Resolution 2009-02 Endorsing Revisions to ADA Transition Plan Priorities at SFGH



San Francisco Mayor's Disability Council Resolution
Endorsing Mayor's Office on Disability's Recommendations for Revisions to ADA Transition Plan Priorities at San Francisco General Hospital

WHEREAS, the Mayor's Office on Disability (MOD) has developed the ADA Transition Plan for Facilities to be flexible and responsive to the particular needs and priorities that develop annually, and has integrated the ADA Transition Plan into the City and County's Ten Year Capital Plan; and
WHEREAS, health facilities have been a high priority for ADA Transition Plan funding, including improving access at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH); and
WHEREAS, public toilet rooms are currently under construction or complete in the main hospital's in-patient lobby, outpatient lobby, emergency room lobby, x-ray area and traumatic brain injury teaching facility; and these restrooms will serve to provide a minimum foundation of accessibility for public areas in the existing hospital; and
WHEREAS, the Master Plan for ADA Transition Plan projects for the remaining projects at SFGH has been delayed due to turnover in project management, as well as the need to minimize construction's disruption of services within the hospital; and
WHEREAS, the current schedule for completion of existing work will not be until at least 2014, with the new hospital opening in 2015 or 2016; and
WHEREAS, in an environment of extremely limited capital resources, the City needs to prioritize access work that will have the longest useful life; and
WHEREAS, MDC and DPW has solicited public input including participation by individuals with disabilities and groups that represent individuals with disabilities in reviewing the challenges for the design and construction of ADA Transition Plan priorities within the existing hospital; and

WHEREAS, MOD, SFGH and DPW have agreed, in principle, to Revisions to the ADA Transition Plan Priorities at San Francisco General Hospital, which are as follows:
Priority 1, Phase 1: Accessible public toilet rooms for each sex on each floor of the existing main hospital, and located near the main bank of public elevators, and, accessible passenger loading zone at Building 80 where certain clinic services are currently located; and
Priority 2, Phase 1: Accessible public patient use toilets and shower facilities within the emergency room areas, that will become family clinic programs; and
Priority 3, Phase 2: Accessible patient use toilet rooms in clinical areas that will be used as patient toilets in future clinic programs; and
The SFGH Rebuilt project will construct three new accessible passenger loading zones to serve the existing and new hospital building; and
WHEREAS, this new schedule will maximize the current and future usefulness of the access projects, will minimize the disruption of services in the active hospital, and will adapt to the current economic limitations the City faces;
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Mayor's Disability Council Endorses the MOD Recommendations for Revisions to ADA Transition Plan Priorities at San Francisco General Hospital, and recommends that the Department of Public Works and San Francisco General Hospital proceed with the Revisions to the ADA Transition Plan Priorities as detailed in these Recommendations.


June 19, 2009 Mayor's Disability Council – ADOPTED
Ayes: 6 - Jul Lynn Parsons, F. Ross Woodall, Raphaella Benin, Harriet Chiu Chan, Joseph Fong, Tatiana Kostanian, Sarah Estes Merrell, and Denise Senhaux.
Absent: Benito Casados, Elizabeth Grigsby and Vincent Webster.