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April 24, 2009


Note: Each item on the Consent or Regular agenda may include explanatory documents, including Executive Officer report and public correspondence.

These items will be available for review at City Hall, Room 244, Reception Desk.

Special Meeting
Joint meeting with the

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

April 24, 2009, at 10:00 a.m.

City Hall, Legislative Chamber

LAFCo Members: Chairperson Mirkarimi,

Commissioners Dufty, Campos, Mar and Schmeltzer

Alternate: Avalos and Bornstein


1. Call to Order

(San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), President Caen & Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) Chairperson Mirkarimi)

The meeting convened at 10:14 a.m.

  1. Roll Call for both the SFPUC and for the LAFCo.


Present: Chairperson Mirkarimi, Vice-Chair Campos (arrived at 10:46 a.m.), Commissioners Avalos, Dufty, Mar, Schmeltzer, and Bornstein


Present: President Caen, Vice-President Crowley, Commissioners Ellis, and Vietor

There was a quorum.


3. Opening remarks and discussion of expectations for this joint meeting by SFPUC President Caen and LAFCo Chairperson Mirkarimi, followed by a presentation by the Mayor's Office on Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

Chairperson Mirkarimi welcomed all the Commissioners and stated that the purpose of the joint meeting was to secure a common strategy between the bodies that follows both state and local laws.

President Caen also welcomed everyone and stated this was a historical day for clean energy in San Francisco.

Commissioner Dufty added that the commissions must collaborate on a broadbased effort to achieve clean energy.

Wade Crowfoot expressed the Mayor's enthusiasm that this process is moving forward and is looking forward to working with LAFCo and the SFPUC.

Public Comment: Eric Brooks commented that the PUC staff has been more responsive and the stakeholders would like to continue dialogue with PUC and LAFCo; Espanola Jackson thanked the commissions for their joint efforts; Tracy Shepherd presented 4,200 cards and letters that support the CCA program and urged the commissions to continue moving forward; Charles Walker relayed a sense of urgency and his hope that the two bodies continue to move forward; Woody Hastings expressed his support of an expeditious implementation; a Female Speaker stated that she was glad to see San Francisco moving forward; Joshua Arce, Brightline Defense Project, thanked the commissions for meeting and noted the diverse expertise gathered.

4. Jurisdiction and Responsibilities for SFPUC and SF LAFCo for CCA Program.

Theresa Mueller, Deputy City Attorney, gave an overview of the different responsibilities and control each body has. PUC has exclusive management, jurisdiction, and control of energy supplies and utilities, including managing any energy program within the City. The San Francisco Board of Supervisor's ordinance gives LAFCo the power to augment and complement the actions of the PUC.

Commissioner Campos thanked Ms. Mueller for her presentation and noted the importance for LAFCo to provide a meaningful oversight role to ensure that the CCA is successful.

5. Discussion and possible action by both the SFPUC and the SF LAFCo approving resolutions endorsing the CCA work-plan following presentation and discussion of CCA program by staff of LAFCo and SFPUC.

a) Activities to date

b) Program Status

c) Synopsis of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) for benefit of public

d) Timeline – current status and next steps

e) Budget – Amount in SFPUC capital Budget

f) Presentation of joint resolution affirming work-plan

Nancy Miller, Interim Executive Officer, SF LAFCo, gave background information on herself and her experience. She then gave a presentation on the timeline and progress made from the past to the present.

In response to Commissioner Ellis' question regarding the CCA Task Force, Ms. Miller stated that the Task Force is being put back together and will consist of, primarily, community stakeholders.

Commissioner Vietor asked for clarification regarding risk assessment. Ms. Miller explained that risk assessment encompasses many different pre- and post-RFP activities.

In response to Commissioner Mar's question regarding community-based environmental groups, Ms. Miller explained that they play a critical role and have been instrumental during the process.

Michael Campbell, CCA Director, gave an overview on the current status and timeline for the remainder of the year, along with the progress of the RFQ and future marketing efforts that will be used to educate citizens on the program.

Public Comment: June Brossard, Global Exchange, expressed her encouragement to see both commissions moving forward; Aaron Israel, PUC Citizens Advisory Committee, urged for regular reports to be made and for the Advisory Committee to be included as part of the stakeholders meeting; Eric Brooks, SF Green Party, suggested an additional clause be added that lays out LAFCo's powers and reiterated the stakeholders opposition to the risk assessment being done now; Mitchell Hayward, PUC Citizens Advisory Committee, voiced his assessment of the program; Bruce Wolfe urged the commissions to move along hastily; Espanola Jackson urged the commissions to move the process along; Joshua Arce, Brightline Defense Project, urged that the program remain open and transparent.

Vice-Chair Campos asked for the resolutions to be amended, on page 1, line 12, to add  advise before  monitor and& 

LAFCO Resolution

Moved by Vice-Chair Campos, seconded by Commissioner Mar, to approve the amended LAFCO resolution.

Action: Approved as amended.

SFPUC Resolution

Moved by Commissioner Crowley, seconded by Commissioner Ellis, to approve the amended SFPUC resolution.

Action: Approved as amended.

6. SFPUC Presentation of SFPUC Power Enterprise multi-year financial condition and plan.

a) Bond capacity under propositions B and H

b) Hetch Hetchy financial condition

Todd Rystrom, Chief Financial Officer, SFPUC, gave a presentation on possible energy conservation bonds, the financial condition of the program and the plan to move forward.

Public Comment: Eric Brooks, SF Green Party, pointed out past documents that can be found with information on H bonds; Francisco Da Costa spoke about energy and resources.

7. Background and status of Marin Clean Energy Program.

Commissioner Bornstein encouraged everyone to visit the Marin County website on clean energy.

8. Recurrent Solar Project at Sunset as a possible supply source for CCA.

Barbara Hale, Assistant General Manager of Power, SFPUC, gave an update of the Recurrent Solar Project at Sunset and how it may be a possible supply source for CCA.

Vice-Chair Campos voiced concern that all options be exhausted prior to entering into a Purchasing Power Agreement. He also asked that PUC ensure that the vendor's subcontractors are in compliance with CCSF's requirements, specifically the provision of benefits.

Public Comment: Francisco Da Costa expressed concern about the oversight; John Risso, Sierra Club, relayed the Sierra Club's support of this project; Tony Gander expressed concern over the financing of the project; Eric Brooks, SF Green Party, expressed concern over the finances; Espanola Jackson expressed concern over the number of jobs slated for the communities; a Recurrent representative responded to concerns that were voiced during the discussion; Bruce Wolfe expressed concern over who will own the project and the benefit to rate payers; Joshua Arce, Brightline Defense Project, voiced support for the project but concern over the number of jobs.

9. Public Comments

Eric Brooks, SF Green Party, asked for LAFCO to reconsider the two tasks.


The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

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