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Full Commission - February 3, 2014 - Meeting Minutes

Full Commission - February 3, 2014



Monday, February 3, 2014
3:00 p.m.
City Hall Room 416
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place


Commission President JD Beltran called the meeting to order at 3:08 p.m.

  1. Roll Call
    Commissioners Present
    JD Beltran, President
    Abby Sadin Schnair, Vice President
    Gregory Chew
    Leo Chow
    Charles Collins
    Simon Frankel
    Dorka Keehn
    Roberto Ordeñana
    Janine Shiota
    Kimberlee Stryker

    Commissioners Absent
    Sherene Melania
    Marcus Shelby
    Jessica Silverman
    Barbara Sklar
    Cass Calder Smith
    Gwyneth Borden, ex officio


  2. Approval of Minutes
    RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-034: Motion to approve January 6, 2014 Minutes.
  3. President’s Report
    President Beltran noted that she would have to leave the meeting early, and that Vice President Schnair would chair the meeting upon her departure.

    Explaining that most of what she would have discussed would be covered by the Director’s Report, and by the discussions of the budget and the strategic plan, President Beltran made no report.

    She added that she was still confirming Committee assignments, and hoped to announce them soon.

    There was no public comment.


  4. Director’s Report
    Mr. DeCaigny showed photographs of the recently-completed “cool roof” on the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. He thanked the Capital Planning Committee for its support.

    He reported that he is meeting with a group of City staff and nonprofit arts organization representatives to address nonprofit affordability; they expect to make recommendations to the Mayor’s office and the Board of Supervisors in late March or early April.

    He reported on a grant submitted, on behalf of the City, to the National Endowment for the Arts’ “Our Town” program, for a project with the Community Arts Stabilization Trust (“CAST”) to help secure facilities over the long term for arts uses.

    Mr. DeCaigny reported that the Treasure Island Development Authority has sought the Arts Commission’s expertise in public art to partner with them on administering the island’s public art program. He added that they are open to interpreting “public art” broadly, to include temporary and permanent works, as well as performance, and possibly establishing studio spaces.

    Mr. DeCaigny also announced the free WritersCorps event on February 20 at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, a reading by WritersCorps youth and teachers.

    Mr. DeCaigny showed video of the installation of the sixteen-foot-tall, 6,000-pound artwork by artist Shimon Attie recently installed in the lobby of the Public Safety Building.

    Finally, Mr. DeCaigny announced that the Arts Education Program Manager position recently vacated by Community Arts and Education Program Manager Tyra Fennell has been posted on the City’s website, and he hopes to see it filled by spring. President Beltran added that this was a key position, as the strategic plan shows that arts education is a primary role for the Commission.

    There was no public comment.

  5. Consent Calendar
    Items 1 and 3, Civic Design Review Committee minutes, were withdrawn.

    Regarding item 14, approval of grants panelists, Commissioner Ordeñana disclosed for the record that one of them, Allison Sparks, is a member of the board of directors of his employer, the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center. He explained that, on advice from the City Attorney’s office, this was not a conflict and he was not required to recuse himself.

    Regarding the same item, Commissioner Schnair disclosed for the record that one of the panelists, Elizabeth Broderson, is the director of education for the American Conservatory Theater, and Commissioner Schnair is a member of its board of trustees. She explained that, on advice from the City Attorney’s office, this was not a conflict and she was not required to recuse herself.

    Regarding the same item, Commissioner Collins disclosed for the record that one of the panelists, Neal Hatten, is an employee of the Bayview YMCA; although Commissioner Collins is President and Chief Executive Officer of the San Francisco YMCA, he explained that he has no direct supervision over Mr. Hatten. He explained that, on advice from the City Attorney’s office, this was not a conflict and he was not required to recuse himself.

    There was no public comment, and the Consent Calendar was unanimously approved as follows.

    RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-035:
    Approval: RESOLVED, that this Commission does hereby adopt the following items on the Consent Calendar and their related Resolutions:

    Approval of Committee Minutes

    1. This item was withdrawn.


    2. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-036: Motion to approve the Street Artists Committee Meeting Minutes of January 8, 2014.
    3. This item was withdrawn.
    4. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-037: Motion to approve the Community Arts, Education and Grants Committee Meeting Minutes of January 14, 2014.
    5. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-038: Motion to approve the Visual Arts Committee Meeting Minutes of January 15, 2014.
      Visual Arts Committee Recommendations (December 18, 2013)
    6. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-039: Motion to approve artist honoraria payments in the amount of: $1000 each to Janet Delaney and Charles Byrne; $700 each to DeWitt Cheng, Yelena Zhavoronkova, Dennis Hearne, and Steven Brock; $300 each to Jason Tannen, Mark Citret, and Leo vanMunching for their contributions to an exhibition at City Hall opening in February, 2014.
    7. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-040: Motion to approve an artist honorarium in the amount of $2000 to Alexander Cheves for his development and production of a new installation at the SFAC Galleries Window Installation Site opening in May 2014.
      Street Artists Committee Recommendations (January 8, 2014)
    8. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-041: Motion to approve Lottery Committee recommendation to amend Arts Commission Resolution Number 1101-04-220 to provide that additional helpers for winter be selected only for the period of December 15 through January 5.
    9. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-042: Motion to amend Lottery Space Assignment Noon rule whereby any assigned selling space that is unoccupied at 12:00 noon by the street artist who is assigned that selling space through the lottery system can be temporarily reassigned to another street artist. However, the street artist who is temporarily reassigned the assigned selling space must voluntarily vacate the assigned selling space upon the arrival at any time throughout the day of the street artist who was assigned the selling space through the lottery system. In receiving a space through the lottery, the artist is not required to mark their space.
      Civic Design Review Committee Recommendations (January 13, 2014)
    10. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-043: Motion to approve ESER 1 Neighborhood Fire Station #16, Phase 3, contingent upon (1) recessing the depth of the sign so that it sits back closer to the doors; and (2) aligning the rear strip window with the stone joints.
    11. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-044: Motion to approve Phase 1 of Dogpatch Arts Plaza.
    12. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-045: Motion to approve Phase 2 of Alamo Square Restroom Replacement Project, contingent upon (1) rotating the building counterclockwise to remove the service door from the direct view of the path; (2) increasing the recess of the service door by at least one foot more than shown, to approximately 18 inches; (3) making all of the metal black; (4) using a light sandblast finish for the main part of the building, with heavy sandblast finish on the upper and lower bands; (5) lowering the lower bandline; (6) eliminating the concrete bands in the asphalt paving.
    13. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-046: Motion to approve Phase 3 of the San Francisco Groundwater Supply Well Stations, contingent upon (1) at Lake Merced, replacing the bollards with dome lights set into the ground to throw light horizontally onto the ground and not up onto the wall; (2) at South Sunset, raising the side wall to eliminate the “ear” of concrete sticking up above the roofline; on the east elevation, combining the four louvers into two pairs; (3) at West Sunset, on the north elevation, tying the two louvers into a single unit; on the south elevation, placing the louvers adjacent to the door; aligning the inside face of the jamb with the inside face of the concrete wall; (4) at Golden Gate, using a double drain and eliminating the scupper; (5) at all sites, setting the card readers into the door jamb instead of on the face of the concrete, keeping lighting below eye level, and setting the closed circuit television cameras at the top left corner of each wall, at a distance proportional to the size of the camera.
      Community Arts, Education and Grants Committee Recommendations (January 14, 2014)
    14. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-047: Motion to approve the following individuals as a part of a pool of potential SFAC grant application review panelists through June 30, 2015:

      Anietie Ekanem, Founder, Third Thursday
      Elizabeth Brodersen, Director of Education, American Conservatory Theater
      DJ Brookter, Deputy Director, Young Community Developers, Inc. (YCD)
      Melanie Cervantes, Race and Place (RAP) Fund Program Officer, Akonadi Foundation
      Ed Donaldson, Certified Economic Development Professional
      Theo Ellington, Commissioner, Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure; Project Coordinator, Urban Ed Academy
      Juan Fuentes, visual artist
      Janine Greer, Commissioner, Southeast Facility Community Commission
      Lisa Hasenbalg, Director of Arts & Culture Marketing, San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau
      Neal Hatten, Associate Executive Director, Bayview Hunters Point YMCA
      Rhodessa Jones, Co-Artistic Director, Cultural Odyssey
      Steven Anthony Jones, Artistic Director, Lorraine Hansberry Theatre
      Alka Joshi, Communications Director, BRITE Group
      Thor Kaslofsky, Project Manager, Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure
      LaVaughn Kellum-King, Commissioner, Southeast Community Facility Commission
      Brigette R. LeBlanc, Commissioner, Southeast Community Facility Commission
      Allan Manalo, Development Manager, Hospitality House
      Nathan Marken, performing artist
      Kristine Mays, visual artist
      Lena Miller, Founder, Hunters Point Family
      Marsha Murrington, Senior Program Officer, Local Initiatives Support Corporation
      Laura Page, Arts & Educational Initiatives Analyst, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
      Kriztina Palone, Director, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services
      Beth Rubenstein, nonprofit and arts consultant
      Ted Russell, Senior Program Officer for the Arts, James Irvine Foundation
      Malik Seneferu, visual artist
      Allison Sparks, Program Officer, Child Welfare, Stuart Foundation
      Cynthia Taylor, Assistant Director of Public Programs, Oakland Museum of California; vocalist
      Earl Shaddix, Owner, Earl Bread & Brittle
      Adrian Torres, Assistant Project Manager, Office of Economic and Workforce Development
      Andre Torrey, Public Service Aide, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
      Jason Wallach, Program Coordinator, Center for Political Education
      Shamann Walton, Executive Director, Young Community Developers, Inc. (YCD)
      Gwendolyn Westbrook, Chief Executive Officer, United Council of Human Services
      Curt Yagi, Executive Director, Real Options for City Kids (ROCK SF); musician
      Eddy Zheng, Commissioner, Southeast Community Facility Commission; Project Director, Community Youth Center of San Francisco

    15. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-048: Motion for the Director of Cultural Affairs to enter into a grant agreement with the Bayview Opera House, Inc. for $45,000 to manage, sustain, promote and grow the 3rd on Third event.
      Visual Arts Committee Recommendations (January 15, 2014)
    16. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-049: Motion to approve the mural design, A Song for the Portola, by Jason Jagel to be installed in Burrows Park along Route 101 and Burrows Street, pending final approval from the State Department of Transportation. The project is sponsored by Architecture for Humanity.
    17. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-050: Motion to approve and accept into the Civic Art Collection the ceramic tile mosaic, Windmills, 2013 by Kelly Ording. The artwork is 16 feet high by 38 feet long and was fabricated by Pippa Murray Mosaics. The mural was commissioned for Palega Recreation Center.
    18. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-051: Motion to approve the three selected finalists: Mark Brest Van Kempen, John Roloff, Chris Sollars, (and an alternate, Scott Oliver) for the Glen Canyon Park Recreation Center Public Art Project as recommended by the Glen Canyon Park Recreation Center Public Art Selection Panel.
    19. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-052: Motion to approve the three selected finalists: Smith|Allen, Ball-Nouges Studio, Ben Trautman, (and an alternate, Jay Atherton) for the Randall Museum Public Art Project as recommended by the Randall Museum Public Art Selection Panel.
    20. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-053: Motion to approve the Public Art Project Outline for the San Francisco International Airport: Terminal 1, Sculpture Opportunity.
    21. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-054: Motion to authorize the Director of Cultural Affairs to enter into contract with Bollinger Atelier for an amount not to exceed $600,000 for fabrication and transportation of Roxy Paine’s sculpture for the public plaza at Clementina and Fourth streets.
    22. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-055: Motion to approve the installation of the mural Panorama, by Kota Ezawa, for the Central Subway: Chinatown Station Construction Barricade Temporary Art Project along Stockton Street to be on display for one year beginning January 15, 2014.
    23. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-056: Motion to approve the selected finalists Brian Tolle, Alice Aycock, Cliff Garten and alternate Donald Lipski for the Bayview Gateway Public Art Project.
      Executive Committee Recommendations (January 27, 2014)
    24. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-057: Motion to approve the following individual as a part of a pool of potential San Francisco Arts Commission grant application review panelists through June 30, 2015:

      Raissa Simpson, Artistic Director, Push Dance Company

    25. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-058: For consistency with state law regarding fee waivers for Honorably Discharged Veterans:

      Motion to rescind and replace Arts Commission Resolution No. 0607-93-277 (“procedures for directing staff’s review of applications for exemption from paying fees under California Business and Professions Code sections 16001 and 16001.5”), adopted June 7, 1993, with a new resolution, consistent with current California Business and Professions Code Section 16001.7, to authorize the Street Artists Program Director, under the direction of the Director of Cultural Affairs of the Arts Commission, to waive the Street Artists Certificate fee for Honorably Discharged Veterans upon receipt of the Honorably Discharged Veteran’s Certificate of Release DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) or other equivalent U.S. government document reflecting honorable discharge and to process fee waiver, consistent with state and local laws.

  6. Arts Commission FY 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 Draft Budget
    Mr. DeCaigny explained that this was essentially the same presentation made to the Executive Committee by Deputy Director and Chief Financial Officer Rebekah Krell.

    Ms. Krell noted that there were some updates to the spreadsheet based on recommendations by the Executive Committee. She reviewed her memo and the budget for the Commission.

    In response to questions, Ms. Krell explained that the City’s labor contracts are open for renegotiation over the next several months, and labor is a significant amount of the City’s budget. Mr. DeCaigny added that in the current year, the Mayor had fully funded the Public Education and Enrichment Fund; he was proposing to fully fund it again in the Fiscal Year 2014-2015 budget. Mr. DeCaigny explained that part of this funding was dedicated to arts education.

    Ms. Krell explained that the Arts Commission would submit this proposed budget to the Mayor’s office on February 21, the Mayor would submit the overall City budget to the Board of Supervisors on June 1, where it would be reviewed in committee and by the budget analyst, and the Board would vote on the final budget in July, and submit it to the Mayor for his signature.

    President Beltran left the meeting at 3:30.

    Mr. DeCaigny explained that Citywide fees, including the Street Artists fee, were slated to increase with the Consumer Price Index (“CPI”). While the program is required to be self-funded, Arts Commission staff worked with the Mayor’s office last year to supplement the program’s budget from the General Fund, to allow a more gradual fee increase.

    There was no public comment, and the motion was unanimously approved as follows:

    RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-059:

    Motion to approve proposed Fiscal Year 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 Arts Commission budget.


  7. Draft 2014-2019 Strategic Plan
    Mr. DeCaigny reviewed the final draft of the strategic plan, incorporating changes suggested by the Commission at its prior review of the document. These included a more explicit reference to the contribution of the arts to San Francisco’s economy.

    He pointed out the completion of the section on implementation of goals, including resources, accountability and timelines, adding that the responsible person named for each was not necessarily doing all of the work on that goal, but was accountable for leading the staff effort on that objective.

    He proposed quarterly review of the plan’s implementation with the Executive Committee, and semiannual review with the full Commission. In response to questions about the committee structure, Mr. DeCaigny explained that the Commission’s legal mandates make it difficult to envision significant changes there, although certainly two Committees might hold ad hoc joint meetings, or Committee chairs might work more closely together.

    Mr. DeCaigny added that the policy discussions on specific issues largely take place within the Committees, and can be brought to the full Commission as needed. The new proposal is to have, twice a year, a standing review of the plan as a whole, to consider adding or changing goals.

    There was no public comment, and the motion was unanimously approved as follows.

    RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-060: Motion to approve draft 2014-2019 strategic plan.

    Mr. DeCaigny thanked everyone involved in the planning process, including Commissioners, staff, the consulting team and community stakeholders, as well as the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts for funding.


  8. Committee Reports and Committee Matters
  9. Executive Committee—JD Beltran, Chair
    1. In the absence of President Beltran, Vice President Schnair reported that the Committee discussed the budget, and found the staff reports very helpful.

      There was no public comment.


  10. Civic Design Review Committee—Cass Calder Smith, Chair
  11. In the absence of Commissioner Smith, Commissioner Stryker reported that the Committee reviewed several projects, including Fire Station 16, a plaza and arts space in Dogpatch, and several groundwater supply well stations. In reviewing the Alamo Square restrooms, the Committee discussed the sometimes competing directives of the Civic Design Review Committee and the Historic Preservation Commission.

    Mr. DeCaigny added that he is working with staff and the Committee to clearly list and number any contingencies or changes requested by the Committee, in hopes that this will better guide future review of the project. Commissioner Chow agreed that this would be really helpful, since projects sometimes take years to move to final approval.

    There was no public comment.


  12. In the absence of Commissioner Melania, Commissioner Collins reported that the Committee reviewed the panelists approved in the Consent Calendar above, and had presentations from San Francisco Unified School District’s Deputy Superintendent Myong Leigh and the Mayor’s Education Advisor, Hydra Mendoza, on the pending sunset of legislation for the Public Education Enrichment Fund (“PEEF”) and the Children’s Fund. Reauthorizations of both will be on the ballot in November, and Mr. Leigh and Ms. Mendoza wanted the Committee to understand their impact.

    Commissioner Stryker hoped that the Commission would pay close attention to the issue over the coming months.

    Public Comment:
    Jessica Mele, of the Arts Providers Alliance, and Executive Director of Performing Arts Workshop, spoke about the importance of these funds, and she cited a list of recommendations from the San Francisco Alliance for Arts Education for the PEEF legislation.

    Todd Berman, of the Arts Providers Alliance, said that he has worked for fifteen years in the schools as a de facto artist in residence. He wanted to underscore the importance of PEEF and of the role of the arts in education, and to support the recommendations cited by Ms. Mele.

    There was no further public comment.

    Commissioners added that the Committee discussed transforming the emphasis on “STEM,” or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, to “STEAM” by adding Arts.

    Mr. DeCaigny reported that Commissioner Melania asked him to keep the Commission and the public informed on the draft legislation.


  13. Commissioner Chew wished everyone gung hay fat choy, a Happy New Year of the Horse. He reported that there were about sixty additional temporary selling spaces over the holiday selling season, and that the Committee discussed the lottery, as indicated in the Consent Calendar above.

    Public Comment:
    Paula Datesh said that she works in the street, that there were no additional spaces at Harvey Milk Plaza, that the temporary spaces were obstructed by construction barricades, and that they were not for the full season. She said that some prime areas between Post and Geary were permanently lost after merchants got an injunction some years ago.

    There was no further public comment.


  14. In the absence of Commissioner Sklar, Commissioner Keehn reported that this will be an exciting year for public art. She reported that the Committee discussed several projects, including artworks by Shimon Attie, Mark Brest Van Kempen, Ben Trautman and others; upcoming panels will soon choose finalists for several other projects. She added that the Bayview Gateway is a big opportunity, and reiterated that the Commission will be responsible for a lot of really great art completed later this year and early next year.

    She presented the following motion; there was no public comment, and the motion was approved as follows.


  15. RESOLUTION NO. 0203-14-061: Motion to approve the following arts professionals as potential panelists for artist selection panels: Jenny Gheith, Assistant Curator of Painting and Sculpture, SFMOMA; Stephanie Syjuco, Artist; and Patricia Watts, Founder/West Coast Curator, ecoartspace.
  16. Community Arts, Education and Grants Committee—Sherene Melania, Chair
  17. Street Artists Committee—Gregory Chew, Chair
  18. Visual Arts Committee—Barbara Sklar, Chair
  19. Public Comment
    Paula Datesh said that the item regarding veterans’ Street Artists fee waivers should have been heard by the Street Artists Committee before going to the Executive Committee. She said that the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force had recently ruled against the Arts Commission and accused Arts Commission staff of slander and lying. She said that she was not here to police the Arts Commission, and that people did not have the opportunity to understand what the Commission was doing.

    Magdalena Blackmer spoke as a private individual, and not in her capacity as a board member of the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (“MCCLA”). She was glad to hear the Commission taking notice of gentrification and its impact. Although she was too young to remember what happened in the Fillmore, she saw the City putting money into recreating what had been there, and wanted the Commission to act to prevent the same kind of thing from happening again in the Mission, and to keep places like MCCLA viable. She suggested that some of the tech companies want to give back and invest.

    Mr. DeCaigny reiterated that he and staff are working with the Mayor’s office and the City Administrator, who is overseeing the community benefit agreements with the tech companies. He and City staff are also working to encourage individual tech entrepreneurs and employees to use their emerging wealth to support existing arts organizations. He pledged to continue to report on this issue to both the Community Arts, Education and Grants Committee and to the full Commission. Vice President Schnair added that the Commission is very much aware of the concerns and committed to doing what it can.

    Sululagi Palega said he was interested in neighborhood arts programs for children and young adults. He talked about the accomplishments of Ann Phelan, Ray Taliaferro and Ernie Rivera, and said that the area below Potrero Hill didn’t get enough attention.

    There was no further public comment.


  20. New Business and Announcements
    Vice President Schnair announced the retirement of longtime SOMArts Director of Technical Services Ernest Rivera. She read his biography, noting his 43-plus years of service, and his role in providing scaffolding, sound, lighting, stage construction and more for countless events and art projects.

    Grants for the Arts Director Kary Schulman praised his decades of service, calling him a first responder for the arts in San Francisco. She presented a proclamation from Mayor Lee, each of whose clauses was read by a different person: Vice President Schnair, Mr. DeCaigny, Community Arts and Education staff Judy Nemzoff and Robynn Takayama, and members of the arts community.

    Mr. Rivera expressed his thanks, and noted that his next big project was the Chinese New Year Parade on February 15. He acknowledged Elio Benvenuto, Steve Goldstine, Jack Davis and others as mentors and colleagues from whom he learned a lot. He said that what they gave to him, he now gives to young people, continuing the thread.

    Many people spoke in praise of Mr. Rivera and his work for a variety of organizations and events over the years, of his role as mentor and teacher, of their respect and affection for him, and of all they’ve learned from him, personally and professionally, including Sululagi Palega, Stephen Goldstine, Mary Molly Mullaney, Sam Ahtye, Kristin Leimkuhler, Michael Ohta, Dion Guzman, Rene Yañez and Jennie Rodriguez. Several of the speakers mentioned the pivotal role of the CETA program.

    Ms. Rodriguez announced the open house at Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts on February 15, and invited everyone.

    Commissioner Keehn announced the unveiling of her collaboration with Brian Goggin, And My Room Still Rocks Like a Boat on the Sea‑Caruso’s Dream, on February 23, and Vice President Schnair announced a performance by her son’s alt-rock band, Kiven, on February 20.

    Finally, Vice President Schnair announced a reception for Mr. Rivera immediately following this meeting.


  21. Adjournment
    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:56 p.m., in honor of Ernest Rivera.

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