Civic Design Review Committee - February 14, 2022 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
February 14, 2022 - 2:00pm


Monday, February 14, 2022  
2:00 p.m.  

Remote Meeting via video and teleconferencing 


 Draft Minutes 

Commissioner Stryker called the meeting to order at 2:02pm


1. Roll Call 



Commissioners Present 

Kimberlee Stryker, Chair 

Yakuh Askew 

Yiying Lu (absent) 

Abby Schnair  

Paul Woolford 


Staff Present 

Joanne Lee, Deputy Director of Programs 

Alyssa Ventre, Commission Secretary 

Paris Cotz, CDR Program Associate 


2. General Public Comment 


There was no public comment. 

3. YBI Westside Bridges Retrofit Project – Phase 3 


Muzae Sesay, Project Artist + Designer 

Kevin Conger, Landscape Architect 

Liz Hirschhorn, Assistant Development Program Manager, Treasure Island Development Authority  

Michael Scott, WSP 

The artist, Muzae Sesay, incorporated suggestions from the Phase 2 review and refined the design, texture, and color of artwork. The artist wants to ensure that the work is not obtrusive from whichever point of entry and not read as a large infrastructure project. This will be achieved by using a blend of earth tones taken from the island itself to create a palette of eleven colors so the artwork blends into the island seamlessly. The artist visited the island multiple times to create a reference palette that honors the colors of the landscape.  

Based on previous suggestions, the artist changed the texture to a smooth finish rather than rock texture while also pushing forth bold, fine art aesthetic. Some walls will be abstract, while some will have boat and island imagery. The walls seen from a distance from the bridge, ferry or embarcadero will be blended and abstract. 

Commissioners had questions about the textures, in particular what the textures are with the color stains. The artist described the textures as smooth but rocky, an earthen texture but not dramatic. There was a concern about it looking like super graphic, but based on explanation, the materials won’t appear that way. 

Commissioners commented on how far along this project has come. 

There was no public comment. 

Commissioner Schnair, second by Commissioner Woolford moved to approve Phase 3 of the YBI Westside Bridges Retrofit Project. 

The motion unanimously carried by the following vote: 
Ayes: Stryker, Askew, Schnair, Woolford 

4. Southeast Treatment Plant Biosolids Digester Facilities Project – Post-Phase 3 


Anthony Esterbrooks, Project Designer & Landscape Architect, SF DPW 

Rosanna Tse, Project Engineer, SFPUC 

Greg Robley, Architect, MWA Architects 

The project team presented updates and changes to the original design plan. Due to design and budget changes, this project team is presenting revisions from the prior approved design.  The actual construction of digesters will begin in March of this year, while the project is expected to reach full completion by May 2028. Tthe team said they eliminated the water fountain from the plaza to save costs and save water. The project team’s goal is to maintain site function and visual aesthetics.  

The project team described how the layout of the plaza had to be rethought with the removal of fountain. The team developed what they call a ‘ripple concept,’ with the narrative of water. The team incorporated water droplets into the paving pattern and included round planters, pedestrian lighting, and added a screen adjacent to large transformer structure. It is a place to gather for both large and small groups. 

The project team explained that raw shotcrete will cover the surface of digester tanks due to a value-engineering process. The team proposes a painted solution to mitigate the raw shotcrete, and have proposed four super graphic solutions, with the wave imagery fitting best into the water narrative. These tanks can be seen from the CalTrain and 280.  

Commissioners expressed concerns about the large public artwork, (that is also about flow and movement,) on the border of the site, and that the super graphic on the tanks will conflict with that and might suggest that it is another artwork. 

Commissioners commented that the plaza redesign is an improvement, that it’s great for various sizes of groups to gather and maintains the theme of water. There was a question about how the acrylic panels on the screen will hold up in UV light. The team answered that material is very durable and is used in other areas around the city like bus shelters. The team added that the colors will be a gradient of shades of blue referencing the water treatment process. 

Commissioner also asked about the paving material. were questions about the paving material. The team answered that ideally the paving material will be a pre-cast concrete paver but if the cost is too high, they can use integral color concrete with sand blasted finishes.  

Deputy Director Lee offered to set up a meeting between the project team and public art staff for a brainstorming session to address the super graphic.  

There was no public comment. 

 Commissioner Schnair, seconded by Commissioner Woolford moved to approve Post-Phase 3 of the Southeast Treatment Plant Biosolids Digester Facilities Project with the following contingency: digester tank paint design and  landscape plaza design can be approved in an informal meeting with commissioners. 

The motion unanimously carried by the following vote: 
Ayes: Stryker, Askew, Schnair, Woolford 


5. China Town – Rose Pak Central Subway Gate – Small Project Review 


Jumoke Akin Taylor, Project Manager, SF DPW 

Charles Dilworth, Principal, Dilworth Eliot [DE+] 

Cinda Gilliland, Principal, ReedGilliland Landscape Architects 

Jordan Canayan, Associate, Dilworth Eliot [DE+] 

The project team sited the station  at the corner of Stockton and Washington Streets. The team is looking at how to control after-hours access to stairs and plaza. The team gave a quick overview of the station history. 

The team is proposing a two or three segmented gate that stack up when opened and are considering either a bamboo patterning or terracotta baguettes for a minimal look. The team also considered a perforated metal off the shelf, as well as a polycarbonate screen, but this was not preferred by MTA due to high maintenance and questionable durability. The team proposed a rolling gate with possible imagery on it, but planning staff preferred the sliding gate over the rolling gate. 

Commissioners preferred the bamboo gate as it wouldn’t be easily graffitied, and would be complimentary with the overall design. Commissioners noted that the gate should not be be visually in competition with the planned artwork, and  so the bamboo gates provide a nice counterbalance.  

Commissioners were concerned and wanted to ensure that no one can climb up the horizontal pieces of the gate. The project team confirmed that there is a mesh layer that prevents people from getting their feet on the horizontal bars.  

Commissioners had questions about transparency and opacity of the personn gate 

and noticed a corner where railing and the gate meet,  where there is a  horizontal gap which might be problematic. 

Commissioners requested to review this project once more and suggested that the team return in March for an informal work session.  

There was no public comment. 


6. Staff Report 
Joanne Lee, Deputy Director of Programs 

Deputy Director reminded commissioners and the public about San Francisco Art Commission’s annual convening, Tuesday February15, 2022. 

There was no public comment. 

7. New Business and Announcements 

There was no new business or announcements. 

There was no public comment. 


8. Adjournment  

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:04 p.m. 


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