Learn About Control of Asthma Environmental Triggers and how to use Code Enforcement Agencies

Control of Environmental Triggers for Asthma

US Environmental Protection Agency: Attack Asthma and Indoor Environmental Triggers

US Housing & Urban Development: About Asthma

San Francisco Code Enforcement Agencies Protecting Housing Habitability

I. SF Department of Public Health (DPH), Environmental Health (EH), 1390 Market Street, Suite 210,

  • Asthma Prevention Services provides in-home investigation and teaching on asthma environmental triggers,
    by referral from medical provider; for info and referral form
  • Healthy Homes and Neighborhoods links the user to EH programs that enforce Health Code requirements for
    safe and healthy housing, many of which affect people with asthma: rats, mice & genral rodent infestation;
    cockroach infestation; water intrusion & mold; inadequate ventilation; worn or soiled carpets; noise;
    For further info 415-252-3805
  • Children's Environmental Health Promotion provides community agency trainings about:
    • Asthma-Safe Homes(Contact David Lo, 252-3929): Signs and symptoms of a child with asthma and
      how asthma flares can be prevented and controlled; health and housing codes that can be used to improve
      the environment to control asthma; resources available; and
    • Less Toxic Housecleaning and Pest Control Methods (Contact Karen Yu, 252-3957): Housecleaning
      products to mix yourself; safer housecleaning methods.

II. SF Department of Building Inspection (DBI)--Housing Inspection Services (HIS), 1660 Mission Street,
6th floor, 415-558-6220

  • HIS enforces Housing Code requirements for safe and healthy housing, many of which affect people with
    asthma: lack of heat; water intrusion & mold; lack of weatherproofing; for further info 415-558-6220
  • HIS is also responsible for the Code Enforcement Outreach Program which is designed to provide support
    to tenants, owners and the Department of Building Inspection, so that the City and the community can work
    together to bring housing into code compliance.
  • These are the organizations involved in the Code Enforcement Outreach Program:
    • The Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco, (415) 703-8644
    • St. Peter's Housing Committee, (415) 487-9203 general number; (415) 487-9524 reports number –
      Spanish speaking
    • ChinatownCommunity Development Center, (415) 984-1498
    • Tenderloin Housing Clinic, (415) 771-9850
    • San Francisco Apartment Association (Owner Consultation), (415) 255-2288