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October 01, 1998

The San Francisco Youth Commission
DATE:     Thursday, October 1, 1998
TIME:      5:00
PLACE:   401 Van Ness Avenue, Rm. 207

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call

    The meeting was call to order at 5:00 PM. Commissioners present: Aliga, Anderson, Blake, Castillo, Castro, Cottonham, Eliapo, Isner, Joun, Mak, Ramlochan, Siu, Turner (13). Commissioners excused: Barraza, DeVries, Lugo (3). Commissioners absent: Crane (1).

  2. Motion to approve agenda: Seconded and approved.

  3. Motion to approve minutes of 9.17.98: Seconded and approved

  4. Motion to excuse Commissioner Ramlochan’s absence for the Meeting of 9.17.98: Seconded and approved.

  5. Working Group Reports and Business

    1. Report re: Task Force of the Sexual Assault of Girls and Young Women:

      Camille Broussard reported that the Task Force has decided to focus on sexual assault prevention workshops in middle and high schools. The Task Force has decided to actively recruit male members. Ms. Broussard also stated that to date only Commissioner Castillo had attended a Task Force meeting, she extended an invitation to any Commissioner who was interested in attending.

    2. Report re: LGBTQQ Youth Task Force

      Mr. Todd stated that the Task Force is currently working on prioritizing the recommendations and that they will soon begin looking at action steps. The Task Force’s next meeting is Saturday, October 3 from 4-8pm.

  6. New Business

    1. Presentation by Bill Bettencourt of DPH: Family/Children Services
    2. Mr. Bettencourt discussed several things that DPH is doing regarding foster care youth.

      DPH recently held a foster care conference to involve youth in program decisions.

      The foster care system will increase funding to include youth up to the age of 21, will create an ombudsperson who will serve as an advocate for foster care youth in the system and is looking to create a drop-in center for foster care youth and youth out of the system to involve youth in advocacy for system changes.

      The department would like to focus more on supporting foster care youth as they leave the system. There are currently 3,200 youth in the system in San Francisco. Mr. Bettencourt would like the Youth Commission to give input on how to better serve youth. Mr. Bettencourt can be reached at 558.2660. He said he would provide us with a report from the conference when it is available.

    3. Discussion and possible action re: Youth Vote

      Youth Vote, a project of Youth Making A Change, is a program where high school students discuss current issues and initiatives and provide the youth voice to YMAC and SF. Previous Youth Vote issues included formation of the Youth Commission, Youthline and Youth Space. A press conference will be held October 28. YMAC would like the Youth Commission to officially cosponsor Youth Vote.

      Commissioner Turner motioned to sponsor Youth Vote, Commissioner Blake seconded. Commissioner Joun objected but withdrew his objection under the stipulation that the Youth Commission is not obligated to be involved. No further objection, motion passes.

    4. Discussion and possible action re: Letter of Inquiry regarding children and youth services for Tenderloin youth.

      No action could be taken on this issues at this point. Tabled.

    5. Discussion and possible action re: Tobacco Legislation

      Department of Public Health received 1.5 million dollars from the Joe Camel lawsuit. Legislation requests DPH and the Youth Commission to work together to prepare a survey and report on how to best use this money. YC will be youth voice on the project. DPH will coordinate and create the survey and report. Commissioner Isner motioned to work with DPH in creating the tobacco programs, Commissioner Joun seconded with no objections.

      Commissioners Isner, Joun, Siu and Turner were interested in working on this.

    6. Discussion re: Youth Suicide Legislation

      This item was supposed to have been an action item. Item tabled until next meeting with request that it be made an action item.

    7. Discussion re: Working groups
    8. Commissioners broke into focus areas that they were interested in and discussed when they could meet and what their goals would be. The informal groups are:

      Legislative Action (Jamal Anderson, Alice Siu, Lisa Ramlochan and Dennis Isner) First meeting Thursday, October 8th, 5pm @ Spuntino’s on Van Ness.

      Advocacy (Francisco Castillo, Lena Turner, James Joun, Linda Blake) First meeting

      Monday, October 5, 5pm @LYRIC.

      Outreach (Herbert Aliga, Shauna Castro, Chaz Cottonham, Lohina Eliapo and Dennis Mak) First meeting Tuesday, October 13, 6pm @City Hall room 430.

      Community Input (Patricia Barraza, ) No meeting date set yet.

  7. Announcements and Public Comment

    Joshua Todd requested that everyone update each other on progress they have made on meeting with their appointing officer.

    Commissioner Aliga invited Youth Commission to Unity Jam. Friday Oct 16th.

    Commissioner Siu announced the Council of Greater City Schools Conference, Oct. 14-18th.

    Joshua Todd announced that the business cards were in and Commissioners could pick them up after the meeting.

  8. Setting the next agenda

    1. Working Group reports
    2. Gay Youth Suicide Working Group: Possible action item
    3. Letter of Inquiry

  9. Public Comment: There was no public comment.

  10. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:45pm.


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