Civic Design Review Committee - September 19, 2016 - Agenda

Meeting Date: 
September 19, 2016 - 3:00pm
401 Van Ness, Suite 125
san francisco, CA 94102

Monday, September 19, 2016
3:00 p.m.
401 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 125

  1. Roll Call
  2. Public Comment
    (This item is to allow members of the public to comment generally on matters within the Committee’s purview as well as to suggest new agenda items for the Committee’s consideration.)

  3. Consent Calendar
    Approximately 5 minutes
  1. Motion to approve Phase 3 of the SFO Building 624.
    Explanatory documents: Request for Review, Presentation 

  1. SFO Airport Hotel Project: Conceptual Review
    Approximately 30 minutes
    This project was not previously reviewed.
    Mark Hornberger, Project Designer and Architect, Hornberger + Worstell
    Sarah Garcia, Project Manager, SFO
    Cliff Lowe, Landscape Architect, Cliff Lowe Associates, Inc.

    Explanatory documents: Request for Review Form, Presentation

  2. SFO Ground Transportation Unit Relocation Project: Phase #2
    Approximately 30 minutes
    This project was previously reviewed on November 16, 2015 and June 20, 2016.
    Paulett Taggart, Project Designer, Paulett Taggart Architects
    Derrick Homer, Project Manager, SFO
    Eric Robinson, Architect, Paulett Taggart Architects
    David Fletcher, Landscape Architect, Fletcher Studio

    Explanatory documents: Request for Review Form, Presentation

    Discussion and possible motion to approve Phase #2 of the SFO Ground Transportation Unit Relocation Project.

  3. SFFD Ambulance Deployment Facility: Conceptual Review
    Approximately 30 minutes
    This project was not previously reviewed.
    Reggie Stump, Project Designer and Architect, Public Works
    Tim Kempf, Project Manager, Public Works

    Explanatory documents: Request for Review Form, Presentation

  4. Visual Arts Committee Update
    Approximately 5 minutes
    Commissioner Dorka Keehn, Chair, Visual Arts Committee

  5. Staff Report
    Approximately 5 minutes
    Current administrative and programming developments and announcements.

  6. Selection of Project Images for Civic Design Review Report at next Arts Commission Meeting
  7. New Business and Announcements
  8. Adjournment

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根據美國殘疾人士法案和語言服務條例,中文、西班牙語、和/或美國手語翻譯人員在收到要求後將會提供翻譯服務。另外,我們將盡力提供擴音設備。同時也將會 提供不同格式的會議資料, 和/或者提供閱讀器。此外,翻譯版本的會議記錄可在委員會通過後提供。上述的要求,請於會議前最少48小時致電 415-252-2585 向 Jill Manton, Director of Public Art Trust and Special Initiatives 提出。逾期提出的請求,若可能的話,亦會被考慮接納。聽證室設有輪椅通道。


De acuerdo con la Ley sobre Estadounidenses con Discapacidades (American Disabilities Act) y la Ordenanza de Acceso a Idiomas (Language Access Ordinance) intérpretes de chino, español, y lenguaje de señas estarán disponibles de ser requeridos. En adición, se hará todo el esfuerzo posible para proveer un sistema mejoramiento de sonido, materiales de la reunión en formatos alternativos, y/o proveer un leedor. Las minutas podrán ser traducidas luego de ser aprobadas por la Comisión. Para solicitar estos servicios, favor contactar a Jill Manton, Director of Public Art Trust and Special Initiatives, por lo menos 48 horas antes de la reunión al 415-252-2585. Las solicitudes tardías serán consideradas de ser posible. La sala de audiencia es accesible a silla de ruedas.