Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Mark Farrell

Mayor’s two-year budget proposal features $34.2 million in additional public safety investments, including funding support for hiring plan, new equipment, vehicles and ongoing police reforms

Mayor Mark Farrell today announced $34.2 million in new public safety investments, including a strategic plan to add 250 more sworn personnel to the police department over the next four years and additional funding for new vehicles, equipment and reform efforts.

As part of Mayor Farrell’s hiring plan, 130 new officers will enter the police academy in the next fiscal year, establishing the foundation of a four-year strategic hiring plan that will result in 250 new members.

“Public safety has always been my top priority as Mayor—I am following through on my commitment to add additional officers to neighborhoods across San Francisco,” said Mayor Farrell. “The men and women of the San Francisco Police Department are some of the finest officers in the country—we just need more of them. This budget proposal will provide our police department with the resources they need to succeed while we work with our communities to ensure a collaborative, cooperative approach to public safety.”

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Mark Farrell

Budget will focus on keeping individuals from falling into homelessness and supporting them once they have left crisis situations.

Mayor Mark Farrell today announced approximately $30 million in additional general fund investments in the next fiscal year for homelessness prevention initiatives, supportive housing programs and other measures to help individuals and families experiencing homelessness in San Francisco.

“San Francisco’s homeless problem has become a crisis, and as Mayor I have been committed to tackle the issue head on,” said Mayor Mark Farrell. “These investments focus on programs and policies that have been proven to work, and will make a difference on the streets of San Francisco. Our residents deserve it.”

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Mayor Mark Farrell

The new report shows the Fiber for San Francisco initiative can save taxpayer dollars and generate new revenue for the City.

Mayor Mark Farrell today announced the release of a new City report detailing potential cost-savings and revenue generating opportunities from his proposed citywide fiber network that seeks to connect all of San Francisco to fast and affordable internet.

“Our citywide fiber network will not only eliminate the digital divide, but will also save precious taxpayer dollars and generate new revenue for the City,” said Mayor Mark Farrell. “I believe the internet should be treated like a utility - which means it should be affordable and ubiquitous for all of San Francisco’s residents and businesses.”

The report found that the City has an estimated $153 million in planned projects through the 2022 Fiscal Year that would require or benefit from the deployment of a gigabit speed network. These planned costs can be offset once the network is constructed.

Friday, January 12, 2018
Abbi Yant

Public Health Executive Formerly with Saint Francis Memorial Hospital and San Francisco Health Department to Oversee $800 Million Benefit Program

San Francisco – Jan. 14, 2018 – The Board of the San Francisco Health Service System (SFHSS) today announced that long-time public health care executive Abbie Yant has been appointed Executive Director. The national search drew 53 applicants, and the due diligence and detailed and independent process spanned a number of months.

Yant, who has more than 30 years of health care and leadership experience in San Francisco, will oversee the operations of SFHSS, which provides more than $800 million annually in health care benefits to over 115,000 employees, retirees, and their dependents.

“Abbie Yant is an exceptionally qualified executive who understands the vital importance that SFHSS plays in the well-being of our members,” said Randy Scott, President of the San Francisco Health Service System’s Board of Directors. “As the primary SFHSS executive leader working in support of the Board and the entire membership, Abbie’s expertise and experience in San Francisco will serve us well as we meet future challenges in an ever changing health care benefits environment.”

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Mayor Lee and U.S. Mayors Unite Against Discrimination

Mayor Edwin M. Lee today announced the appointment of Clair Farley as the Mayor’s Senior Advisor on Transgender Initiatives to work directly with the Mayor and City Administrator Naomi Kelly on LGBTQ policies and oversee development of new transgender initiatives.

San Francisco is the first city in the nation to have a position dedicated to advancing the rights, leadership, and policies of the transgender and gender non-conforming community.

“Clair Farley has been an inspirational leader in our City on LGBTQ economic and social rights issues,” said Mayor Lee. “In her new role she will carry on the important work that Theresa Sparks set in motion and will assure that San Francisco continues to pioneer policies and programming that inspire the rest of the country to follow suit. San Francisco has a long-standing commitment to advancing and protecting the rights of the transgender community and with Clair’s leadership we will continue our work to make San Francisco a safer, more diverse, and more equitable city.”