Resolution 2002-03 - Segway

Mayor's Disability Council

City and County of San Francisco

Resolution # 2002-03

Resolution urging the Mayor and Board of Supervisors to preserve and promote pedestrian safety by banning the use of Segway Scooters on San Francisco sidewalks.

Whereas on October 18, 2002, the Mayor's Disability Council (MDC) held a public hearing on the use of Segway Scooters on San Francisco Sidewalks, and

Whereas, public comment consisted almost entirely of concerns for pedestrian safety and objections to allowing fast moving, virtually silent machines to share our sidewalks with pedestrian traffic, and

Whereas, the only testimony in favor of operating Segway Scooters on Sidewalks was provided by a single representative of the Segway Corporation, and

Whereas, the members heard testimony, that Segway Scooters pose a hazard to the health and safety of blind, disabled, and senior members of our community, and

Whereas, sidewalk safety is already threatened by the unchecked use of scooters, skateboards, bicycles and parked cars therein,

Now therefore, be it resolved that the Mayor's Disability Council supports the proposed Ban of the Segway Scooter on San Francisco Sidewalks, and urges the Mayor and Board of Supervisors to support the proposed ban in order to preserve safe paths of travel for pedestrians with and without disabilities, and to thereby allow all of San Francisco's citizens to navigate San Francisco Sidewalks with dignity and safety.