Civic Design Review Committee - January 23, 2017 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
January 23, 2017 - 3:00pm
401 Van Ness, Suite 125
san francisco, CA 94102


Monday, January 23, 2017
3:00 p.m.
401 Van Ness Avenue, Room 125




Committee Chair Kimberlee Stryker called the meeting to order at 3:07 p.m.

  1. Roll Call
    Commissioners Present
    Kimberlee Stryker, Chair
    Dorka Keehn
    Abby Sadin Schnair
    Paul Woolford

    Commissioners Absent

    Staff Present
    Jill Manton, Director, Public Art Trust and Special Initiatives
    Aleta Lee, Program Associate, Public Art Trust and Special Initiatives
    Mary Chou, Project Manager, Civic Art Collection & Public Art
  2. Public Comment
    There was no public comment.

  3. Consent Calendar

    A. Motion to approve Phase #3 of the San Francisco Central Shops Replacement Facilities - Selby – Galvez Site.
  4. SFO Airport Hotel Project: Phase #1
    Mark Hornberger, Project Designer & Architect, FAIA
    Sarah Garcia, Project Manager, SFO
    Cliff Lowe, Landscape Architect, Claspace

    The design team presented the design concept, project site, site overview, elevations, and sections. They highlighted the bris soleil detail which would provide the structure with a lace-like detail. They then reviewed the material palette for the varying structure surfaces, such as metal panels, concrete panels, and glass wall variations. The landscape part of the presentation included a site diagram, site plan, and specified plant types for the project. The team shared that they worked with an urban forester of the airport in addressing the extreme restrictions in tree selection in an airport environment.

    The Committee was interested in the potential art enrichment locations of the project and exploring the development of the entry canopy. They were concerned about the size and material of the Grand Hyatt logo and also asked for an alternative to the architectural fins of the building. They made several recommendations of landscaping opportunities, such as studies for a green roof and alternate tree species and landscape design.

    There was no public comment.

    Motion to approve Phase 1 of the SFO Airport Hotel Project contingent upon 1) studying suitable green roof plans, 2) investigating signage options, including reducing the size and incorporating materials used for signage at the airport, 3) further developing the entry canopy structure design, 4) finding design alternatives for the tower fins, 5) studying alternatives to the Quercus Agrifolia tree species, and 6) studying alternatives for landscape design where the grid of trees was proposed.
  5. Westside Pump Station Reliability Improvements: Phase #2
    Tiffany Gong, Project Designer, SF Public Works
    Brian Carlomagno, Project Manager, SF Public Works
    Stanley So, Architect, SF Public Works
    Edward Chin, Landscape Architect, SF Public Works

    The design team presented the project background and objectives, views and location, existing site plans and conditions, and the new proposed site plan. They then reviewed the developed landscape plan, highlighting the use of drought tolerant plants and plants which matched the neighborhood palette to create uniformity. The landscape plan included a plant palette and site planting plan of the various species of plants. Lastly, the team showed their preferred Scheme A and renderings of placeholders for the public art installation of the site.

    The Committee thought the team did a wonderful job in simplifying the design of the pump station. They recommended that the team move the louver on Great Highway façade and reconsider the location of the public artwork. They were also commended for the colorful plant palette presented.

    Public Comment:

    Edward Chin, Landscape Architect of the project, suggested a possible location for the public artwork would be the south side of the building. He expressed that it might be something that identifies the and anchors the south entrance, as there is already an artwork at the north.

    There was no further public comment.

    Motion to approve Phase 2 of the Westside Pump Station Reliability Improvements Project contingent upon 1) the relocation of the louver on the Great Highway façade and 2) further discussion of the location for public art.

  6. SEP Biosolids Digester Facilities Project: Phase #1
    Rosanna Tse, Project Designer, SFPUC
    Carolyn Chiu, Project Manager, SFPUC
    Greg Robley, Architect, MWA Architects
    Linda Cyra-Korsgaard, Landscape Architect, ch2m

    The design team presented the project objectives, stakeholder input, massing diagram, material palette, and elevations and sections of each building within the Digester Facilities project, including the Solids Pretreatment, Anaerobic Digestion, Biosolids Dewatering, Energy Recovery, Maintenance Shops, and Solids Pretreatment Gathering Plaza. They then presented their plant material palette, choosing low water and storm water planting in part of their emphasis on sustainable principles and part of their education program.

    The Committee was concerned that comments from the last review were not necessarily addressed and that the new designs were iterations, rather than refinements. They expressed that the nature of the campus design and the relationships of the buildings seemed disjointed, and did not feel like a cohesive campus. The Committee agreed that the team had a gorgeous material palette, but the articulation of the materials was not yet there. They asked that the team come back for an informal workshop that would allow the Committee to spend more time with the design team and project.

    There was no public comment.

    The motion was not approved for Phase #1 of the SEP Biosolids Digester Facilities Project.
  7. Visual Arts Committee Update

Commissioner Dorka Keehn presented the artwork proposal for the Moscone Expansion West Bridge called “Double Horizon” by Sarah Sze. The proposal consists of a human-scale split rock with treated surfaces. Sarah Sze represented the US in the 2015 Venice Biennale, and also had her work exhibited on the Highline in New York City.

  1. Staff Report
    Jill Manton commented that Consent Calendar item, the San Francisco Central Shops Replacement Facilities project, was approved without reviewing the minor changes exhibited in the presentation. The Committee reviewed the presentation and noted that the changes recorded did not change the previous approval. They affirmed the previous approval.

    The Westside Pump Station project was chosen to be presented at the February Full Commission meeting during the report back of the Civic Design Review January meeting.
  2. New Business and Announcements
  3. Adjournment 
    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:33 p.m.
    posted 2/6/17, 4:47 p.m., akl
    approved 2/6/17


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