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June 15, 2011

Approve  Minutes 

Elections Commission Meeting

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 6:00 pm

City Hall Room 408


Order of Business

1. Call to Order at 6:08 p.m. Present:  President Richard Matthews, Vice President Winnie Yu, Commissioner Gerard Gleason, Commissioner Arnold Townsend, and  Commissioner Rosabella Safont (arrived at 6:10).
Excused absences: Commissioner Catalina Ruiz-Healy and Commissioner Jill Rowe.


2.  Announcements: 

President Matthews announced he has stepped down from Budget and Oversight of Public Elections Committee (BOPEC) and has appointed Commissioner Jill Rowe, who has accepted this appointment.  

The City and County of San Francisco has gone to digital recording of all Commission meetings.  This will allow all meetings to be uploaded to our website and made public.  President Matthews then asked the secretary how soon after meetings they will be posted online; the secretary replied it is possible to upload shortly after each meeting however this meeting will be made available Monday, June 20, 2011.  

3.  Public comment on any issue within the Elections Commission’s general jurisdiction.

Public Speaker Chris Wright spoke on behalf of Public Speaker Chris Bowman to announce that he wishes to speak on district lines and would be arriving shortly.


Public Speaker Otto Duffy spoke in support of James Tracey for the redistricting task force.


4.  Director’s Report:
The Director will update the Commission on matters pertaining to elections and the Department of Elections, including updates on activities of the divisions, plans and activities for upcoming elections or election-related functions, and budgetary matters.


Budget: The draft is still being reviewed however the department does not have any concerns at this time.  The next meeting is scheduled for June 20, 2011.

Elections:  The November 8th election has 37 people who have filed a declaration of intent to run for mayor; five for District Attorney; and seven for Sheriff.  The nomination period is July 18th until August 12th.     This is when the signatures are required and the filing fee is due.  It has been rumored that Mayor Lee may be a write-in however one still must submit a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate in California.

Saturday Voting:  The cost has an increased from $2.3 to $2.4 million.  Currently, there has been no money contributed.  The Department website has been updated with information that the public can access. 

Administrative: The department has been putting documents together for a consultant for Redistricting Task Force, which will be in place before any business begins. 

Campaign Services: The department has conducted a candidate workshop and 34 attendees were present. This is for candidates who have obtained signatures in lieu of filing fees.  The nomination period is from July 17th until August 12th when the candidate submits the paper work and fees. This will declare them  a candidate and the name can be placed on the ballot.

Ballot Distribution:  The Ballots have been mailed out for renewal of the Fillmore Community Benefit District.  Department received a notice last week there will be a Retirement Board election this year.

Outreach: The department will be mailing approximately 500 invitations to organizations asking them to invite us to come to their locations to explain and answer any questions they may have regarding the voting process.  The department has a video on the website which has an excellent user friendly explanation of ranked choice voting.

Pollworker Division: The department has finished the pollworkers video and it’s on the website giving access to all.

Precinct Services:  The department has been creating the maps with the information from the Census Bureau, updating the information from the bureau putting population changes.

Front Counter:  is currently being reconfigured for wheel chair accessibility to comply to American with Disabilities Act.

Elections Officials: Department has been working with the Secretary of State putting  together a survey to be used to assist in finding Polling Places for all of Californians.    



5.   Commissioners’ Reports:  No reports were offered.  

Old Business


6.  Discussion and possible action to adopt policy related to possible Saturday voting.


President Matthews states this item was previously covered by Director’s report. Commissioner Gleason asked if July 8th is the deadline and what will happen at that time.  Attorney Mollie Lee stated that from a legal text Saturday Voting is only if there is sufficient funding.  Commissioner Gleason asked if will there be a press release. Attorney Lee said there is nothing in legal text that  states the Department must release a press release, however, the Department's website has provided information on Saturday voting and she can’t see any reason the Department can’t continue same method.


7. Discussion and possible action to adopt policy related to the release of voting data in ranked-choice voting contests after elections, including the timing of releases.  Commissioner Gleason moved to refer this item to BOPEC; Commissioner Safont seconded.


The vote was UNANIMOUS to refer this matter to BOPEC.


8.  Discussion and possible action regarding the selection of the Elections Commission’s three appointees to the Redistricting Task Force.


Vice President Yu asked whether Commissioner Ruiz-Healy’s memo to the Commission would be considered a nomination of the person discussed; President Matthews stated that it could not be considered  a nomination, that a commissioner must be present in order to nominate.

Public Speaker Otto Duffy spoke regarding district 6 and endorses Mark Malone and James


Public Speaker Chris Bowman endorses candidates David Lee, Mark Schreiber and Keith


Public Speaker D. Butler endorses candidate Bridgette LeBlanc

Public Speaker Greg Dawson endorses candidate Bridgette LeBlanc

Public Speaker Eric Tolliver endorses candidate Bridgette LeBlanc


Having been nominated and seconded by commissioners, the nominees were:

David Pilpel, Melissa Tidwell, , Bridgette Leblanc, Gia Daniller-Katz, Jenny Lam,

Kathleen Coll and Mark Schreiber.


A straw poll was held. Commissioner Townsend then moved that the Commission appoint Melissa Tidwell, Bridgette LeBlanc, and Gia Daniller-Katz.  There was no second, so the motion failed.


Commissioner Gleason then moved that the Commission appoint David Pilpel, Mark Schreiber, and Melissa Tidwell. Commissioner Safont seconded.


The vote was UNANIMOUS that the Elections Commission hereby appoints David Pilpel, Melissa Tidwell and Mark Schreiber to the San Francisco Redistricting Task force for 2011-2012.


President Matthews thanked all of the candidates for their interest and recognized that it is unfortunate that 22 out of 25 good, interested, talented citizens had to be disappointed. 


New Business

9. Discussion and possible action to approve the Minutes of the May 4, 2011 Special Meeting of the Elections Commission. 

Vote taken and was unanimous to approve Minutes of May 4, 2011.          


10. Discussion and possible action to approve the Minutes of the May 18, 2011 Commission Meeting. 

Vote taken and was unanimous to approve Minutes of May 18, 2011.


11.     Discussion regarding items for future agendas.



Commissioner Gleason announced that there will be no meeting on BOPEC July 6, 2011.

President Matthews reiterated that there will be no Elections Commission meeting on July 20, 2011.

Commissioner Townsend has asked that the wording on the agenda for general Public Comment include “not otherwise the topic of an item on this agenda,” or words to that effect.


Adjourned at 7:00 p.m.



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