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February 15,2012


 Elections Commission Meeting

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6:00 p.m. Room408

1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl

San Francisco, Ca 94102




Order of Business


  1. Call to Order & Roll Call : 6:05 pm


Present: Commissioner Gerard Gleason, Commissioner Rosabella Safont, Commissioner Arnold Townsend excused 6:10, Commissioner Catalina Ruiz-Healy, Commissioner Jill Rowe, Commissioner Winnie Yu and Commissioner Richard Matthews Also Present Director John Arntz and Deputy Attorney Mollie Lee


  1. Public comment on any issue within the Elections Commission’s general jurisdiction.


Public Speaker David Pilpel thanked the commission for its selection of the Redistricting appointees.


  1. Announcements:

President Gerard Gleason made an announcement of the new selection of members of the Budget and Oversight of Public Elections Committee he welcomed Chairperson Jill Rowe, Rich Matthews and Catalina Ruiz-Healy.


  1. Approval of Minutes :

Vote was taken and was unanimous to approve Minutes of January 18, 2012.      


  1. Director’s Report :



Director Arntz says that for the Budget there are no major changes however that some small changes are expected due to the pollworkers stipend increased by approximately 10 dollars because the department is continually adding new job functions.   Administrative The department is working on combining Publications and Outreach divisions to for Voter Information Division.  Combining the two divisions will increase the staffing pool for both areas and allow us to create uniform materials and benefit more from bilingual personnel.  Commissioner Matthews ask why the changes with the deadlines.  Director answered it is tied to finance and other studies regarding candidates.  Ballot Distribution the department has been working with Runbeck Election Services on the sorting equipment for Vote By Mail (VBM) and Provisional Voting envelopes reviewing upgrades to be able to have more information available on the outside of the envelope.  The department is working with the envelope vendor in office today, tomorrow and Friday with upgrades.  We have discussed tracking using radio frequency this will allow keeping  better track on numbers, people and processes in real time we hope to have this by June.  Campaign Services nominations began Monday February 13, 2012, today we have issued nomination papers to 28 people.  Outreach we will start interviewing next week.   Director Arntz says the department conducted the first Community Network meeting February 9, we had 16 people attend and we received good comments they provided 4 pages of ideas regarding Opt in or Opt out options.  Pollworkers we are sending out the second issue of the pollworkers training newsletter.  Commissioner Gleason commended the Department’s Pollworker Newsletter says he was impressed with the recent issue of the newsletter which focused on Election Day operations at polling places and how those functions impact the post election canvas.  Commissioner Yu made a comment regarding Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) asked if the information can be retrieved that was supplied by the pollworkers Director Arntz replied yes, this is a system that was created by the department verses a outside company that we rely on for monitoring and data inputPrecinct Services the department has mailed polling place availability letters asking if their sites can be used for the coming elections in 2012.  Technology division has been working on  getting the equipment ready working, whether the batteries are ok and making sure that any machines that have had problems on more than three occasions is  replaced or checked.  Voter Services this year we have received more petitions than ever, we have increased our budget because of this.

  1. Commissioners’ Reports:


Commissioner Catalina Ruiz-Healy reported on a Department Outreach Meeting she attended. Commissioner Ruiz-Healy recommends and encourages new ways of getting the youth inspired and motivated in the elections 


7.       New Business


(a) Discussion and possible action to approve the proposed budget for FY 2012-13. Possible report from the Budget and Oversight and Public Elections Committee on this item. 


Vote was taken and was unanimous to approve.

(b)  Discussion and possible action regarding Commissioner’s Ethics and Sunshine Ordinance Training


President Gleason reminded the commissioners that the periodic Ethics and Sunshine Ordinance Training is scheduled for Tuesday February 28, and it important for Commissions to attend.



8.       Old Business


The Commission moved to closed session for the following item:



Director of Elections John Arntz




Closed Session is held pursuant to Brown Act section 54957(b) and Sunshine Ordinance section 67.10(b) to discuss annual performance evaluation of a public employee. Discussion and possible action.


The Commission returned to PUBLIC SESSION:  7:51


(b)  Discussion and possible action regarding closed session action and deliberations.  Discussion and vote pursuant to Brown Act section 54957.1 and Sunshine Ordinance section 67.12 on whether to disclose any action taken or discussions held in closed session.


Motion: The Elections Commission finds that it is in the best interest of the public not to disclose its closed session deliberations regarding the performance evaluation of the Director of Elections.

Vote was taken and was unanimous to approve.


(c)  Discussion and possible action to determine procedures and criteria for annual performance review of the Action Commission Secretary.


This item was tabled until a future meeting.



9.  Discussion and possible action regarding items for future meeting agendas and meeting dates.

Public Speaker Roger Donaldson, former member the of Voting Systems Task Force spoke on the release of voting totals the night of the elections and he feels that the voters should have  access to the numbers.


President Gleason stated there will be a Special Meeting of the Full Elections Commission prior to the Budget and Oversight of Public elections Committee meeting to be held at 6:00PM on Wednesday March 7, 2012.


 Adjourn         8:00

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