Lifelines Council

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Lifelines are the systems and facilities that provide services vital to the function of an industrialized society and important to the emergency response and recovery  after a natural disaster. These systems and facilities include communication, electric power, liquid fuel, natural gas, transportation (airports, highways, ports, rail and transit), water, and wastewater.

                -  American Society of Civil Engineering Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering (TCLEE), 2009



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Scope and Purpose

The San Francisco Lifelines Council seeks to accomplish the following objectives:

• Develop and improve collaboration in the City and across the region.
• Understand inter-system dependencies to enhance planning, restoration and reconstruction.
• Share information about recovery plans, projects and priorities.
• Establish coordination processes for lifeline restoration and recovery following a major disaster event.




Membership will consist of Executive Officers and Senior-level operational deputies of local and regional lifelines providers. For a list of current members, please see the Member Organizations page.