Hotspot 2.0

Hotspot 2.0 Announcement

Hotspot 2.0

The City and County of San Francisco Department of Technology is pleased to announce a new technology enabling security while accessing the City Free Public Wi-Fi. This technology is called Hotspot 2.0 and demonstrates our constant effort to innovate. HotSpot 2.0 is simplifying Wi-Fi access and enabling a secure connection.

The Department of Technology has started to broadcast this new technology as a pilot program over Market Street on June 5, 2014. Currently, HotSpot 2.0 is available for modern Apple devices (iOS 7.0+).

All other devices will enable HotSpot 2.0 in the near future.

After connecting to San Francisco Free Public Wi-Fi, select the “Continue with Secure WiFi”, and install the customer profile, you will enable an encrypted secure connection while connected to the San Francisco Free Public Wi-Fi network. The installation of the customer profile is required only the first time.

Hotspot 2.0 Service

The following user guide offers detailed instructions on how to connect to the San Francisco Hotspot2.0 service:

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