Public Health Benchmarking

The dashboards below show how San Francisco compares to peer jurisdictions across performance metrics in three health-related areas: health landscape (systems and services), health outcomes, and health spending. Data was sourced from the 2017 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Health Rankings, unless otherwise noted. Additional data sources include a survey conducted by the Controller's Office in 2017; and national, state, and county HIV and STD surveillance data. Sources for individual metrics are detailed in the Data Notes in each dashboard.

Health Spending data compares San Francisco to California peer counties only, and programs financing and administration can vary from county to county. While the Controller’s Office has made efforts to ensure that performance data and analysis is as consistent as possible across peers, benchmark comparisons are not always apples-to-apples. However, benchmarking results provide useful context for the public and policymakers to assess how San Francisco compares to similar peer jurisdictions and to identify areas for further research and awareness.