Motion to approve post-Phase #3 of the SFO Ground Transportation Unit Relocation Project: Fuel Station/ Vehicle Wash.
  4. Garfield Pool & Clubhouse Project: Conceptual Review
    Paulett Taggart, Project Designer, TEF/Paulett Taggart Joint Venture
    Toks Ajike, Project Manager, SF Rec & Park
    Lizzy Hirsch, Landscape Architect, Public Works

    The design team presented the existing site plan, current views and elevations of the building, and design inspirations for the clubhouse. They went on to discuss their community engagement, meeting with several neighborhood groups to solicit feedback, including Latino Cultural District, Bernal Dwellings, Precita Eyes, Mission Education Project, and more. From there the team described the evolution of their design process, sharing the conceptual goals of 1) creating one unified center for the different buildings, 2) giving the building identity/ visibility, and 3) developing a connecting courtyard space. Lastly, the team provided a proposed site plan and floor plan, explaining the program of the building. They also expressed that the current murals would be retained and restored by Precita Eyes.  

    The Committee expressed their excitement for the renovation and hoped that the new design would consider the welcoming nature, yet safety of the developed space. They suggested investigating the landscaping and expanding the hardscape to make for more open and safe areas. They also expressed concern on the shadow and glare within the building, specifically the natatorium, stressing the user’s comfort within the building. The team was interested in seeing the actual massing of the volume of the project, and looked forward to the landscape sketch up and material palette in the next review.

    There was no public comment.
  5. SFMTA UCSF Platform Modifications Project: Phase #1
    Konstantin Zlatev, Project Designer, Public Works
    Cathal Hennessy, Project Manager, SFMTA
    Will Kwan, Architect, Public Works

    The de The design team presented the existing site, the overall site map, elevations and sections of the platform. They displayed the existing public art to be retained from the old platform design, which includes the metal shadow casters, embedded metal letters on the platform surface and the spinning helix artworks that are mounted on the poles. With the intent of refining the platform design, the team presented a design for a new continuous glass canopy placed on top of the saw tooth structure which would eliminate an additional layer of the canopy, resulting in a more streamlined and elegant design.

    While the Committee thought this was a positive change, they also expressed that this was a great opportunity for the design team to do something interesting and exciting for this stop that will serve the thousands of people attending games at the adjacent Golden State Warrior’s stadium. The Committee suggested that the design team reach out to the architects of the Chase Center to have a discussion or charrette regarding the platform’s design and the possible synergy between the building and the platform.

    The design team responded that the SFMTA, their client, preferred a design that was consistent with the other train platforms that comprise the T Line. The Committee commented that the team could still maintain the general concept of the existing platform, but might consider how a change in scale, color or lighting might give the platform a unique quality. The design team stated that they would need to obtain approval from the SFMTA for any such changes. Because of the concerns expressed by the Commissioners, the motion for Phase 1 approval was tabled; however if the client was not amenable to a different design treatment, the project would be able to return to Civic Design for a combined Phase 1 and 2 review.

    There was no further public comment.

    The motion was not approved for Phase #1 of the SFMTA UCSF Platform Modifications Project.
  6. SFO AirTrain Extension and Improvements Project: Phase #1
    Robin Chiang, Project Designer and Architect, Design by the Bay
    Tony Breslin, Project Manager, SFO

    The design team presented the updates to the Hotel Station and Long Term Parking Station. The Hotel Station will now include a bell desk at the station, a continuous skylight, and a suggested location for public art in the lower level. The design of the exterior structure includes a winged roof and canted glass screen walls. The Long Term Parking Station will be the current end of the train line and includes a potential sight for public art. The design consists of the connecting bridge to Long Term Parking Garage #2 and the transition of canopy and glazing at the end of the station.

    The Committee commented that the Hotel Station design was busy and that they would like to see a simpler design. They were not convinced of the slanted screen walls of the exterior structure and asked the design team to perform more studies. As for the Long Term Parking Station, they felt that the train rail appeared abruptly truncated and encouraged to find a more fluid transition with the end of the rail to the station. They also asked the design team to address the extrusion of the Janitor’s closet at the end of the station.

    There was no public comment.

    Motion to approve Phase 1 of the San Francisco Airport AirTrain Extension and Improvements Project contingent upon: 1) studying the screen angle of the cantilever of the Hotel Station; 2) investigating the exit stair materials and detail to allow clear views from the station platform; 3) creating a more fluid transition between the end of the rail line and the edge of the Long Term Station stop; and 4) moving the janitor’s closet to the interior, instead of sticking out as a pop-out.
  7. Visual Arts Committee Update

    Commissioner Dorka Keehn presented the artist and artwork proposal selected for the lobby of the SFO Administrative Campus Building. The artist is Marc Fornes and the piece is called, “Hollow Flow.” The artwork consists of an aluminum connected structure that is attached throughout the lobby ceiling.

    Commissioner Keehn also wanted to clarify that the artwork presented last month on the Westside Pump Station Civic Design Review presentation was just a rendering to show potential sites for public artwork. The rendering was intended to indicate a place holder for the future art; however, the artwork is most likely to be fabricated from tile due to maintenance and budget issues.

    Kim thanked Dorka for being a great liaison between the Civic Design Review Committee and Visual Arts Committee. It was suggested that a joint meeting of the two Committees could occur when public art was to be on the façade of a structure or building.
  8. Staff Report
    Jill Manton wanted to alert the Committee that there would be a long agenda for the coming Civic Design Review meeting in March. She explained that she would share the materials with the Committee as soon as possible, so that they may get a head start in reviewing them. Informals would be rescheduled for another day due to the longer public meeting.

    No project images were chosen at this meeting to be presented at the coming Full Arts Commission meeting.
  9. New Business and Announcements
  10. Adjournment 
    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:32 p.m.
    posted 2/24/17, 11:15 a.m., akl
    revised 3/2/17, 3:25 p.m., akl
    approved 3/6/17

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