K2C Accounts

Every child enrolled in Kindergarten through 10th grade (as of Spring 2021) with the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) automatically receives a college savings account at Citibank with an initial deposit of $50. Key features of a Kindergarten to College (K2C) account, opened and managed by the City & County of San Francisco, include: 

  • No fees 

  • No impact on public benefits eligibility 

  • Various deposit channels: direct deposit, online banking, in-branch, mail, at school 

  • Dedicated college savings for post-secondary education – two-year or four-year institutions, training programs, trade, technical or vocational school. 

  • Deposit only accounts – emergency withdrawals available 

  • Families are able to view accounts online 

$20 View Balance Online Incentive
​​​​​​​If you register on the K2C online portal to view your student's account balance, your student will receive a one-time $20 incentive in their account. This incentive is available for K2C account holders who have not yet registered their account on the K2C portal. 

$20 Match Incentive
For every dollar you save, we will match you up to the first $20 you have saved during this school year. When $1 is deposited, we will deposit $1. We will continue to match your savings for your first $20 saved.

​​​​​​​$10 Save Now Incentive
You will receive a one-time bonus of $10 if you make the first deposit in your student's account by the end of the school semester the account was opened. Act now!

You, your child, extended family, and friends can deposit into a K2C account in a variety of ways using the student’s name and account number. 

Download the brochure:  English | Español | 中文 | Vietnamese | عربى | Filipino 

In person at a local San Francisco Citibank branch

  • Cash - You will need to provide one valid government-issued photo ID and other identifying information. 

  • Check or money order - You will only need your student's K2C Account number and name. 

By mail: 

Make a check or money order payable to your child's name, include their account number in the memo section of the check, and mail to: 

Citi Youth Savings Accounts 
      P.O. Box 790020 
      St. Louis, MO 63179-9966 

By direct deposit: 

Complete this direct deposit form in English | Español | 中文 and give it to your employer. 

Using online Bill Pay: 

Set up bill pay at your financial institution, following these instructions: 

  1. Log into your bank or credit union’s online portal and go to the Bill Pay service. You can also call your financial institution for guidance on how to set up Bill Pay. 

  2. Enter and save the Bill Pay merchant details in the following field: 
     - Merchant Name: Kindergarten 2 College Account 
     - Account #: Enter the student’s 15-digit account number 
     - Merchant Address: P.O. Box 790020 St. Louis, MO 63179-9966 
     - Merchant Phone Number: 415-701-2311 

  3. Follow the prompts to add the merchant and set up a one-time or recurring payment. Once you have entered this merchant in your bank’s Bill Pay service, you should not have to enter this information again and all payments will be sent electronically. 

*Fees may be charged by your financial institutions for bill payment services. So, check with your institution first. 

During these uncertain times, we understand that you may need access to funds saved in your child’s K2C account. K2C has always allowed emergency withdrawals. Should you need to request an emergency withdrawal, please complete the Non-Qualified Withdrawal Request form online andor download and submit form online or send to  k2c@sfgov.org.

Complete Emergency Form Online

Download and Send Form to K2C


Please notify SFUSD’s Educational Placement Center (EPC) and complete their Change of Address form, to update the record for each student. SFUSD will share the new address with K2C the beginning of each semester. For a temporary update to K2C records, email k2c@sfgov.org or call 311 (in San Francisco) or 415-701-2311.  

If your child left SFUSD and you have moved, please provide proof of new address, such as your utility bill, home or renters insurance, pay stub within 45 days, or other proof of residency, directly to K2C by emailing k2c@sfgov.org or you can call 311 (in San Francisco) or 415-701-2311.   

Need help? E-mail us at k2c@sfgov.org or call 311 (in San Francisco) or 415 -701 -2311. K2C is managed by the City and County of San Francisco.  We have multilingual support available and are available Monday to Friday 8 am to 5pm.  


Kindergarten to College (“K2C”) accounts are deposit-only savings accounts opened and maintained by the City and County of San Francisco (“the City”) to help students enrolled in participating San Francisco Unified School District (“SFUSD”) schools and grades save for college or other post-secondary education. A student, their family, and friends, may contribute to the student’s account.

The City maintains K2C accounts at Citibank, N.A. (“Citibank”). The accounts grow through contributions, gifts, incentives, and scholarships. Students and their parent/guardian may review their K2C account balance and transaction history online at www.k2csf.org.


A contribution is a deposit of funds to a K2C account by a student, family, friend, or another person for the benefit of the student. Contributions are credited to a student’s K2C account and may count towards savings-related incentives. A gift is a deposit of funds that the K2C Program makes to a student’s K2C account on behalf of a third party, such as a company.


Incentives are funds provided by K2C that the student can receive by meeting certain savings or other achievements. Scholarships may be awarded by K2C or on behalf of a third party based on certain academic or other achievements.

Incentives and scholarships can be earned only while a student is enrolled in an eligible SFUSD school or program. All incentives and scholarships are conditional on a student’s post-secondary educational attendance.


When a student is ready to use their K2C funds for post-secondary education expenses, the student should contact K2C at k2c@sfgov.org. If a student does not attend post-secondary education by age 25, K2C will disburse all contributions and gifts to the student; all incentives and scholarships will return to the K2C program. Students who serve in a national service program, such as the US Military, Peace Corps or AmeriCorps, may defer receipt of their funds one year for each year of service, to a maximum of five years or age 30.


The student at age 18+ or parent/guardian of minor student may request an early withdrawal of some or all contributions and gifts in the student’s K2C account. In such a case, the student or parent/guardian should contact K2C at k2c@sfgov.org to request a non-qualified withdrawal form. For the 2020-2021 school year, an early withdrawal will not forfeit incentives. K2C will facilitate a requested withdrawal as quickly as possible, but the process could take up to 30 days.


If a student is no longer enrolled in SFUSD, the student or parent/guardian may request that their K2C account remain open provided there is at least $10 in contributions and/or gifts in the account. To keep the account open, the student or parent/guardian must verify their address and make at least one deposit each calendar year. Any incentives or scholarships the student received while enrolled in SFUSD will remain in the K2C account. However, the student will no longer be eligible for new incentives or scholarships.

If the student’s account has less than $10 in contributions and/or gifts, the account will be closed, the parent/guardian of the student will be notified, and contributions and gifts will be sent to the student or guardian. All incentives and scholarships will return to the K2C program.

K2C program rules are subject to change. For more information about the K2C program, go to www.k2csf.org.

K2C, K2C Kids to College (logo), Kids to College, and the Kids 2 College (logo) are registered service marks of The Sallie Mae Fund, a charitable organization sponsored by Sallie Mae, Inc. The Sallie Mae Fund, including its parent, affiliates and subsidiaries, are not affiliated with the City and County of San Francisco’s Kindergarten to College Program. Visit TheSallieMaeFund.org to learn more.

Download K2C's program rules here: English | Español | 中文 | Filipino 

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