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May 4, 2011 Redistricting


                                                                            Approved Minutes **Revised 5-27-11

                                                                                 Redistricting Special Meeting

                                                                             Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 6:00

                                                                                       City Hall, Room 416




1.      Call to order: 6:08  ** Chairperson is Commissioner Arnold Townsend


Roll Call: present Commissioners Gerard Gleason, Rosabella Safont, Arnold Townsend, Jill Rowe, Catalina Ruiz-Healy – Excused President Richard Matthews and Vice President Winnie Yu 


2.      Public comment on any topic within the jurisdiction of the Elections Commission



Public Speaker Chris Bowman suggested that anyone who has run for supervisor should automatically be disqualified do to a conflict of interest; any director or senior staffer of a political action or trade organization who may lobby City Hall for funding should be disqualified for a conflict of interest; and applicants should not have preconceived opinions on the districts.


Public Speaker D. Stanfield endorsed applicant Friedenbach.

Public Speaker R. Weber endorsed applicant Friedenbach.

Public Speaker R Merritt Jr. endorsed applicant Friedenbach.

Public Speaker B. Casey endorsed applicant Friedenbach.

Public Speaker R Hampton endorsed applicant LeBlanc.

Public Speaker L DeGuzner endorsed applicant Friedenbach.

Public Speaker L Evans encouraged the Commission to select at least one African American applicant for a position on the Task Force.

Public Speaker S McFullum endorsed applicant Leblanc.

Public Speaker L. Post questioned what is the process for selecting applicants for this task force?


Commissioner Townsend explained that the Commission will select 3 positions for the task force, as will the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor.


3.        Discussion and possible action interviewing applicants for the Redistricting Task Force. The Elections Commission makes three appointments to the task force, if the task force is created by the Board of Supervisors. If the task force is not created, then these appointments shall have no effect. The deadline for applications was April 29, 2011, at 5:00 p.m.  Applicants are:  Steven Moss, Christopher Elmendorf, Ron Dudum, Bridgette LeBlanc, Richard Millet, Ken Cleveland, David Lee, Mark Schreiber, Keith Baraka, Daniel Scherotter, Edward Helfeld, Owen O’Donnell, Ted Loewenberg, Melissa Tidwell, Suki Kott, Kathleen (Kat) Anderson, James Tracy, Kevin Malone, Jenny Lam, David Pilpel, Gia Daniller Katz, Sally Grady, Kevin Cheng, Rachel Ebora, Kathleen Coll, Todd Mavis, Lena Carew and Jennifer Friedenbach.  Applicants will be called in that order.  



Commissioner Rowe stated for the record that one of the applicants, Mark Schreiber, is the managing partner at her law firm. Commissioner Safont stated for the record that one of the applicants, Rachel Ebora, is a professional acquaintance with whom she has been teaching a class.  Commissioner Townsend stated for the record that one of the applicants, Steve Moss, is a professional acquaintance with whom he sits on


Commissioner Gleason said that the task force is a huge commitment as he puts forth a motion.


Motion: That the Elections Commission not accept or consider applications for the Redistricting Task Force if the application was received after the stated deadline of 5PM on Friday, April 29.  If an applicant who is impacted by this motion can show the application was submitted by email prior to 5PM on Friday April 29, the Commission may chose to reconsider such an application.


Commissioner Catalina Ruiz- Healy said it would be unfair to applicants who submitted applications on time if the Commission were to consider applicants who missed the deadline the deadline.


Public Speaker Chris Bowman supported the motion, and suggested that applicants consider the Board of Supervisors and Mayor’s Office for an appointment to the task force.


Vote was taken and was unanimous to approve motion.  As a result of this motion, four applicants were removed from consideration:  Kathleen Coll, Todd Mavis, Lena Carew and Jennifer Friedenbach.



Commissioner Gleason remarked that agenda for the Commission's May 4, 2011 meeting invites applicants to speak with the Elections Commission, allows the Commission members to ask the applicants questions and allows the applicants to respond.  He suggested that applicants who were not able to attend the Commission's May 4 meeting could speak during general public comment at the Commission's next meeting but that no special accommodations should be made at the next commission meeting for any applicants who were not present at the Commission’s meeting on May 4.


Motion: **

That the Elections Commission will hear from applicants to the Redistricting Task Force at the meeting of Wednesday May 4, 2011, and the agenda for that meeting invites applicants to speak with the Elections Commission and allows the Commission members to ask the applicants questions and allows the applicants to respond. No such accommodation will be made at a future meeting of the Elections
Commission for applicants to the Redistricting Task Force.

Vote was taken and was unanimous to approve motion.


Commissioner Townsend stated that each candidate would have 2 minutes for an opening statement followed by 4 minutes for questions from the commissioners.  


Steven Moss: Taught at Mills College in San Francisco courses in policy analysis and political systems. Currently serves on San Francisco Economic Opportunity Council.


Christopher Elmendorf - Not Present


Ron DudumHas worked in the city of San Francisco in various ways and ran for supervisor in district 4 and received over 10 thousand votes. Understands statistics and data and feels he will be an asset to this task force.


Bridgette LeBlancWorked on a campaign for Mayor Newsom in district 5 as an organizer, says she is very passionate about San Francisco, and specializes in event management, meetings and community out research.


Richard Millet: Grew up in Guatemala and has worked on several task forces.  Has a bachelors’ degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley and worked previously with Roses, a Police Organization for many years in the Bayview district.


**Ken Cleaveland- Not present  


David Lee: Executive Director of the Chinese American Voters Education Committee, member United States Census Bureau CIC Steering Committee, and familiar with data in the redistricting process.


**Mark Schreiber: Has lived in San Francisco for 30 years; currently employed with a law firm in San Francisco as an Attorney with strong emphasis on Administrative Law and Government.  He has worked on mapping with the Broad Band mapping the public utilities.


Keith Baraka:  Firefighter; lives in district 8; has voted in all elections; and is an executive board member of the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic club.


Daniel Scherotter: Registered voter since 1993, currently working as a chef/ owner of a local restaurant.  Has never run for a political office and feels he would be an asset to the Task Force.      


Edward Helfeld - Not present


Owen O’Donnell: Graduate of Yale University with a Bachelors degree in Politics and Economics and Stanford University Law School.  Ran for the Board of Supervisors District 5 in 2008 and finished second.


Ted Loewenberg- Not present


Melissa TidwellMoved here from New York in 2006. I’m currently working as a corporate lawyer with Google. I previously worked in the state of Georgia working with Google maps.  I work with children to give them exposure to the Digital Media.


**Suki KottLong time voter in San Francisco, attended City College, San Francisco State and Golden Gate University where I received a Masters in Software Engineering ; President of district 2 Democratic Club, Worked as a precinct captain in the campaign for Gerardo Sandoval’s campaign. 


**Kathleen (Kat) Anderson: I have lived in San Francisco for 23 years in districts 5,10,4,3 and 2. I ran for Supervisor in district 2 in 2010.  I have a deep love and commitment to San Francisco to keep electoral politics fair and balanced.  I'm a labor and Employment Attorney with a Degree from Stanford University in Political Science


James Tracy- Not present


Kevin Malone:   Retired with great interest and knowledge that would allow him to be a great contribution to this Task Force.  He has worked as a political staffer on a national level.


Jenny LamLived in San Francisco for 13 years; has worked directly with diverse communities in the area of education, women’s rights and youth development 


**David Pilpel: Served on the Sunshine Task Force as well as other governmental agencies setting policies and help with the Sunshine Ordinance.  I attend most all the Elections Commission meetings and well as other Commissions in San Francisco.  My main focus is to meet the requirements and keep within guidelines set for redistricting.


Gia Daniller KatzFeels it is important to be involved; currently has a degree in economics and statistics. Currently registered as a Lobbyist and working for Daniller Consulting Inc.


 Sally Grady: Member of the league of Women Voters. I volunteered at the Haight Ashbury Medical Clinic during the 80’s and 90’s.  Lived in San Francisco for 25 years and would like to be a part of the Task Force.


Kevin Cheng- Not present


Rachel Ebora:  Director of Community Engagement with the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center and the Community Development Coordinator.


4. Adjournment: 7:55






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