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March 11, 2010




Thursday, March 11, 2010

4:00 p.m., City Hall, Room 406
Committee Members: Sue Cauthen (Chair), Hanley Chan, Doyle Johnson, Suzanne Manneh, Marjorie Ann Williams

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.

Roll Call: Present: Cauthen, Chan, Johnson, Manneh, Williams

Agenda Changes: Item 6 heard before Item 4.

Deputy City Attorney: Jerry Threet (not present)
Clerk: Chris Rustom


Adoption of February 11, 2010, meeting minutes.

Motion to adopt February 11, 2010, meeting minutes.( Chan / Manneh )

Public Comment: Peter Warfield, Executive Director of the Library Users Association, said the minutes did not mention his letter informing the committee that he was unable to attend the meeting during which his complaint against the Historic Preservation Commission was to be heard.

On the motion:
Ayes: Chan, Johnson, Manneh, Williams, Cauthen



Hearing on the status of the October 27, 2009, Order of Determination of Peter Warfield against the Clerk of the Board.

Complainant Peter Warfield said the Clerk of the Board has not met the Order of Determination and continues to willfully violate the Ordinance.

The respondent was not present. There was no one in the audience to speak in favor or present evidence on behalf of the respondent.

Motion to forward matter to the Task Force with a recommendation that it find the Clerk’s Office in willful violation of the Ordinance and that it also find the Clerk’s Office in violation of Sec. 67.21(e) for failure to send a representative to the hearing. ( Johnson / Chan )

In closing, Mr. Warfield said silence speaks louder than words and this case was typical of what departments do when they have nothing more to say.

Public Comment: Doug Comstock said the committee could find the respondent in willful violation and not force Mr. Warfield to attend one more meeting.

On the motion:
Ayes: Chan, Johnson, Manneh, Williams, Cauthen



Hearing on the status of the January 5, 2010, Order of Determination against Mike Addario v Arts Commission.

Complainant Mike Addario, chairperson of the San Francisco Street Artists Liaison Committee, said there has been some improvement between the staff and members over transparency, but more work was needed. He also said he would like to have their meetings telecast and have supporting documents posted online.

Respondent Howard Lazar said the San Francisco Arts Commission voted unanimously in January to add another staff member. The additional help would assist him in responding to the Immediate Disclosure requests the commission gets, he said.

In closing, Mr. Addario said the additional of an extra staff member costs each artist about $200 monthly because the Street Artists Program is self-funded and not dependent on city funding.

Mr. Lazar said he did not foresee a problem with having attachments to the agenda, especially with the hiring of an additional staff member.

Motion finding that the Arts Commission has met the requirements of the Order of Determination and that the agency has acted in good faith in trying to assist the complainant. ( Chan / Manneh )

Public Comment: Peter Warfield said the respondent needs to provide more information regarding the fee hike. He also said increasing access on the internet is good but departments have to remember that some residents do not have online access.

On the motion:
Ayes: Chan, Johnson, Manneh, Williams, Cauthen


Outreach for Sunshine presentations.

Members discussed the following presentations:
· Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods
· League of Women Voters
· Lower Polk Neighborhood Association
· Shelter Monitoring Committee
· North Beach Neighbors
· Mayor’s Disability Council

Public Comment: None


Results of contact with neighborhood newspaper editors

Members discussed the following assignments:
Chair Cauthen: Central City Extra and Westside Observer.
Member Williams: SF Bay View, VisValley Grapevine and Sun Reporter, and radio stations KPOO and KPEH.
Member Johnson: Castro Courier, Haight-Ashbury Beat, Richmond Review and Sunset Beacon.

Public Comment: None


Sunshine Award.

Former Task Force chair Doug Comstock suggested deadlines that need to be followed.

Public Comment: Peter Warfield said he agrees with the plan but requirements for nomination need to be hashed out further. He also said there should be an opportunity for multiple winners.


Status of department head calendar and IDR response items.

Matter continued to next meeting.


Public comment for items not listed on the agenda:

Peter Warfield said among the many problems with the committee’s January meeting, it did not check the Order of Determination to see if there was compliance.


Committee Members’ Comments, Questions, and Requests for Future Agenda Items:

Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

This meeting has been audio recorded and is on file in the office of the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force
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