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August 31, 2011 - Special

San Francisco Youth Commission
**Special Inaugural Meeting**
Wednesday, August 31, 2011
City Hall, Room 421

There will be public comment on each item.


1. Call to Order and Roll Call

Acting Chair LaCroix called the meeting to order at 6:36pm.

The roll was called. All Commissioners were present: Armstrong, Baer, Bonner, Brodwin, Carrion, Chan, Holloway, LaCroix, Liang, Marshall-Fricker, Tu Mutch, Ontiveros, Persky, Shackelford, Sun, Yang, Zukerman.

Staff present: Yedidia, Truong.

2. Approval of Agenda (Action Item)

Commissioner Yang moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Marshall-Fricker. The agenda was approved unanimously by acclamation.

3. Approval of Minutes (Action Item)

Documents A, B, C

There was no public comment on any of these items.

Commissioner Ontiveros, seconded by Commissioner Baer, moved to approve the minutes to the meeting of June 20, 2011. This motion was approved unanimously by acclamation.

Commissioner Liang, seconded by Commissioner Marshall-Fricker, moved to approve the minutes to the Special Meeting of June 20, 2011. This motion was approved unanimously by acclamation.

Commissioner Ontiveros, seconded by Commissioner Baer, moved to approve the minutes to the Special Meeting of July 11, 2011. This motion was approved by acclamation.

4. Public Comment on Items not on Agenda (Discussion Only)

There was none.

5. Legislation Referred from the Board of Supervisors (All Items to Follow Discussion and Possible Action)

6. Presentations (All Items to Follow Discussion and Possible Action)

A. Bay Area Urban Debate League presentation and request for collaboration (Document D)
Presenters: Perry Green, Program Director, Bay Area Urban Debate League, and Bay Area Urban Debate League participant Alan Santos.

Mr. Green and Mr. Santos led the Youth Commission through a history of the the Bay Area Urban Debate League (BAUDL), an overview of its current programming and an explanation of BAUDL’s desire to collaborate with the Youth Commission. BAUDL was started in 2008 with the goal of engaging at risk young people in “policy debate,” a fast-paced and innovative competitive debating format, with the goal of discussing topical issues in a way that is accessible and encourages them to acquire other intellectual and social skills to excel in school and the professional world. Mr. Santos and Mr. Green stressed that whereas sports are not an extracurricular activity for everyone, debate can be a perhaps somewhat more universal activity that can keep young people intellectually active and productive, as well as thinking critically about key issues in their communities. In the last few years, BAUDL has been forming partnerships with some schools in San Francisco to expand the organization’s reach and impact.

Mr. Santos shared his personal experiences of being a student in an SFUSD continuation high school after dropping out of a comprehensive high school; he said he lacked the motivation to excel in school, and occasionally and fitfully focused his attention to sports. Then, however, Mr. Santos joined BAUDL and found himself growing increasingly extremely passionate about policy debate. Over time, he became more engaged in his classes, and ultimately graduated from high school; he’s currently an undergraduate student at a state university in Northern California.

Commissioners Ontiveros, Carrion, Tu Mutch, and Shackelford asked clarifying questions. As she had requested to bring this item forward, Commissioner Bonner added her thoughts regarding how BAUDL has positively impacted her life; she, too, attended the same continuation high school as Mr. Santos, and had a similar experience with the institution.

Commissioner Ontiveros asked clarifying questions on how the Youth Commission can follow up with the BAUDL after the meeting.

Commissioner Yang suggested that BAUDL also present to the Student Advisory Council (SAC), given that one of BAUDL’s goals is to work more closely with the school district of San Francisco.

There was no public comment.

Commissioner Yang, seconded by Commissioner Bonner, moved to support the Youth Commission’s collaboration with the BAUDL.

Commissioner Ontiveros said he was supportive of the motion indicating the Youth Commission’s willingness to collaborate with BAUDL, but that he thought it might be useful to be a bit more specific in the motion. He said it might be useful for the Youth Commission, perhaps, to specify how it was going to collaborate with BAUDL (for example, by developing a plan to implement debate teams throughout the high schools in San Francisco)—and that it would be a good idea to officially suggest that this collaboration be hashed out in the joint committee of SAC members and Youth Commissioners, and that the Youth Commission officially state its desire to help collaborate with BAUDL on their October 18 event.

After discussion, Commissioner Ontiveros moved to amend the basic motion with the 2 specifics (collaboration with the SAC/YC joint standing committee and collaboration on the October 18 event), seconded by Commissioner Baer. This motion carried with 17 ayes.

Acting Chair LaCroix then called the basic motion to support the BAUDL. This motion carried with 17 ayes.

7. Youth Commission Business (All Items to Follow Discussion and Possible Action)

Acting Chair LaCroix explained to the Commission that, for the sake of expediency, she would call items 7A-E out of order, and being with items C,D,E, after which she would move on to and to A and B.

C. [First Reading] Resolution 1112—AL 01—Free Youth Transportation (Document F)
Sponsors and Presenters: Commissioners LaCroix, Yang, Liang

Commissioner Liang took up the duties of chairing this item, given the fact that Acting Chair LaCroix, along with commissioner Yang, were the main sponsors of this resolution.

Commissioner LaCroix and Commissioner Yang then provided background and context to their colleagues on the Youth Commission’s recent involvement in the issue of the cost of MUNI for youth. They began by describing the Youth Lifeline Fast Pass – a discounted monthly MUNI fast pass for low income public school students that the Youth Commission initially proposed as a policy option given the rising costs of the Youth Fast Pass in February of 2010. Commissioner Yang noted that over the past months, a collaborative working group of members of the Board of Supervisors, community based organizations, and MUNI staff have been discussing how to build on the work of the Youth Lifeline and make MUNI free for all young people.

Director Yedidia and Acting Chair Liang then explained what a “first reading,” is to the commissioners—namely, a moment where a resolution is formally introduced to the entire body for an initial overview and discussion. As per the Youth Commission’s historical practice (and the proposed bylaws for FY 2011-2012), the Youth Commission usually takes action on resolutions only during their second reading.

Commissioners LaCroix and Yang then read the resolution into the public record.

Then, commissioners asked clarifying questions and expressed wide-ranging concerns regarding the prospect of making MUNI free for youth—on the whole, Commissioners indicated general support for the resolution and the concept of making MUNI free for young people, and their questions and concerns included defining the age range of “youth” as defined by this resolution, the potential funding sources of such a program, and the potential impacts of such a program on the entire MUNI system.

There was public comment on this item. Christine Revelo-Lee, a former Youth Commissioner and current student at San Francisco State University, said that that the Youth Commission had historically (during her tenure in the mid-2000s) expressed concern for transitional aged young people’s (TAY) access to public transportation access and she urged the Youth Commission to not forget TAY in this debate.

Commissioners LaCroix and Yang noted everyone’s concerns and expressed a commitment to bring back more information to the full Commission at this resolution’s second reading. Both commissioners invite everyone who is interested in this resolution to join the working group, as well as the Youth City Services: Transportation, Housing, & Recreation committee to discuss further options.

D. [First Reading] Resolution 1112—AL—01—Sponsoring an Immigrant Youth Summit
Sponsor and Presenter: Commissioner Yang (Document G)

Commissioner Yang provided some brief background information, explaining that she had spent the past few months in the initial stages of planning an Immigrant Youth Summit for high school students. Commissioner Yang explained that the impetus of the summit grew out of the fact that she is both a Youth Commissioner returning for her second year on the Commission and that she had a summer fellowship through the City & County’s Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs/Immigrant Rights Commission. The Immigrant Youth Summit she is envisioning would bring together around three hundred largely immigrant public high school students both to learn about the resources that the City & County (and the nonprofit community) have to offer and the Youth Commission’s and to share their experiences and stories—thereby helping to fulfill the Youth Commission’s Charter mandate to “identify the unmet needs of San Francisco’s children and youth.”

Commissioner Yang then read the resolution, which expresses the Youth Commission’s formal support for the Immigrant Youth Summit (tentatively planned for Friday, October 28, 2011), into the public record.

In turn, Commissioner Yang invited her colleagues and the public to join the Commission’s Youth Immigration Committee, which is spearheading the planning for the event; she noted that Commissioner Ontiveros has already been taking part in these meetings.

Commissioners Zukerman and Bonner both offered to help support the planning of the Immigrant Youth Summit.

There was no public comment.

E. Motion to cosponsor Youth Vote and Junior Statesmen of America “Youth-Led Mayoral Candidate Forum” (Document H)
Sponsor and Presenter: Commissioner Chan

Commissioner Chan explained that, between the calendaring of this item last week and the meeting itself, the Commission’s City Attorney had advised the Youth Commission not to officially endorse the Mayoral Candidate Forum, given that, despite its nonpartisan, non-electioneering character, the event could be seen as related to campaign work. Director Yedidia stepped in to clarify the role of the City Attorney, and stated that it is illegal for the Youth Commission can not endorse any political candidate, as the work of the Commission (and, indeed, any work produced on City property or with City resources) must be void of political character. He reiterated Commissioner Chan’s point that the commission is advised not to officially cosponsor of the forum; however, each commissioner is free to participate on their own individual time and not in their capacity as Commissioners in the forum.

Commissioner Chan then announced that—on her own individual time, and not as a Youth Commissioner—she has been working to organize a “Youth-Led Mayoral Candidate Forum,” which will provide young people in high school or younger two hours to ask questions of the current candidates for San Francisco Mayor; the event was set to take place on Thursday, September 8, 2011 from 4:30-6:30pm at Mission High School, and was being spearheaded by Peter Lauterborn, the Youth Vote Coordinator at the Department of Children, Youth, and their Families.

Commissioner Ontiveros asked Director Yedidia to do some research on the Youth Commission’s past sponsorship of a District Attorney candidate forum in 2000.

Acting Chair LaCroix called a recess at 8:49PM.

Acting Chair LaCroix called the meeting back to order at 8:56PM.

A. 2011-2012 Youth Commission Bylaws (Document E)
Prepared and Presented by: Youth Commission Staff
Recommendation to Youth Commission: Approval

Acting Chair LaCroix laid out a clear format for addressing the bylaws, given that the document is large and could be difficult to discuss without a clear plan—namely, there would be a staff presentation on the document as a whole and Commissioner discussion of the document as a whole; then, there would be discussion, section by section; and, finally, she would entertain a motion on the document as a whole.

Director Yedidia walked Commissioners through the bylaws, explaining the salient points of each section. He recommended a thoughtful discussion and, ultimately, approval of the document, arguing that the proposed bylaws lay out strong systems and processes that are critical to the productive functioning of the Youth Commission.

After some discussion, various Commissioners raised the fact that the meeting had gone over its planned 9:00pm end time, and Commissioners and staff were receiving phone calls from parents and other family members inquiring about when the meeting would end. Commissioner Liang raised the possibility of tabling this and subsequent items. Commissioners Bonner and Ontiveros counseled against this, given that the next meeting is not until September 19, and the Commission needs bylaws and officers in order to effectively operate.

Commissioner Tu Mutch went over Section VII of the bylaws Commission Core Values, a section she helped to craft and wished to add to the bylaws.

Director Yedidia also went over Section VIII, B, an addition to the bylaws which articulates the Commission’s Staff Mission, Vision and Accountability.

Acting Chair LaCroix asked the commission to approve by acclamation each section of the bylaws separately, and then approve the bylaws as a whole at the very end.

Section I was approved unanimously by acclamation.

Section II was approved unanimously by acclamation.

Section III was approved unanimously by acclamation.

Section IV was approved unanimously by acclamation.

Section V was approved unanimously by acclamation.

Section VI was approved unanimously by acclamation.

Section VII was approved unanimously by acclamation.

Section VIII was approved unanimously by acclamation.

Section VIIIIX was approved unanimously by acclamation.

Commissioner Zukerman, seconded by Shackelford moved to approve the 2011-2012 Youth Commission bylaws. The motion was approved, with 16 ayes (Commissioner Marshall-Fricker had departed).

B. 2011-2012 Youth Commission Officer Elections

Acting Chair LaCroix asked Youth Commission Director Yedidia to facilitate 2011-2012 Youth Commission Officer Elections.

Director Yedidia read through Section V—Executive Committee Officer Positions of the recently adopted 2011-2012 Commission Bylaws, which outlines the specific responsibilities and required duties of each position in the Executive Committee. Yedidia also laid out the format for the officer elections: each commissioner would have 60 seconds to speak before the voting process, and elections for the Executive Officer positions would occur in the following order: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Legislative Affairs Officer, Community Outreach Officer, and Media and Public Relations Officer.

Commissioner Ontiveros, seconded by Bonner moved to add a 30 second question and answer section after each commissioner’s initial speech. This motion was approved unanimously by acclamation.

Nominations for Chair: Commissioner Ontiveros nominated commissioner LaCroix, Commissioner Baer nominated Commissioner Zukerman, Commissioner Armstrong nominated Commissioner Yang.

Commissioner LaCroix was elected Chair by the following roll call vote:

Commissioner LaCroix (10 votes—Armstrong, Baer, Bonner, Brodwin, Chan, LaCroix, Liang, Ontiveros, Shackelford, Sun); Commissioner Zukerman (4 votes—Carrion, Holloway, Persky, Zukerman); Commissioner Yang (2 votes--Tu Mutch, Yang).

Nominations for Vice Chairperson: Commissioner Zukerman nominated Commissioner Carrion, Commissioner Chan nominated Commissioner Yang, Commissioner LaCroix nominated Commissioner Bonner.

Commissioner Yang was elected Vice Chair by the following roll call vote:

Commissioner Yang (9 votes—Armstrong, Baer, Brodwin, Carrion, Chan, Tu Mutch, Persky, Shackelford, Yang); Commissioner Bonner (5 votes—Bonner, LaCroix, Liang, Ontiveros, Sun); Commissioner Carrion (1 vote—Zukerman). (Commissioner Holloway had departed.)

Nominations for Legislative Affairs Officer: Commissioner Yang nominated Commissioner Bonner, Commissioner Liang nominated herself.

No nominee was able to garner the 9 votes needed to be elected Legislative Affairs Officer by the following roll call vote:

Commissioner Liang (7 votes—Armstrong, Baer, Brodwin, Chan, LaCroix, Liang, Tu Mutch)
Commissioner Bonner (6 votes—Bonner, Carrion, Ontiveros, Persky, Shackelford, Zukerman). (Commissioner Sun had departed.)

There was a second vote on the Legislative Affairs Officer position and, again, no nominee was able to garner the 9 votes needed, based on the following roll call vote:

Commissioner Liang (8 votes—Armstrong, Baer, Brodwin, Chan, LaCroix, Liang, Tu Mutch, Shackelford); Commissioner Bonner (6 votes—Bonner, Carrion, Ontiveros, Persky, Yang, Zukerman).

It being very late, and commissioners’ parents and families and loved ones being anxious to see them home on a school and work night, Commissioner Baer, seconded by Commissioner Shackelford, moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion to adjourn passed with 10 ayes (Armstrong, Baer, Brodwin, Carrion, Chan, Liang, Persky, Shackelford, Yang, Zukerman) and 4 nays (Bonner, LaCroix, Tu Mutch Ontiveros).

The meeting was adjourned at 10:51PM.

8. Staff Report (Discussion Only)

9. Committee Reports (Discussion Only)

A. Executive Committee
B. School District Curriculum & Class-Time Issues Committee
C. Student Support, Health, and Facilities Committee
D. Youth Transportation, Recreation and Land Use Committee
E. Youth Employment Committee
F. Youth Immigration Committee
G. Youth Justice Issues Committee

10. Attendance Review (Action Item)

11. Announcements (This Includes Community Events)

12. Adjournment

Any materials distributed to the members of the Youth Commission within 72 hours of the meeting or after the agenda packet has been delivered to the members are available for inspection—along with minutes of previous Youth Commission meetings and all supplementary information—at the Youth Commission office during regular office hours (9am to 6pm, Monday—Friday). The Youth Commission office is located at:
City Hall, Room 345
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 554-6446, Fax: (415) 554-6140

(Chapter 67 of the San Francisco Administrative Code)
Government’s duty is to serve the public, reaching its decisions in full view of the public. Commissions, boards, councils and other agencies of the City and County exist to conduct the people’s business. This ordinance assures that deliberations are conducted before the people and that City operations are open to the people’s review.
Sunshine Ordinance Task Force
City Hall, Room 244
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102-4689
Phone: (415) 554-7724, Fax: (415) 554-5784
Copies of the Sunshine Ordinance can be obtained from the Clerk of the Sunshine Ordinance
Task Force, at the San Francisco Public Library, and on the City’s website at

The ringing and use of cell phones, pagers, and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. The Chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any person responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic device.

In order to assist the City’s efforts to accommodate persons with severe allergies, environmental illnesses, multiple chemical sensitivity, or related disabilities, attendees at public meetings are reminded that other attendees may be sensitive to various chemical-based products. Please help the City accommodate these individuals.

To obtain a disability-related modification or accommodation, including auxiliary aids or services, to participate in the meeting, please contact Mario Yedidia, Youth Commission Director [phone: 415-554 6254; email:] at least 48 hours before the meeting, except for Monday meetings, for which the deadline is 4:00 p.m. the previous Friday.

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