Resolution 2002-02 - Representatives at International Disability Conf

Mayor's Disability Council

City and County of San Francisco

Resolution # 2002-02

Expressing Solidarity and Support for Disability Rights and the Members of the International Conference on Disability at Lake Balatan

Whereas, the Mayor's Disability Council represents the people of the City and County of San Francisco who aspire to full participation by our citizens with disabilities, and

Whereas, the Mayor's Disability Council supports those aspirations by all persons with disabilities and their friends throughout the world, and

Whereas, the International Disability Conference at Lake Balatan, Hungary, will bring together over one hundred persons with disabilities and advocates from across Central Europe and Europe to celebrate the lives of people with disabilities and to promote social structures that encourage and enable full inclusion into the mainstream of many nations,

Now therefore, be it resolved that the Mayor's Disability Council congratulates and voices its support for the Lake Balatan Conference members, and wishes them success in their work together and in each and every nation which they represent.