City and County of San FranciscoSan Francisco Arts Commission

April 19, 2010

Civic Design Review Committee - April 19, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010
3:00 p.m.
25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70


Commissioners present: Leo Chow, Astrid Haryati, Cass Calder Smith
Staff present: Jill Manton, Vicky Knoop

Call to order: 3:11

  1. Boeddeker Park and Clubhouse - Phase 2
    Brian Milman, WRNS Studio, explained that the Boedekker project includes the clubhouse, playgrounds and park. It is a private/public partnership between The Trust for Public Land and the Department of Recreation and Park. The project is on schedule to break ground next year.  The project has been selected as a pilot for sustainable sites initiative. He presented an updated model and materials board.  Since Phase 1 review, the building has modified the entry and the cupola is now taller.  The windows are operable with fixed panes and seating area nooks.

    Ms. Manton asked if construction will have an impact on the tile mural currently on site.

    Mr. Milman responded that there is an ongoing discussion to salvage the artwork and move it inside, but there hasn’t been a full assessment from the Arts Commission.

    He explained that the materials will include a zinc roof that will change over time, Monterey cypress wood siding, and board formed concrete.  

    Sustainability is a key component of the project with considerations for stormwater management with bioswayles and permeable paving throughout.  He added that the landscape has not changed since Phase 1 review.  The plant palette includes deciduous trees and low shrubs.
    Commission Smith commented favorably on the project.  He suggested presenting the project to the full Commission for Phase 3 review.

    Ms. Manton asked if the project is generating art enrichment funds.

    Mr. Milman responded that the project does not generate art enrichment funds
    Commissioner Haryati asked about daylighting the stormwater system.

    John Leys, Sherwood Engineering, explained that they are keeping the water on the surface as much as possible.  

    Commissioner Haryati asked about planting on Ellis Street and asked about a community garden.

    Mr. Milman responded that he will check with the landscape architect about planting on Ellis.  There will not be a plotted community garden, but the landscape will be community maintained.  

    Commissioner Chow commented that the project is coming along nicely. He said that the tree planting on Jones Street needs to be cleaned up to fill in gaps.

    Motion to approve Phase 2 of Boeddeker Park and Clubhouse: Commissioner Smith
    Vote: Unanimously approved

  2. Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant: Phase 3
    Kent Ford, Architect, DPW BOA introduced the project and explained that they will be presenting a modification to three existing structures.  The chemical storage facilities will have one wall removed and replaced with a bird mesh.  

    Commissioner Chow asked about roof drainage.

    Mr. Ford replied that there is a gutter system.

    Commissioner Smith requested that the buildings are the same color as near by PUC facilities.