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December 17, 1998

San Francisco Youth Commission
Thursday, December 17, 1998
5:00pm- 7:00pm
401 Van Ness Avenue, Room 207

1.Call to Order and Roll Call.
2.Approval of the Agenda
3. Approval of the Minutes of December 3, 1998 Meeting.
4. Staff Report

5. Working Group Reports and Business

    A. Update re: Youth Commission Working Groups (Legislative Action/Gun Control, Community Outreach&Input/Youth Empowerment Conference, Youth Advocacy)
    B. Update re: Sexual Assault Task Force
    C. Update re: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning Youth Task Force.
6. New Business
    A. Discussion and possible action re: Presentation by Carmen Ramirez of the San Francisco Neighborhood Alliance for Political Involvement concerning "A bridge to understanding our city" educational event at City Hall.

    B. Discussion and possible action re: Resolution to the Board of Supervisors requesting that they urge the School Board to establish health clinics in San Francisco schools.

    C. Discussion and possible action re: Resolution to the Board of Supervisors urging them to urge the California State legislature to enact stronger gun control laws.

    D. Discussion and possible action re: Community Meeting plan for upcoming meetings which will need to be rescheduled due to our move into City Hall.

    E. Discussion and possible action re: Appointing liaisons for the San Francisco Unified School District Student Committee to review the history and social science curriculum.

    F. Discussion re: Involving Youth Commissioners who are not currently involved in projects. Discussion around what projects interest people and what things they would like to work on.

7. Announcements

8. Public Comment

9. Adjournment

There will be public comment on each item.


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