Full Commission - August 2, 2021 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
August 2, 2021 - 2:00pm


Monday, August 2, 2021
2 p.m.
Remote Meeting via video and teleconferencing


President Ordeñana called the meeting to order at 2:02 p.m.

  1. Roll Call

    Commissioners Present
    Roberto Ordeñana, President |
    Janine Shiota, Vice President
    JD Beltran
    Charles Collins
    Suzanne Ferras
    Yiying Lu
    Nabiel Musleh
    Linda Parker Pennington
    Abby Sadin Schnair
    Marcus Shelby
    Kimberlee Stryker
    Debra Walker
    Paul Woolford
    Joel Koppel, ex officio

    Commissioners Absent:
    Yakuh Askew

    Staff Present:
    Ralph Remington, Director of Cultural Affairs
    Alyssa Ventre, Commission Secretary

    President Ordeñana announced the virtual meeting instructions.

    Commission Secretary Alyssa Ventre announced public comment instructions.

  2. Approval of Minutes
    Commissioner Stryker, seconded by Commissioner Parker Pennington moved to approve the July 12, 2021 minutes.

    There was no public comment.

    The motion unanimously carried by the following vote:
    Ayes: Ordeñana, Shiota, Beltran, Collins, Ferras, Lu, Musleh, Parker Pennington, Schnair, Shelby, Stryker, Walker, Woolford

    RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-175: Motion to approve the July 12, 2021 minutes.
  3. General Public Comment 

    John Goldsmith (Jungle Smith), SF resident, asked the Commission to proceed with the two street parklet applications submitted to Public Works by the citizens of San Francisco. He said residents would like to see ADA improvements to the Castro Station but not a full demolition. He said that Harvey Milk can still be honored without disruption to the community and spending millions of dollars. He said the station isn’t broken. He also noted two online petitions: one for green space and one for preservation of landmarking the rainbow flag. He said the community would like to see this cultural asset preserved and improved and he said he never understood the impetus for this project beyond the need of the elevator. He said the designs are beautiful but none look at renovation or restoration. He noted their website: saveharveymilkplaza.org.

    Commission Secretary read a statement from Howard Grant:
    Howard Grant addressed the Commission on behalf of an affinity group, Advocates For Harvey Milk Plaza and provided their website: saveharveymilkplaza.org. He said the January 2019 full Commission approved the Civic Design Committee's approval of a Phase 1 design for Harvey Milk Plaza. He explained that the design put forward by Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza included reducing the width of the main entry stairs by 10 feet, moving the escalator 10 feet west, demolishing the reinforced concrete bridge that features Milk's name in bronze letters, and paving over the open plaza and its green belt that rises to Collingwood Street. He also noted that the SF Planning Department completed its Historical Resource Evaluation Response (HRER) in March 2021. He said it concluded that Harvey Milk Plaza is eligible for listing in the California Register of Historical Places and that it would also presumably be eligible for local landmark status. He explained that the redesign plans by SWA Group would totally demolish and replace the entire area from Castro St. to Collingwood. He asked the Commission to remove its previous approval so the CDR Committee can take the HRER into account for future approvals. 

    President Ordeñana thanked members of the public for their comments. Commissioner Stryker provided a quick project status and recommended that CDR staff investigate the historic status of the project and report back to the CDR Committee in September or October.
  4. Director’s Report
    Director Remington shared the list of the selected Monuments and Memorials Advisory Committee (MMAC) members, the consultant and a timeline for next steps. He noted that the Mayor passed the City’s two-year budget and gave a shout out to staff person, Anne Trickey, for their work in getting the Art Vendor Waiver approved. He also provided an update on the Art Vendor Program, the Our Town proposals, the Art on Market Street Poster series, and the agency’s open job positions. He also recognized the passing of former Arts Commissioner Janice Mirikitani and read a poem from her book, We, The Dangerous.

    President Ordeñana joined Director Remington in sharing his deep condolences regarding former Commissioner Mirikitani’s passing. Commissioners also thanked Director Remington for his tribute to Ms. Mirikitani. Commissioners discussed the MMAC process and gave kudos to the approval of the Art Vendor waiver.  

    There was no public comment.
  5. Committee Reports and Committee Matters
    1. Visual Arts Committee

      Commissioner Ferras shared highlights from the July Visual Arts Committee including mural design projects, reopening exhibition City Hall, two upcoming installations at Patricia’s Green, Gene Friend Recreation Center artwork deaccession, and projects at the C3C connector at SFO, India Basin Shoreline Park and Southeast Health Center Expansion.

      Commissioners thanked Meg Shiffler for her work.

      Commissioners asked about how deep appreciation and depth of civil servants. Commissioner Ferras suggested inviting Meg Shiffler to present at the full Commission regarding the reopening exhibition at City Hall.

      There was no public comment.
  6. Consent Calendar

    President Ordeñana introduced the consent calendar items.

    Commissioner Schnair, seconded by Commissioner Beltran moved to approve the consent calendar items, as presented. 

    There was no public comment.

    The motion carried unanimously by the following vote:
    Ayes: Ordeñana, Shiota, Askew, Beltran, Ferras, Lu, Musleh, Parker Pennington, Schnair, Shelby, Stryker

    RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-176:
    Approval: RESOLVED, that this Commission does hereby adopt the following items on the Consent Calendar and their related Resolutions:
    1. RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-177: Motion to approve the Visual Arts Committee Meeting Minutes of July 21, 2021

      Visual Arts Committee Recommendations (July 21, 2021)
    2. RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-178: Motion to approve Blue Whale, a mural design by artist Mike Ritch. The mural will be installed on the building at 2645 Ocean Ave. at Lagunitas. The painted mural will measure approximately 18 ft. high by 90 ft. wide. The project is funded by a District 7 Participatory Budget Grant. The painted mural will not become part of the Civic Art Collection.
    3. RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-179: Motion to approve Words of Wisdom, a mural design by artist Antoine Marnata (1AM Projects). The mural will be installed on the building at 1142 Grant Ave and 277-279 Columbus Ave. The painted mural will measure approximately 11.5 ft. high by 73 ft. wide. The project is funded by a Community Challenge Grant. The painted mural will not become part of the Civic Art Collection.
    4. RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-180: Motion to approve Butterflies Forever, a mosaic mural design by artist Susan Cervantes (Precita Eyes). The mural will be installed in Precita Park Playground at 405 Precita between Harrison St. and Alabama St. The mosaic mural will measure approximately 3 ft. high by 136 ft. wide. The project is funded by a Community Challenge Grant. The mosaic mural will not become part of the Civic Art Collection.
    5. RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-181: Motion to approve A Bounty of California Natives, a mural design by artist Velia de Lulis. The mural will be installed in 298 7th St. at Folsom St. The mural will measure approximately 10 ft. high by 17 ft. wide. The project is funded a Soma West Community Benefit District, private funds, and SFOEWD Art Activation Grant. The mural will not become part of the Civic Art Collection.
    6. RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-182: Motion to approve Steps to Wisdom, a mosaic design by artist Phillip Hua.  The mosaic will be installed on the Goettingen Stairs at the terminus of the 700 block of Goettingen St. between Olmstead St. and Dwight St. The mosaic design be on 59 stair treads and five landings, totaling 96 ft. 7.5 in. The project is funded by a Community Challenge Grant. The mosaic mural will not become part of the Civic Art Collection.
    7. RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-183: Motion for the Director of Cultural Affairs to approve an artist’s honorarium in the amount of $700 to each: Mabel Jimenez, Renee Jones, Ajuan Mance, and Bo Luengsuraswat Rittapa for their participation in the SFAC Galleries exhibition at San Francisco City Hall, opening in September, 2021.
    8. RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-184: Motion to approve the Cathenge installation by artist David Normal for a period of one year commencing in October 2021 and concluding in October 2022, which shall include six 13 ft. high illuminated cat sculptures with a purring sound component, to be installed upon a raised pedestal. The artist shall receive a total payment of $40,000 for the artist’s fee and all related project expenses, pending subsequent approval by the Recreation and Park Commission, ADA compliance, and approval of the sound component by the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association.
    9. RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-185: Motion to approve a 20 ft. sculptural installation by Dana King entitled Chrysalis to be fabricated using 3D printing and coated in epoxy for durability in Patricia’s Green for a period of one year commencing in mid to late October, 2022 for a total amount of $40,000 which includes the artist’s fee and all related project expenses, pending approval by the Recreation and Park Commission, and approval of the subsequent design of the pedestal upon which the sculpture will be placed.
    10. RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-186: Motion to approve the Construction Document Phase deliverables (Artwork Mock-up and Structural Engineering Drawings) by Carter-Lynch (Carter-Lynch LLC) for the SFO C3C Secure Connector Wall.
    11. RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-187: Motion to approve Design Development Phase deliverables (final design) by Raylene Gorum for the India Basin Shoreline Park—900 Innes Project.
    12. RESOLUTION NO. 0802-21-188: Motion to approve Construction Document Phase deliverables (material samples) by Ron Saunders for the Southeast Health Center Expansion Project.
  1. New Business and Announcements

    President Ordenana announced that Bay Area Health Officials released orders requiring use of face covering indoors to prevent the spread of COVID-19. He encouraged everyone to continue to stay safe and healthy.  

    Commissioner Collins announced that Chad Cover was appointed Director of the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

    Commissioner Ferras announced that she is working with the small business community to implement monthly neighborhood art walks. She said she’s building up an artist contact list asked for artist names. She invited commissioners in non-commissioner capacity to collaborate with her.

    There was no public comment.
  2. Adjournment

    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:55 p.m.

Posted 8/16/2021, 1:15p, adv
Approved 9/13/2021


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