Civic Design Review Committee - January 24, 2022 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
January 24, 2022 - 2:00pm


Monday, January 24, 2022
2:00 p.m.

Remote Meeting via video and teleconferencing



Commissioner Stryker called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.

  1. Roll Call

Commissioners Present

Kimberlee Stryker, Chair
Yakuh Askew

Abby Schnair

Paul Woolford

Commissioners Absent

Yiying Lu

Staff Present

Joanne Lee, Deputy Director of Programs

Alyssa Ventre, Commission Secretary

Paris Cotz, CDR Program Associate


  1. General Public Comment


There was no public comment.

  1. Sunnydale HOPE SF Phase 1A3 – Small Project Review


In attendance was Thu Nguyen, Project Manager from Related, Romi Bhatia from Related, and Jeff Breidenbach, Principal from Argus, who gave an overview of the project. He said the Sunnydale neighborhood is being revitalized into a mixed-use development and is located west of Visitacion Valley and on the west side of McLaren Park. He stated that the project team is focusing on creating a gateway to the community to provide guidance, a warm welcome, and information.

He continued to explain that the project team has been engaged with the community throughout the entire process for input and feedback on their process. He said a main priority is developing a visual palette to celebrate the diversity of the community, the deep cultural heritage, and the neighborhood’s vibrancy.

He stated the signage was developed from the visual palette. The team aimed to create a welcoming gateway that possess an active street identity. He added the signs are durable, and the style will have longevity. He also mentioned a lantern image runs through all designs to tie it together, and the signs have information in four different languages: English, Spanish, Samoan, and Mandarin. He noted there will be three types of signs: gateway marker, vehicular directional, and information kiosk (which will be updateable).

Commissioners had concerns about graffiti, and the project team stated that the signs would be coated with enamel or paint and anti graffiti coating. Commissioners wondered how the information kiosk would be updated, and the project team responded that the panels can be removed and updated.

Commissioners inquired about lighting and illumination, the project team responded that the signs will use ambient light for visibility at night. The project team also answered questions about sign placement, and explained that the vehicular signs are closer to the street, and all of the signs are off to the side of the sidewalk.

There was no public comment.


Commissioner Schnair, seconded by Commissioner Woolford, moved to approve the Small Project Review of Sunnydale HOPE SF Phase 1A3.

The motion unanimously carried by the following vote:
Ayes: Stryker, Askew, Schnair, Woolford


  1. Visual Arts Committee Updates

Commissioner Schnair shared how Mildred Howard, the artist working on the Southeast Community center, developed a community engagement program. She partnered with First Exposures to educate young filmmakers in the area to document their communities.

She explained how Alameda Creek Watershed had room in its budget for one other artwork, and the panel chose a work by Adrian Arias, an artist based in Oakland.

She presented images relating to the Treasure Island Arts Steering Committee's upcoming project. She said the Treasure Island Arts Steering Committee wanted photographers to document the quickly changing island. The panel chose five artists: Cody Andresen, David Alan Boyd, John Chiara, Janet Delaney, Mido Lee whose breadth of focus will capture a vast array of views.

There was no public comment.


  1. Staff Report

Deputy Director of Programs Joanne Lee announced there was no staff report as there were no administrative reviews or other reviews in the past month.

There was no public comment.


  1. New Business and Announcements

There was no new business or announcements.

There was no public comment.


  1. Adjournment


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.


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