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November 17, 2010




Elections Commission Meeting

Wednesday November 17, 2010

At 6:00 pm

City Hall Room 408







Order of Business



1.      Call to Order & Roll Call

2.      Public comment on any issue within the Elections Commission’s general jurisdiction


3.      Announcements  


        4.  Approval of Minutes


              (a) Discussion and possible action to approve the Minutes of the October 20, 2010 Elections Commission Meeting. 


5.   Director’s Report

·         Division Updates


·         Ballot Processing

·         Canvass

·         Budget/Personnel

·         Poll Worker Division

·         Campaign Services

·         Technology Division

·         Outreach

·          Voter Services

·         Publications







6.    Commissioners’ Reports

● Meetings with Public Officials
● Oversight and Observation activities
● Long-range planning for Commission activities and areas of study

        ● Proposed legislation which impacts elections



7.    Old Business


(a)   Discussion and possible action to approve the Voter Profile Resolution and approval of forwarding the resolution t o the media in the form of an OpEd with additional information regarding its importance.  Commissioner, Gleason to present.

(b)  Discussion and possible action to hire a Commissions Secretary, including but not limited to defining the position’s description and qualifications; and approving procedures for posting the position and hiring an individual to fill the position.  Commissioner, Safont to present.

(c)   Discussion and possible action to adopt performance criteria for   review of the Department of Elections Director.  President Joseph Phair to present.



8.    New Business




9.         Discussion regarding items for future agendas.





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