Full Commission - October 4, 2021 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
October 4, 2021 - 2:00pm


Monday, October 4, 2021
2 p.m.
Remote Meeting via video and teleconferencing


President Ordeñana called the meeting to order at 2:01 p.m.

  1. Roll Call

    Commissioners Present
    Roberto Ordeñana, President
    Janine Shiota, Vice President
    Yakuh Askew
    JD Beltran
    Charles Collins
    Suzanne Ferras
    Yiying Lu
    Nabiel Musleh (joined the meeting at 2:03 p.m.)
    Linda Parker Pennington
    Abby Sadin Schnair
    Marcus Shelby (joined the meeting at 2:04 p.m.)
    Kimberlee Stryker
    Debra Walker
    Paul Woolford

    Commissioners Absent
    Joel Koppel, ex officio

    Staff Present:
    Ralph Remington, Director of Cultural Affairs
    Sandra Panopio, Senior Racial Equity & Policy Analyst
    Alyssa Ventre, Commission Secretary

    President Ordeñana announced the virtual meeting instructions.
    Commission Secretary Alyssa Ventre announced public comment instructions.
  2. Approval of Minutes
    Commissioner Shiota, seconded by Commissioner Beltran moved to approve the September 13, 2021 minutes.

    There was no public comment.

    The motion unanimously carried by the following vote:
    Ayes: Ordeñana, Shiota, Askew, Beltran, Collins, Ferras, Lu, Musleh, Parker Pennington, Schnair, Shelby, Stryker, Walker, Woolford

    RESOLUTION NO. 1004-21-221: Motion to approve the September 13, 2021 minutes.
  3. General Public Comment 

    There was no public comment.
  4. Director’s Report
    Director Remington announced the new Director Community Investments, Denise Pate, who will start in October. He thanked Deputy Director Joanne Lee for her hard work keeping the program running. He also reported that the Cultural Equity Grant guidelines were live, described grant categories and their timelines and shared that the Cultural Ambassador program was relaunched. He thanked Senior Program Officer Jaren Bonillo, and the entire Community Investments Team for their hard work, and gave a shout out to Program Officer Robynn Takayama for her work relaunching the Cultural Ambassadors program.

    He announced that the Galleries exhibition presented in partnership with CatchLight, Care in the Time of COVID-19, opened at City Hall. He added that the show was starting to get some press coverage and thanked Galleries Director Meg Shiffler for her work.

    He also said he participated in the SFMTA’s tour of Central Subway with the Mayor. He congratulated the public art team for their ongoing work and noted that the artwork really enhances the station experience. He said he attended other City events such as the Symphony Reopening and GraceLight at Grace Cathedral. He added that there is a lot of great work in and around San Francisco and it’s great to feel the City come alive again.  

    He also announced that there would be an online community event sponsored by Arts for a Better Bay Area (ABBA) and SAFEHouse Arts that is part of their REBOUND series, focusing on arts, equity and recovery. He noted that he would be a presenter as well as Vallie Brown from GFTA as an opportunity for the community to get to know them.

    Commissioners Beltran said she was thrilled about the good news and the hire of Denise Pate. She said there is a feeling of revival around the City and she said it’s great for all to be enjoying cultural activities again.

    Commissioner Parker Pennington echoed Commissioner Beltran’s sentiments. She also asked about the start date for Denise Pate and a tour of the SFMTA station.

    Director Remington confirmed that Ms. Pate will start later in October. He said a tour for SFMTA may be available around Spring 2022.

    Public Comment:
    “Public” said they were glad the Arts Commission has an ambassador program. They said it’s important for the Arts Commission to work with the residents in the community and requested the first project look at investing in the community around Castro Station. They said the community feels it’s a valuable asset and needs to be preserved and landmarked in addition to ADA improvements. They noted that it would be a great way to invest in the Castro community and our transit hub.

    There was no additional public comment.
  5. AB 361 Legislation Impact

    President Ordeñana shared information regarding the AB 361 legislation and its requirements. He noted that there was a need for all commissions to be in alignment with AB361. He added that it’s anticipated that the Commission will need to meet virtually until given an indication by the City and the Mayor’s Office that it is safe to meet in-person again. He shared more information about the timeline of the AB361 legislation and its requirements. He noted that all public policy bodies must regularly adopt certain findings at least once every 30 days in order to continue holding remote meetings, beginning with the first public meeting convened on or after on October 1, 2021. He said that this motion will allow the Arts Commission and its subcommittees to continue to meet remotely under the extended executive order.
    Commissioner Beltran, seconded by Commissioner Stryker moved to adopt a resolution setting forth findings required under Assembly Bill 361 that would allow the Arts Commission and its subcommittees to hold meetings remotely according to the modified Brown Act teleconferencing set forth in AB 361. 

    Commissioners discussed the motion and had questions about the process, its requirements and noted that the process seemed to an administrative burden.

    President Ordeñana, Director Remington and Commission Secretary Ventre clarified that details around the processes, requirements and findings associated with the motion.

    There was no public comment.

    The motion unanimously carried by the following vote:
    Ayes: Ordeñana, Shiota, Askew, Beltran, Collins, Ferras, Lu, Musleh, Parker Pennington, Schnair, Shelby, Stryker, Walker, Woolford

    RESOLUTION NO. 1004-21-222: Motion to adopt a resolution setting forth findings required under Assembly Bill 361 that would allow the Arts Commission and its subcommittees to hold meetings remotely according to the modified Brown Act teleconferencing set forth in AB 361.
  6. Quarterly Racial Equity Update

    Senior Racial Equity and Policy Analyst Sandra Panopio reported on racial equity initiatives. She said that President Ordeñana and Director Remington approved the land acknowledgment text and resolution and that she is waiting for guidance from the Ramaytush Ohlone community. She said there has been a team created internally within the Arts Commission discuss intentional community engagement efforts with the American Indian community. She also noted that she recently attended a workshop with Raymatush Ohlone representatives about land acknowledgment processes with other art and culture representatives. She also noted that the agency has been using a standard data demographic set. She added that the priority is to identify who the agency is supporting, how decisions are being made and how to set goals for decision making. She added that work culture is a significant part of the Racial Equity Action Plan and that the staff have been reviewing equity considerations around reopening and a hybrid work situation.

    Commissioner Collins asked for a copy of resolution. Commission Secretary Ventre noted that it is still in draft form and the final version will be a supporting document at the next meeting.

    Public Comment:
    “Public” said they appreciated the collective work going towards land acknowledgment with Ramaytush Ohlone community. They said it is beautiful and healing. They said as 30-year San Francisco resident, they appreciate the land, unique typography, and microclimates. They said they live in Eureka Valley, which has the oldest neighborhood association. They said the goal is to protect unique typography of Eureka Valley. They said we need to preserve and landmark Castro Stations existing site.

    There was no additional public comment.
  7. Committee Reports and Committee Matters
    1. Civic Design Review Committee

      Commissioner Stryker described projects reviewed at the September CDR meeting. She presented details about 900 Innes and India Basin Shoreline Park which are two adjacent parcels designed in tandem at Bayview and Hunter’s Point.

      Commissioners chimed in about the incredible project and noted that it is important to get an early start when artwork is involved. They noted this project sets a great example for future projects. They also asked about how to acknowledgment the Department of Recreation and Park for their vision and the enormity of the project. They also said they were excited about the opening of the spaces.

      Public Comment:
      “Public” / John Goldsmith, said he appreciated the project and that Lady Bayview view looks like wonderful adaptive reuse. He congratulated Rec and Park. He said he was concerned about the environmental toxicity of the area and said he understands the area was not entirely cleaned up which would produce higher rates of asthma and cancer. He noted he would like to see Rec Park be involved in green space management at Castro Station.

      There was no additional public comment.
  8. Consent Calendar

    President Ordeñana introduced the consent calendar items.

    Commissioner Beltran, seconded by Commissioner Stryker moved to approve the consent calendar items, as presented. 

    Public Comment:
    Howard Grant submitted a 3-minute video relating to the Harvey Milk Plaza project. In the video, he asked why the Commission isn’t asking hard questions regarding this project. He brought up many factors relating to the project.  

    Commission Secretary Ventre read a statement from John Goldsmith:
    John Goldsmith said he is concerned about the cultural and extreme environmental losses if the Harvey Milk Plaza project was approved. He asked the full Commission to vote no regarding the Harvey Milk Plaza item. He gave details relating to the public appreciation for Harvey Milk Plaza and referred to the East Cut neighborhood park and the Pink Triangle Park as examples of great projects. He explained that the Arts Commission is a City agency and therefore they should the hard questions relating to the financial component of the project as well as the involvement of Senator Wiener and the Cushman Foundation. He also explained that a historical resource evaluation was conducted and found that the plaza was eligible for listing in the State Historical Resource Register. He also noted several factors that should be taken into consideration such as climate change, zero waste, the City’s transit policy and the Waterfront Resilience Program. He stated that the project cannot be approved before a prescribed CEQA project explores feasible alternatives. He noted that the plaza can retaining the three main design features of the Castro Station and asked why the Commission is proceeding with approval of Phase 1 and 2.

    The motion carried unanimously by the following vote:
    Ayes: Ordenana, Shiota, Askew, Beltran, Collins, Ferras, Lu, Musleh, Parker Pennington, Schnair, Shelby, Stryker, Walker, Woolford

    RESOLUTION NO. 1004-21-223:
    Approval: RESOLVED, that this Commission does hereby adopt the following items on the Consent Calendar and their related Resolutions:
    1. RESOLUTION NO. 1004-21-224: Motion to approve the Civic Design Review Committee Meeting Minutes of September 20, 2021. 

      Civic Design Review Committee Recommendations (September 20, 2021, link to agenda) 
    2. RESOLUTION NO. 1004-21-225: Motion to approve a Single-Phase Review of the Buchanan Street Mall: Turk-Golden Gate Renovation Project with the contingency that the project team will come back for the approval of the kiosk and the memory walk components of the project within a three-month period. 
    3. RESOLUTION NO. 1004-21-226: Motion to approve Phase 3 of the 900 Innes & India Basin Shoreline Park Project as presented.
    4. RESOLUTION NO. 1004-21-227: Motion to approve Phase 1 of the OCII Transbay Block 3 Park & Alley Project with the contingency that the project team will schedule an Informal Work Session to discuss the site architecture. 
    5. RESOLUTION NO. 1004-21-228: Motion to approve the Modified Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Harvey Milk Plaza Project as presented.
  9. New Business and Announcements

    President Ordeñana announced the appointments for the Nominating Committee. He explained that the Nominating Committee would make a recommendation to full Commission on election of the President and Vice President for the next calendar year. He announced that the committee would be chaired by Commissioner Collins and he would be joined by Commissioner Ferras and Commissioner Walker.

    There was no public comment.
  10. Adjournment

    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

    Posted 10/19/2021, 2:20 p.m., adv
    Approved 11/1/2021

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