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November 05, 1998

The San Francisco Youth Commission
DATE:     Thursday, November 5, 1998
TIME:      5:00
PLACE:   401 Van Ness Avenue, Rm. 207

1.   Call to Order and Roll Call

    The meeting was call to order at 5:01 PM.  Commissioners present: Aliga, Anderson,   Barraza, Blake, Castillo, Castro, Cottonham, Crane, Joun,  Lugo, Mak, Ramlochan, Siu (13).  Commissioners tardy: Isner (1), Commissioners excused: DeVries, Eliapo, Turner (3).  Youth Commission staff Susan Kim, Camille Broussard and Joshua Todd present.
2.  Motion to excuse absences for the  Meeting of 11.5.98: Commissioners DeVries, Eliapo and Turner excused. Seconded and approved.

3.   Motion to approve agenda:   Seconded and approved.

4.  Motion to approve minutes of 10.15.98: Seconded and approved

5.  Remarks from the Chair:  Commissioner Castillo thanked everyone for all their efforts on the Youth Commission.  Commissioner Castillo requested that we observe a moment of silence for all those affected by the flooding in Central America.

6.  Working Group Reports:

    Advocacy- No update at this time.
    Community Outreach- This working group has been combined with the Community Input Working group.  At their last meeting they discussed the Youth Empowerment Conference and planning for presentations about the Youth Commission.  There were 3 community members present, next meeting will be November 10th at 5pm.
    Legislative Action-  This working group is forwarding the tobacco legislation and redefinition of sexual orientation within the Administrative Code.  Hate crimes legislation is also an issue they would like to look into.
    Youth Initiated Projects-  Commissioner Joun reported that YIP's winter funding cycle has begun and applications are available.  The YIP review board is holding a retreat this weekend.  Commissioner Joun reported on a conference he attended in Indianapolis regarding youth philanthropy.
    Sexual Assault Task Force-  Ms. Broussard reported that the SATF is creating a survey around Sexual Assault that will be used as a pre and post test for trainings that SATF members will be conducting.  The Task Force hopes to present the survey and training to the Youth Commission in December or January.  Next meeting is Monday November 10th , 4:30 p.m. at 25 Van Ness Ave.
    LGBTQQ Task Force-  Mr. Todd reported that the Task Force has created informal working groups to focus on the following areas:  Youth and Schools, Family, Housing and Shelter, Health and Mental Health, Youth Services and Juvenile Justice.  The Task Force will have trainings with different departments to help them work better within the system.  Next meeting is November 18th 6-8pm.
7.  Old Business
     A.  Tobacco Legislation:  Commissioner Anderson stated that the Legislative Action group is forwarding this legislation back to the Commission with the recommendation that they endorse it.  Commissioner Anderson felt that this was a good start in fighting youth  tobacco use.  He conceded that this legislation does not address prevention programs.  Commissioner Crane raised the question of what happens to those who sell to youth under this law.  This law does not change in anyway the laws and penalties that already exist for adults purchasing cigarettes for youth, it only fines vendors.  Commissioner Barraza stated that the Youth Commission should draft legislation supporting prevention programs in schools.  Commissioner Crane motioned to endorse the legislation, seconded by Commissioner Joun with no objections.  Motion carried.
8.  New Business
    A. Discussion and possible action re: Endorsement of Legislation amending the Administrative Code to include actual or perceived sexual orientation.  Mr. Todd gave background on the current definition of sexual orientation as "adult, human sexuality".  The current definition was created during the seventies and there was a great deal of controversy that legislation that protected sexual orientation would protect individuals who chose to engage in sexual intercourse with children or animals, hence the adult and human part of the definition.  This legislation asks that the definition be changed to actual or perceived homosexuality, bisexuality or heterosexuality.  Commissioner Barraza moved to endorse legislation, Commissioner Blake seconded.  No objections, Motion carried.
    B.  Discussion and possible action re:  Attendance policy.  Commissioner Castillo stated that current policy  says Commissioners must call at least 24 hours in advance to have absences excused, Commissioners can also have an absence excused if they request that the Commission vote to excuse their absence no more then two weeks following the missed meeting.  Commissioners brought up concerns about sports, finals and tests.  Commissioner Anderson felt that all Commissioners should be responsible enough to attend meetings and that there should be no limit on the number of meetings you can miss.  Commissioners felt that they should discuss absences more instead of just approving them.
    C.  Setting the next meetings agenda:  Gun Control legislation and legislation concerning the murder of Matthew Sheppard.
9.  Announcements
     -Tuesday, November 17th,YMAC and YC will have a meeting to discuss how we will be involved in the Youth Vote presentations.
     -Commissioner Castillo requested that all Commissioners get out into their community and get the YC's name out there.
     -YIP applications are available and were passed out.
     -Community College is holding a party this Friday (11/6) to benefit La Raza.
     -YMAC is having a party on Friday, November 20th at 9th and Lincoln for anyone 21 and under.  FREE party sponsored by Special Programs for Youth (SPY). 7-11pm near Golden Gate Park.
     -Global Exchange will be holding a community forum sponsored by RYSE Tuesday, November 10th, 4pm at RYSE to discuss how to support formerly incarcerated youth.
     -Great Sweep is Saturday, November 7th, get out and help clean up the city.
10.  Public Comment-  Members of Change Makers (Sunset Youth Coalition) were present.  They are working on finding alternatives to suspensions in the school systems.
11.  Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:48.
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