Civic Design Review Committee - May 15, 2017 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
May 15, 2017 - 2:00pm
401 Van Ness, Suite 125
san francisco, CA 94102


Monday, May 15, 2017
2:00 p.m.
401 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 125




Committee Chair Kimberlee Stryker called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.

  1. Roll Call
    Commissioners Present
    Kimberlee Stryker, Chair
    Dorka Keehn
    Lydia So
    Paul Woolford
    Abby Sadin Schnair

    Commissioners Absent

    Staff Present
    Tom DeCaigny, Director of Cultural Affairs
    Jill Manton, Director, Public Art Trust and Special Initiatives
    Aleta Lee, Program Associate, Public Art Trust and Special Initiatives
    Justine Topfer, Project Manager, Public Art
  2. Public Comment
    There was no public comment. 
  3. Consent Calendar
    1. Motion to approve new text for the Jerry Garcia Plaque #2 to be installed at 5099 Mission Street.
    2. Motion to approve Phase #3 of the SFO Terminal 1/Boarding Area B Project.

  4. SFO AirTrain Extension and Improvements Project: Phase #2 
    Robin Chiang, Project Designer and Architect, Design by the Bay
    Tony Breslin, Project Manager, SFO

    The design team presented updates to the Long Term Parking Station, providing a platform plan, transverse section, varying views, and elevations which showcased color samples of materials. As for the Airport Hotel Station, the team removed the winged canopy and wind screen, opting for a simpler half canopy design. They also presented a floor plan of the concourse and platform levels, elevations, and sections of the station. An animation was provided to see the 360* design of both stations.

    The Committee was concerned that the team did not address their previous comments from the last review and that there were too many contingencies that arose from this presentation to move the project forward. The asked the team go back and address the comments, being sure to show both before and after changes in their next presentation review. In regards to the Airport Hotel Station, the Committee suggested the team combine the two stairs so there would not be an additional ladder on the other end, as well as extending the canopy over the stairs so that it may feel more integrated. In regards to the Long Term Parking Garage Station, the Committee suggested the team revisit the end caps of the train rails and the support structure of the guideway to have it feel more integrated to the rest of the station design, along with giving greater attention to the cladding of the catwalk train platform to provide better aesthetic consistency.

    There was no further public comment.

    Motion was not approved for Phase #2 of the SFO AirTrain Extension and Improvements Project.

    Commissioner Paul Woolford arrives at 2:39pm.
  5. JC Decaux Advertising Kiosks & Public Restrooms Project: Conceptual Review
    Simon Bertrang, Public Works
    Francois Nion, JC Decaux
    Boris Dramov and Bonnie Fisher, ROMA

    The design team presented the project, explaining that the City of San Francisco would be entering into a new contract with JC Decaux which would entail replacing the 114 kiosks and 25 public toilets with newly designed facilities. They explained their design approach, sharing their desire for a minimalist design that provided a recognizable city-wide language. They showed examples of modern designs of bathrooms with varying modules, and three-sided kiosks. Lastly the team shared that they hope to integrate a unique set of graphics on these facilities that encouraged a unique San Francisco based identity.

    The Committee expressed their delight in seeing the project team collaborate with ROMA, the architecture firm. They suggested that the project team keep in mind the scale of the bathrooms and kiosks in regards to the specific sites they are located in San Francisco. Especially with the streets of the city getting busier, they recommended the kiosks have a possible alternate design that was narrower and two-sided versus just the three-sided design. Moreover, they asked the project team to consider the quality and longevity of the project, how to make the facilities more self-sustainable, and to make sure the design was not generic, but a proud design of San Francisco.

    There was no further public comment.

    Commissioner Abby Sadin leaves at 3:24pm.
  6. SFO Long Term Parking Garage #2 Project: Phase #2
    Robert Janson, Project Designer, Kwan-Henmi/FMG Architects
    Tasso Mavroudis, Project Manager, SFO
    Adrienne Wong, Landscape Architect, AWALA

    The design team presented the overview of the project, including the site plan, site plan, and renderings in varying views and perspectives. In the updated design, the team added a corrugated material to the corner towers of the west façade, as well as added a glass curtain wall to the elevator section of the parking lot. They also presented a landscape plant palette, planting site plan, and sections. Lastly, the team exhibited the signage they planned to integrate within and on the new parking garage. The team included an animation of the structure to get a holistic view of the entire project.

    The Committee felt that there were too many contingences and changes since the last presentation to approve the motion. They were concerned especially about the west façade, as the new design consisted of different materials and a change to the corner towers that were approved in the previous review. Because of its scale and visibility, the Committee expressed that this would be one of the most important facades of SFO. They encouraged a treatment that would have a civic presence and spoke of the tradition of using white concrete at SFO, which for this particular design, was a departure from this palette. Moreover, the team did not bring sample materials and colors that were needed for Phase #2 review. The Committee suggested that the team revisit the color palette of the structure and consider bringing the Public Art light installation around to the west façade. Furthermore, they asked that the project team reconsider the two walking bridges, so that both would have a more unified and consistent design. In regards to the landscape, the Committee thought the team did a good job but would like to see more greenery where people would be. The Committee suggested the team come back for an informal and return for a following review with Phase #2 & #3 if all had passed in the informal.  

    Public Comment:
    Julia Laue, Principal Architect & Manager of SF Public Works, suggested the team look into laser cut aluminum screens and to consider color, in order to address the monotone palette of the project.

    There was no further public comment.

    Motion was not approved for Phase #2 of the SFO Long Term Parking Garage #2 Project.
  7. Southeast Plant Biosolids Digester Facilities Project: Phase #1
    Rosanna Tse, Project Designer, SFPUC
    Carolyn Chiu, Project Manager, SFPUC
    Greg Robley, Architect, MWA Architects
    Linda Cyra-Korsgaard, Landscape Architect, CH2M

    The design team presented the updates to the project, in regards to the Southeast Plant plaza, and surrounding buildings, including: the Solids Pretreatment, Anaerobic Digestion, Biosolids Dewatering, and Energy Recovery facilities. For the gathering plaza, the team integrated preliminary water feature options and landscaping with an integrated steps and gathering space. They then moved on the multiple facilities, showing the previous and current design, highlighting a refined design with a more unified palette of materials expressed.

    The Committee was impressed with presentation and thought the team did a great job in addressing their comments of past meetings for both designs of the buildings and landscape of the campus. They expressed how helpful it was to have comparisons of the previous and current design.

    There was no further public comment.

    Motion to approve Phase #1 of the Southeast Plant Biosolids Digester Facilities Project.
  8. SFO Terminal 2 Air Traffic Control Tower Demolition & Office Tower Modifications Project: Conceptual Review
    Carsten Voecker, Project Designer, Woods Bagot Architects
    Mark Constanzo, Project Manager, SFO
    Valentino Del Rio, Architect, Woods Bagot Architects

    The design team presented the project, showing the site and context of the current Air Traffic Control Tower and illustrations for the new design. The buildback will include office space, a café, and an observation deck. They then presented images of the current views of the existing building and the expected views of the new design. Massing outlines were also provided to better understand the volume of the new tower.

    The Committee encouraged the use of consistent material in the new design.

    There was no further public comment.
  9. Visual Arts Committee Update

  10. Staff Report
    Commissioner Chair Kim Stryker shared that Jill and Kim would be meeting with the Project Manager at SFO airport to speak upon Civic Design Review in relation to upcoming SFO projects. She asked the Committee to let her know of any issues or concerns she should bring up to address during this meeting.

    Jill Manton alerted the Committee that June’s Civic Design Review would have a long agenda and to be prepared for an extended meeting.
  11. New Business and Announcements
  12. Adjournment 
    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.
    posted 5/26/17, 4:00 p.m., akl
    approved 6/5/17

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